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Seconds, minutes, hours passing
Time is chasing me, yet
Running out relentlessly
Every bit of regime is in disarray,
Stamina turns its back,
Strength deserts me
Endurance is about to die
Depletion looses at a fraction.

Oh, how I wish to back out,
Undo all those changes
The treadmill enforces

All things of importance absolutely
Need far more attention,
Discipline dominates all actions

The system is about to falter
It needs more power than I can muster
Rearrange present reality
Exhaustion has put me in detention
Drama, distraction, extreme reactions
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This poem is actually about an ordinary thing: cleaning out. I have done a lot recently. Now I am exhausted but happy but when the whole thing took place I was flattened.

This is my entry for :iconflawedpoetry:'s weekly prompts # 1 - the Acrostic Poem, a poem in which the first letter of each line spells out a word, name, or phrase when read vertically. It is my first try in this form of poetry.

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really enjoyed that
and there's such satisfaction when clearing out is done!
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Thanks so much, Tom :happybounce:   ! And yes, I do feel relieved because a good deal is done.