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My DeviantArt ID - Icon Generator by insanity-pillz My DeviantArt ID - Icon Generator by insanity-pillz
Program/Website Used: Icon Generators

For a while, I was thinking of changing my deviantArt ID picture into something different. I do like Hetalia, but I needed a change from the usual. I came upon Icon Generators when I was reading a comic where two artists were making their icons. One of them tried to make their friend's icon, but then he decided to make his own and his friend said, "YOU LOOK TOO SERIOUS!" After that, I made my own and here it is~!
Now I know what you're thinking: "Is this an accurate representation of you through the almighty powers of the Icon Generators?" In a way, yes . . . to a certain point.
I do have long, brunette hair that's my pride and joy. (Especially considering that my mom and my granny compliment me on saying that I have a lovely shade of brown) My eyes are a very dark brown, kind of like dark chocolate. They look like they're black from far away, but when you get closer or shine light on them, you'll see that they're brown. (I'm reminded of when my class in Grade 2 was doing a chart for the eye colours in our class. My teacher thought that they were black, but I quickly corrected her). My skin is a pale white, evidence of my British Isles heritage and I do get a lot of beauty marks because of that. I have a few on my face, but they're really tiny compared to some on my arms and legs. I also have two round scars above both of my eyebrows from when I was little, but the scars that the generator had weren't very flattering.
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April 26, 2013
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