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Im used to waking up every morning with a frown on my face. N for the past while, it hasn't been there to greet me and tell me my day is going to be slow paced, with many a drama filled obstacles, and stress soaked clothing to keep me company all day and night. My semi-god, as it shines in the light and releases the precious red that consumes part of my body, is no longer, my semi-god. Captain M has set sail, drifting further away from my system. He used to stay every night, he no longer needs to keep me company, and try to comfort the worst of emotions at 4 am, lingering into the morning glow of 8 am. A Tiny faltering heart beat, and an almost miniature motor sound can be heard, with this little demon curled up lightly upon my chest, slowly sucking away the color black, and behold, there is red after all. Now, I've been so used to these unacquired feelings of lust for the dawning of a new night to rip me apart more and more and more that this new feeling....exact opposite, other dimen
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Kittie and CJ Bear by InsaneMorbidKittie Kittie and CJ Bear :iconinsanemorbidkittie:InsaneMorbidKittie 1 0 Swan At SunSet by InsaneMorbidKittie Swan At SunSet :iconinsanemorbidkittie:InsaneMorbidKittie 0 0 MellooW by InsaneMorbidKittie MellooW :iconinsanemorbidkittie:InsaneMorbidKittie 2 7 Meet Me For Opium and tea by InsaneMorbidKittie Meet Me For Opium and tea :iconinsanemorbidkittie:InsaneMorbidKittie 0 18 GlAsSeS by InsaneMorbidKittie GlAsSeS :iconinsanemorbidkittie:InsaneMorbidKittie 0 7
oh oh they took it from me so long ago.
Heart, broken, stone cold.
Feelings aren't my own.
Directed by the flash backs
The pain
No gain
Restrain, to hurt.
Good vibrations ain't in store for me.
The confusion, its understood now, oh but why, why me.
Didn't think it was feasible.
Meaningless, I'm meaningless, used, abused.
Is that all i have to fall back onto?
Used to this guilt.
Trip, trip again.
Stumble down hard.
Wanna rise
But looking up into the sky, the sun just blinds
Lost, cant be found.
I feel a loss of myself...
Stolen, taken.
Who am i really?
Selfish useless whore.
Wanna see the sun shine without leavin me blind.
But my heart, taken and torn so long ago, stone cold.
Stone cold.
Ain't my fault these feelings reside.
Ain't my fault i got a thorn in the side.
Ain't my fault my head ain't screwed on right.
Now i know
Ain't my fault at all.
Negative consumptions
Brainwashed radioactive notions
Self destructive whore.
Heart, taken an torn so long ago, stone cold.
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I stand there naked in front of the mirror
And see the things so many have took from me.
I don't see what some see.
I'm stringing myself along this empty road.
My lil Grey cloud, he follows me
Someone there? Just the rain...turns into an ocean
and i slowly drown, the few eyes that want to save me
Wont wander into that on coming monsoon.
My body, my heart, my mind...tainted.
Scars, tell me I'm no good, tell me what I've always heard.
Remind me i can TRY to feel something better
But that island....doesn't exist when i cant swim...
And in that vast space that is the ocean...
Its calm at times, but predators linger below...
without me even knowing...
I can try....
but i wont ever reach that island i have always hoped for.
Christina Allen.
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The sound waves pushing through, pulling you into the circle of awe.
what is it to you
Tied to the pulsating drum beats.
Fluttering lights
Transcending nights
Escaped through the deep woods.
Fallen leaves below my feet crunch in sync to my faltering heart beat.
sway to and fro sway.
The night filling the sky with vibrant echos of natures music, rippling through the air, into our lungs as we breathe deeply and prance about the forests midnight choir.
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They think they know you, you feel transparent at times.
But what they see, are just splashes and brush strokes on the canvas, its fabricated, explaining only confusion and what words cant express. They can't see the real things, they think they understand, but they don't know, they cant read the important things, they only go so deep, they want to know more, then look at more than the surface...
The on going battle in your mind, never leaving you, adding to the stress filled clouds lingering always over top of your head. The days when the confusion bubble is close to popping, only ends up getting bigger. Your head, clamped tightly within your hands, pressing, harder and harder, wanting to push out thoughts that only cause you pain. People think they know, think they understand, but then they stop, when they read a bit more into the jumbled mess, and think, its not worth it, its not worth the read, its not worth the wait, its not worth the time.
You, endlessly reaching out to yourself
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Lost Dreams. Found
That block, that wall of sharp pointed throned vines in my way, distracted by its flowers, i see past them now, i see that their poisonous, deceiving, selfish, trying to hold me down, keep me in a fantasy world, I'm not fooled anymore, push past their wicked spell, I've made it to the other side, where i see my heart beaten down, thrown around, but now i can heal it, because I'm strong, a lot stronger than most. I wont ever fail my heart, mind, body and soul. And i wont let something else ever bring me down like this again, I'll get hurt, but i know how to stand strong. Taking advantage of the pure unselfish undying love my heart and soul have, just shows how many weak, pathetic people there really are our there; selfish. Things i do not deserve. On the other side of that poisonous wall, my head held high, my pathway to heal, saying I can now move on, move on, reach the love I truly deserve.
"Its easy to get over someone. But the lies and pain they leave you with aren't"
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Lost Dreams
Taking this heart for a walk, deep in the forest of never ending enchanting dreams, fogged skies now linger over head, as your hand no longer leads the way, leaving me surrounded, not knowing where i am, not knowing how it happened. The whispers you once left placed upon my ears, melting off, fading, no longer existing, seems as if they were only a dream, the undying love you said you had for me....gone...ripped away from can one love something so much, want to be with it forever....only to throw it all away, as if it meant brought me up...only to let me down, stumbling over jagged rocks, face planted in the dirt. I still don't understand, even as i stand in this forest, alone, with nothing to hold onto, not even myself....I'm confused, and can't grasp why you have done this...i thought i was so good to you, always there, filled with TRUE undying love for you. Dreams, concave, imploded, mind stumbling over to many reckless thoughts. To think i was working on cl
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Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Favourite genre of music: Metal,HeavyMetal,Ambient,Rock,RockNRoll,Indie,Altrock,JRock,IndiePop,NewWave,FolkRock,Industrial
Favourite photographer: Ron Gilfillan
Favourite style of art: Dark, anime, old school, whimsical, psychedellic
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Shell of choice: Cocoon
Wallpaper of choice: Pocky XD
Skin of choice: My wings?
Favourite cartoon character: Zim, Gir, Care Bears, Rainbow Bright, Jack, Rupert, Soo many more
Personal Quote: Lieing doesnt get you anywhere in life; Stretching the truth does
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so ive been posting some pictures and realized wow i have so many pictures of Secondhand Serenade lol i decided not to post all the ones i want to today, because its overwhelming haha, but fear not, they will be posted, and i will be posting when i saw gigantour, megadeth, children of bodom and in flames, those pics are kinda old now never the less i got some amazing shots, and its dave mustaine how can i not post those? XD =^_^= i will be getting my kitten soon, and i already have afew pictures of her, more will be taken and posted thats for sure hehehe. I will be going to brandon soon and so more pictures will be taken and posted aswell lol. i will be taking pictures of my paintings, which wont do them justice and they arent the best never the less, i think i should finally post those aswell haha. so be prepared to be bombarded by me with art :P

Alot has been going on with me in the past few months so i deeply appologise for the lack of art work being posted. Im getting into zen now aswell, its so refreshing and helping me out alot. Peace and love yall!

Christina :heart:


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