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Request: Mimi - Digimon Season 2 by insanity-pillz Request: Mimi - Digimon Season 2 by insanity-pillz
Program Used: Adobe Illustrator
Textures Used: Raindrops Texture :icongalaxiesanddust: 
                         Fuchsia Bokeh 3 :iconotherworldartist:

When I was working on drawing Mimi from the second season of Digimon, I was having a very hard time drawing her in a pose I liked. Then the stylization threw me off and after that I had a panic attack. Whoever did the character designs for the Digimon franchise has an unique stylization compare to other anime I've seen, though he tends to exaggerate the size of the character's heads and hands. (I'm trying to find his name, I know it's a guy, but it's been forever since I've heard his name).
So in order to solve my dilemma, I decided to go with a more minimalistic approach with the design and used references from the Digimon Wiki for some help. After noticing the design looked a little too flat, I thought of adding textures in the background. The fun here was adjusting the textured images and fiddling around with the transparency layer.
I really need to work on my dynamic poses . . .Cry Cry 
I'll be working on finishing the Phantasma picture as soon as I can.
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March 10, 2016
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