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Raggedy Little Rascals by InsanePurin Raggedy Little Rascals :iconinsanepurin:InsanePurin 8 1
Mewtwo creepypasta
Let me tell you a story. I lost my Blue cartridge and I felt nostalgic, but I didn't want to consult an emulator since the experience wouldn't be the same. Lucky for me, my video game store had a Blue to spare. It looked like any other cartridge, with the label and everything. So I popped the sucker in and was ready to reunite with Squirtle for some oldtime ass-kicking. The game went as normal; named my rival after a detested Anime character, built my team, earned the Boulder and Cascade badges.
I dug in the grass to look for Abra when Mewtwo appeared. He's level 70, just like he would be in the Unknown Dungeon/Cerulean Cave. Now that was weird; bear in mind I don't have a GameShark. My team was obviously underleveled and I couldn't run, and all it took was several Psychics to knock my team dead. But that's the thing; I blacked out and got back to the Pokemon Center, and I had no Pokemon except for my starter. That's right; my Pokemon didn't just "faint," they were erased from my roste
:iconinsanepurin:InsanePurin 435 143
WALL-E - Sunday by InsanePurin WALL-E - Sunday :iconinsanepurin:InsanePurin 8 10
The Meadow's Muse
Paula flipped her pencil, erasing the same line she'd been struggling with the past 25 times. No one said being an artist was easy, but for her, it seemed impossible to come up with something that well... trash. Something that didn't remind her of Belch anyway.
Sitting cross-legged in a patch of grass in a clearing of the woods, the wildflowers were easy enough. Apply a few strokes here and there, and observe the petals carefully... that's it! Paula carefully stood and brushed the grass off her legs, calling the first person she could see.
"Jeff! Wait! I'd like to ask you a favor, if you don't mind. Are you busy?"
The blue eyes were wide and surprised, the light gleaming along the rim of his glasses. He didn't seem to be carrying anything, and he didn't seem too bothered at the moment.
"Oh, Paula! Um... n-no. What's going on? Do you need me to fix something?"
"No, you don't have to do anything. It's just that I'm having trouble drawing this picture and I need you for reference."
:iconinsanepurin:InsanePurin 9 10
A Lesson in Letter's Block
Addressed To: Sonic the Hedgehog
I thought you might know—it's me, Blaze. I know it seems odd to receive a letter from me when I come from another dimension, but let's not… I'm just hoping it reaches you somehow. One way or another. After what happened with Eggman Nega and Eggman and the Sol Emeralds, I'm convinced there's something strange going on everyday.
Things have been quiet here, as it should be. I've felt rather peaceful myself, and it's been a while since I've been this way. I've been thinking about what you said, and… again, I want to thank you. I've been turning it over, on the day of our farewell, how

Blaze paused, the quill feather pinched in thought as she struggled to figure out the rest of the sentence that didn't sound too embarrassing. Why am I even writing him in the first place…
It was silly, she knew. He wasn't going to read her letter. But whenever she stopped right there and crumple the paper to a wadded ball, a twinge of obligatio
:iconinsanepurin:InsanePurin 7 4
From Ground to Shrapnel
He had to admit—it was beautiful here. The moss crushed beneath Shadow's feet, as a waterfall fogged pure white and speckled him with rainbow dew. The black hedgehog emerged from the jungle, leaving the gossip of Flickies and tree frogs behind him as he stepped to the altar of Angel Island.
The Master Emerald glittered like Mother Earth, an immortal spectacle that stayed so long as the planet and Guardian remained, and Guardian he had come to meet. A scarlet figure seated beside contrast of the sacred green, a pair of colored shades gleaming from his head like two aquamarine moons. Aside from these and the Air Necklace he worn, the red echidna was a wild, solitary being—his violet eyes widened as he turned, dreads falling from his shoulders when he stiffened, tense until he recognized who the visitor was.
"It's you!" Knuckles patted the ground next to him, offering a seat in return for his cautiousness. "Mind if you sit down?"
Shadow nodded without a word.
Funny that, the black hedgeho
:iconinsanepurin:InsanePurin 32 11
Sonlaze - Exploited Weaknesses
Cats never did like the rain, saved for those who hunt for fish. But when a cat completely relied on literally-fiery abilities, well… a certain princess and guardian is more than one way soaked.
"I don't like this." Blaze stated flatly in Tails' workshop. How on earth was she going to find the next Sol Emerald when the storm rendered her crippled? That was like going to war without weaponry--suicide. She couldn't wait, for there wasn't time to lose. But even when she wanted, needed to… she couldn't leave. The frustration gnawed at her from the inside, though she kept it at conserved annoyance. If she hadn't been an expert at containing her emotions (perhaps TOO well), the entire wood cabin would be up in smoke.
"Hey, you know it can't be that bad, right?" They call him Sonic. "At least you still got your legs!"
The purple cat turned and merely stared at the blue hedgehog. Tails had extensively taken care of him after the collaborative attacks from Eggman Nega and Dr. Eggm
:iconinsanepurin:InsanePurin 14 13
50 Sentences - Sonadow
1. Comfort
The black hedgehog flinched, as if the hand on his shoulder were a knife ripping him further to ruin--wanted it yanked out, and yet--his face turned away, his hand weak over the blue double's.
2. Kiss
It seemed there was laughter behind his lips--crimson eyes shot ablaze in astonish, Shadow pinned by him of all people--his eyes closed in acceptance, his hands sprawled over the blue hedgehog's back and pulling him closer--what goes around comes around, he won't let him get away.
3. Soft
Pillows were white and fluffy, and unfortunately, Sonic lost his--it wasn't fun going to bed without a pillow (much like trying to fly a kite on non-windy day), but at least there was Shadow, who had this tuft of fur on his chest boasting the exact two qualities--needless to say, Shadow was grumpy that morning, but Sonic definitely had a perky start.
4. Pain
Despite the burden on his back; despite the bruises that battered them both; despite the
:iconinsanepurin:InsanePurin 57 16
Shadamy - Poignant Poinsettias
"Oh my gosh… look Amy! Over there!"
Immediately, Cream took flight, leaving a curious Amy to turn after her. Her hands quite full, the pink hedgehog's boots clicked the tiles as they found themselves beneath a secluded corner of a gigantic Christmas tree: fluffy and fresh, it wrought in a rainbow of lights, tinsels, and garlands. Numerous figurines wavered, and bulbs glowed and followed the girls as they met their visitor. Once a solitary figure sitting in the dark corner, he was greeted and overwhelmed by the sudden leap and embrace of a rabbit and Chao alike…
"Why, Shadow! What are you doing here by yourself? You look just like Santa Clause!" Cheese in turn, offered a squeal of joy.
Amy too, when she had caught up, had to smile herself and repress a few giggles—looking at the unfortunate black hedgehog, it seemed as if she were looking at a disgruntled cat with a lemon cap atop his head. Head to toe, clad in holiday gear: Black boots. A puffy-red coat, complete with white floo
:iconinsanepurin:InsanePurin 118 56
Sonadow Fanfic Drinking Game
Here's what you need to play:
#1: Look up "Sonadow" on's search engine. (Or if you're REALLY a masochist *cough* or just plain too lazy, go to
#2: An alchoholic beverage. Actually, it's just safer to use milk, (or chocolate, as one pointed out) soda, Sprite, Mountain Dew, or whatever, so go with that.
#3: A tall mug. You'll be needin' it. ;D
#4: A free mind, and a bored one. And the ability to stay sober for long periods.
Open the pod base doors, HAL, 'cause HERE WE GO~!
The Sonadow Fanfic Drinking Game! (Aka, Puri Reads Fanfic About Two Gay Hedgehogs So You Don't Have To)
Take 1 sip if:
-Sonic's one, all or a few of the following: weepy, spiteful, jealous, pure, and veeeeeeeerry girly. Meet Mr. Uke!
-Shadow's one, all, or a few of the following: ebil, destructive, lustful, coooooooooold and wangsty. Meet Mr. Seme! (Bonus if he's cold, and Sonic's here to warm his lonel
:iconinsanepurin:InsanePurin 129 38
"Sh—Shadow… are we there yet?"
"No, we aren't." For what the black hedgehog responded for the ten trillionth time. He cringed, not just from Sonic's battering questions and pouting—running and carrying the injured blue double had a toll on him too, for he was also wounded. The right side of his stomach ached, and there was bleeding gash across his chest from the firings of an enemy. They had survived and defeated them all, (or at least whatever army there was before more of Eggman's hoverpods came) and were now crossing deep beneath the woods. How much further before…?
"Now what is it?"
"It—it's raining…"
Sonic lying in the back in a bed of palm leaves, Shadow waited by the opening of the cave, watching the rain fall. To him, it was as if the world was drowning—to many, it would be a particular heavy rain indeed. But the black hedgehog stood, keeping an eye on each drop, like tears of outer space…
"Shadow… is there anyone out there?"
"No… nothing. Just the... rain?"
:iconinsanepurin:InsanePurin 30 3
Flying Higher
Just a little more...
Tails gave the gear a second turn, completing yet another revolution. His sooted fingers moved along with the wrench, working beneath the Tornado. Twisting gears, of course. And fixing wires, adjusting cables... there was a lot of work to be done. His pride and joy, that machine... but for now, the yellow fox would rest, laying back completely and closing his eyes. His grip loosened as his hand did, but the metal tool remained softly tucked behind his thumb.
"Hey Tails?"
A soft palm nudged his head, leaving the young mechanic to wake and blink sleepily before a set of wide-awake eyes.
"Mmhn... Cream?"
"I'm sorry to wake you," the little rabbit bent forward to have a better look, Cheese peeking over her shoulder. "You look like you've been working very hard... I've brought you something, in case you were hungry."
Tails closed his eyes and took a deep breath, smiling as he felt a warm, sweet aroma sweep under his senses. A woven basket of strawberries lain ne
:iconinsanepurin:InsanePurin 11 9
Blue Fire
"...What are you doing?"
Meta Knight sat in the clearing of the wood, engulfed in the night and starlight. As far as he was concerned, the fire before him was his current means of light—and warmth. But the veteran soldier was plenty cozy already, and his yellow eyes closed in contemplation.
"Taking your mask off, why?"
"I wouldn't do that."

The smoke choked into the air, the campfire dying and losing breath. Burnt wood was certainly a nice thing to note, but there was nothing like tossing a few more sticks and dead leaves to keep it surviving—if for a little while longer. Meta Knight sighed lowly—he was drifting off anyway. No monsters at this hour, apparently.
"And why? Will you stab and rip my lungs out?"
"Not really... but now that you mention it, it DOES seem like a good idea."
"Pick any organ you want! Lungs, heart, kidneys, intestines... take your time. I
already have your mask."
"You really are that stubborn, aren't you? And foolish..."
:iconinsanepurin:InsanePurin 9 1
"So...what are we doing?"
"We're watching a movie."
"Well, who came to me cowering over your brother's broken tennis racket, huh? And I'm sure you don't want your butt clobbered in Mario Party, per usual."
"Humph... couldn't we just go to a regular theater then, over some dumb old—"
"—And is there anything wrong with watching a movie at home? It's better than turning your little accident in to Wario..."
"Rrrgh... you're right. Throw whatever you've got at me."
Waluigi sighed, looking upon Princess Daisy's widescreen T.V. as nothing extravagant, if rather a threat. If the yellow coach wasn't enough to make his stomach churn, the floral daisy pillows were his only source of comfort as of now. He hugged the orange one desperately, clung to it like it were a cinnamon teddy bear. The purple roguester writhed on the couch like a pathetic dying bug, and stretched out like he were a spider swatted on the window—this was definitely not his day today.
Waluigi remembered a time w
:iconinsanepurin:InsanePurin 2 1
Mario Fanfic Drinking Game
Here's what you need to play:
#1: The "Mario" section of (Prefferably, but you can use other sites too)
#2: An alchoholic beverage. Actually, it's just safer to use milk, soda, Sprite, Mountain Dew, or whatever, so go with that.
#3: A free mind, and a bored one.
And now that you're ready... It's Time to D-d-d-d-d-d-d-Do the Mario!
The "Super Mario" Fanfic Drinking Game
Take 1 sip if:
-Luigi feels overshadowed and neglected by Mario. (Bonus points if he resents him for it too)
-A character other than Mario goes on his/her own quest, such as Luigi, Yoshi, or *gag* Mary-Sue.
-A character other than Mario has his/her own type of game, such as "Peach Party" or "Daisy Kart".
-It's a SMRPG sequel where something happens to the Star Road and Smithy comes back. (Bonus points if Geno comes back because of it)
-Mario is one, several, or all of the following characteristics: fat, lazy, greedy, bossy, selfish, and overall a bastard. Oh, and he
:iconinsanepurin:InsanePurin 24 18


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I only hope to sweet hell that Hollywood doesn't bastardize it like they did with "The Smurfs." I'm not confident that it's live-action (some things just work better as 2D animation...), but I hope they can pull off the puppetry/CGI without suffering from Uncanny Valley Syndrome. Plus if the movie is decent enough and doesn't become a complete flop, we may experience an Ann & Andy revival. Not quite "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" levels, but enough so it wouldn't be ridiculously obscure anymore.

(Also, Studio Ghibli needs to do a faithful adapt of "Raggedy Ann & Andy & The Camel With the Wrinkled Knees." That would be the greatest thing on the planet)
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