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SkeleChara is back baby! With another flashback, which will continue in the next few pages. It should be the final one unless you all want me to have a weird flashback to when Papyrus took Chara clothes shopping.




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I love how Paps got annoyed at getting a business call. His line reminded me of borderline Fell, but less murder bones
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Papyrus is one Salty Boi in any AU. XD
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The next link is missing on this page...
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(yeah... don't think you're getting away with anything there Flowey... but nice try.) 
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Flower boy tried to dodge and fell down a cliff. Metaphorically.
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So, uh, does Chara know who Flowey is? And have they "met" Asgore?
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Another new page soon. :D
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Papyrus! That was a very Flowey line! (panel 7)
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Well, they are friends. :>
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But... but... he's a CinnaBun!
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Canonically Flowey and Papyrus are friends, Papyrus even started a Flowey fanclub in the timeline Frisk falls in. I have the Flowey fanclub pin, it's very nice. :>
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Wait a minute, does his phone have the good grief emoji to represent work? I'm loving it!
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Heck ye, more soon. B)
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flowey if you do anything that hurts the smol bean i will look for some weedkiller =)
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Don't worry, Flowey wouldn't hurt the bean. :>
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That ain't suspicious as all Flowey.

*Reaches into desk*
Flowey: Those aren't my bugs!

Didn't even see or touch yet, the jig is up!

Papyrus is best parent. I hope he can help his *maybe traumatized* child.
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