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Pink Hair

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EEeEeEEeee I love love love my pink hair :giggle: I thank my friend michelle for doing my hair for me :D
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Jess457's avatar
amu chan? lol jk >o>
I love pink hair, its very cute! :)
emocupcake19's avatar
i looooooooove your hair!!! im gonna dye my hair pink now!
LoSqui's avatar
this is deviantart not myspace......
lane-nee-chan's avatar
psst... look at where she put this. DeviantID. =)
MidnightNinjaRouge's avatar
I love the pink hair :) Looks fabulous on you.
You actually remind me of someone I know. She looks just like you.. only she has Red hair ^^ She's actually in my photography. Her name is Aubrie if you wanna go look at her. You are different in many ways but yet look similar. <3
CyberIris's avatar
I think you are pretty. I like the way you do your make up.
RichardAlexander's avatar
Ohh I love this color :) ! Im trying to go for this kind of soft pink ^___^!! I Cant wait!
Kit-Tea's avatar
Your hair is extremely beautiful! *envious* :heart:
louisezero31's avatar
how long did the color stayed on your hair? D:

btw you look gorgeous c:
Lissy-112's avatar
I want hair
like that too! -3-
FlashBriefs's avatar
aahhhhh that's the colour I want to bad!!! :love: :heart:
InsaneMorbidKittie's avatar
I say doooooo iiittttt!!!!! pink is amazing for a hair color teehee i have magenta streaks now yaaaay!!!
starauthor's avatar
You like a princess with the pink hair!
DoogleInWonderland's avatar
My hair is cut similar to that style now. xD

But pink hair is awesome.
And your so pretty too!
InsaneMorbidKittie's avatar
Awwwwe shucks why thank ya =^_^= My hair is wicked different now :D lol pictures to be uploaded soon :P LOL
Parthena's avatar
Its pretty but it scrap the hair a lot!
whitefloweronmygrave's avatar
Aww it looks so pretty! :hug:
Did you dye all of it or just the top layer?
InsaneMorbidKittie's avatar
Awwwes thank you =^_^= i dyed it all :3 hehe
whitefloweronmygrave's avatar
Ha ha, I plan on doing that in the summer, right now I only have streaks. My mom doesn't want me dying it all pink during the school year ]:
L-Cakes's avatar
u look like amu from the anime shugo chara!!!!
InsaneMorbidKittie's avatar
:giggle: I do O_O woah yeaaa!! haha thank you :boogie:
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