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A Libretto
Long ago in a place no one can ever reach again. Lived a young child in a cozy straw hut. Now there was not anything really noteworthy with the child. The child woke early each morning ate with their mom and dad, then went to work on the fields with the occasions of running to the Echoing Bazaar to trade goods. This child however did have one thing they prized. Stories. Stories of valorous knights saving the princess, stories of places they never set foot on, and pictures of flowers never seen by their eyes. Every time the child went to the bazaar they would listen to the traveling bards & merchants. The child would listen for so long, they would get scolding from their parents for staying out past the light’s descent and having the meat they were supposed to bring back spoil. As time passed and the denizens of the Echoing Bazaar would soon consider the child as part of the bazaar. So each time the child would arrive a book would be given to the child. The first book however was
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Day 5: The Assassination of Whiteduck Shitface
Today marks the fifth day of the duck-human war. The ducks gained large portion of territory when they overwhelmed the Pizzadeliveryguy forces. It was a massive loss. Stomach losted his husband, Alarge Greenpepperpizza, to the duck scourge. They killed him without honor and with extreme prejudice. They surrounded him and ate him alive. So today marked a special mission. Of only three people. Out of the entire platoon I selected White Trousers and Senor Fist. Who names there kids Senor, I do not know. There was a huge protest when I selected Private Trousers. He was a maverick and everyone knew it. However show great promise in the war simulations and great hatred towards the ducks. He will be useful to kill the target. Our target was the leader of the entire duck army. Whiteduck Shitface. Shitface was the same duck who slaughtered my previous comrades and trapped me in my bunker. Intel located his position at the local park. At 1800 the assault started. Lieutenant Fist and Private Trou
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Freeza's Favorite Things (Extended Lyrics)
Let's be honest; That song needed to be extended anyway. And there's no live version of it. So here's a small extended version of it created by yours truly, me......... alongside the internet and friends
Freeza's Favorite Things
Written by: TeamFourStar (TFS) 
Extended Lyrics by:
:iconautobothoneflash: & :iconlssjorangelightning: & The Internet
Peaceful young races with fires on their houses
Millions of voices all silenced like mouses
Watching the cowards bow toward their new king
These are a few of my favorite things
Screams from the helpless and fires that take over
Blast after blast until it hurts my shoulder
Destroying the planets and the weak little fiends
These are a few of my favorite things

Blasting these insects and watching them dying
Laughing loud over their screaming and crying

They're nothing but puppets attached to my
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United States
Why does everyone hate the rain? It's like everyone I know hates it. To me it's calming, peaceful, and serene . Especially the storms. Whenever it's rains I go outside and take a nap. It's really soothing. The cool drops hitting your skin, your damp clothing, and your dripping hair . It's just so peaceful ya kno'. Rain is the only good thing about spring. Its enjoyable . It's like the start of a new beginning. The rain just stopped and I don't know I felt like making this journal. Anyway good night.
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