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It’s implied Papyrus has nightmares a lot in canon (in fact he’s the only character that mentions having nightmares) so I imagine he’d be really good at comforting Chara when they have nightmares. Also, that line about Sans reading Pap a bedtime story after he has a nightmare is just my HC.




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Papyrus is a good dad!

ooh i just realized that the holes that skelechara have on her/his mouth are like his/her cheeks!

Do you know of the word “they”?

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Oh damn, what line is it? I must've skipped through it ;-;

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It's from one of the phone calls in hotland when you're near laser on conveyors.

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ohh, that makes sense then. Does he do that without Undyne on the phone as well?

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Without I believe.

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Yeah, I thought so. I befriended Undyne before exploring hotland, and whenever I called them there, it was always Undyne talking about her nasty puzzle ideas(throwing up into basketball hoops on a conveyor belt, ugh) and Papyrus pleading her to stop.

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omg I just found this au and it's the most wholesome thing I've seen

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I didn't know that Papyrus would mention getting nightmares in the actual game.  That gotta stink; I'm not sure what his nightmares be about, but it may partially explain his lack of desire to sleep at all.  I'm glad little Charakterny is comforted for now.
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Ye, poor man needs some therapy. And yeah, Chara deserves much comfort and gentle cuddles.
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Honestly, just about everyone in Undertale needs therapy.

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im sorry but now i need to see chara in the bunny pajamas (alive)
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Why Doesn't Chara Have Eyelights?
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Because Papyrus doesn't.

More info here:…
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Yeah because I accidentally deleted my tumblr back in December.
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I don't know why Papyrus doesn't have eyelights, but Chara doesn't have eyelights just like their Papa.
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