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Memory of the Stars: Live Long and Prosper by insanity-pillz Memory of the Stars: Live Long and Prosper by insanity-pillz
Programs Used: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
Time: 4hrs to 6hrs

There are some characters that we idolize in childhood, some characters that influence us and characters that we will never forget. Nevertheless, we must not forget the person behind such characters who breathed life into them and made them larger than life.
This was my in memoriam artwork for the late and great Leonard Nimoy, however it was stuck in artist's hell for quite a while. I know, I feel terrible for not releasing it around the time all of the other paintings and artwork of Mr. Nimoy was surging throughout deviantART. I was caught up with some graphic designer drama with a client to get this finished and even then I was still pondering the right design to go with the vector image. Then again, it took me one more sit-through of Star Trek (2009) to make me take up this picture again.
At first I drew the LLAP hand and Spock's science medallion in Illustrator to make it nice and clean. This was the easiest part since recreating images in vector is one of my strong points. The rest of the image was made in Photoshop. At first I wanted to make a star field for the background. However, I tried different tutorials online and didn't really liked how it turned out. After a bit of searching, I came across a tutorial for making a nebula to help me with the overall design. I'll leave a link to the tutorial if anyone is interested.…
I kept the design close to the blue that the science division on Star Trek wears, which Spock is a part of, with a little variations here and there to give some depth. I find it rather clever that the colours for the Star Trek divisions are based on the colours of different stars. Yellow stars (like our Sun) for Command, Blue supergiant stars for Sciences and Medical, and Red dwarf stars for Operations. When you're in graphic design, you tend to pick up on these things and appreciate the use of colour in costume design.
Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy (March 26, 1931 – February 27, 2015). You've lived long and you've prospered.
This is fan artwork. Star Trek is owned by Gene Roddenberry. Please support the official release.
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Thank you~<3
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science devision rules Remember Leonard Nimoy (Stars) 
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Star Trek-Heart of A Trekkie 
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February 22, 2016
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