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This is Francis "Frank" Mical, named for the midwife that saved both him and his mother from a raging fire that was set moments after Frank's birth by Frank's older brother, who tragically died in the affair. Only those who wish to die or can handle him call him Francis, and no one gets away with it without at least being shouted at.

Unfortunately, Frank was raised in an orphanage because his mother was killed by a stray spell in a wizard battle. This gave young Frank a desire to be a wizard so he applied for and won a wizarding scholarship. His six years at Welex Wizarding and Magician College was rather eventful, filled with strange rumors of bullying and even stranger puzzles that lead any investigating teachers to dead ends.

Upon graduation he immediately sought employment with the richest people, finally ending up as Zand Zanderson's right hand groundhog. Currently, he sails over Potlight in his hot air balloon, spying on people of interest; in particular Alexand Welex, the direct descendant of Adam Welex, founder of the school he went to.
Age: 23 years old
Species: Groundhog or Woodchuck
Hobbies: Flying in his balloon, designing wizard robes for himself, spying on people, chess, computer programming.
Likes: being called Frank, surfing the net, defeating opponents both in chess and fighting.
Dislikes: his first name, being called Francis, his hair getting into his eyes, losing, being called back by Zand.

On a side note my basic inspiration for Frank was Splink of Zortic [link] before the restart. Now though he has branched off into someone totally different, only keeping the basic hair style through the translation to 3d but I had to add a headband because that was the only spike 'do I have. First seen here: [link]

Edit: I'll go over this bio tomorrow, I wrote it half asleep and there is bound to be lots of mistakes.
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