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A Strange Beauty Redux: Chapter 4
    "All seems to be in order. Consider yourself formally discharged Ms. Scanler. Make sure not to miss your check-up appointment at the beginning of next month." The receptionist spoke without even pausing on the 'Ms.' causing Alice to flinch. 
    It had been a month and a half of grueling physical therapy and catching up on studies so as to not be held back a grade for the newly minted woman, but at least she was finally getting to go home. She currently had to walk with a crutch and would to continue to do so for the remainder of the summer but again; she was free. She hobbled out of the hospital through its automatic doors where Maria stood waiting; arms clasped in front of her with a gentle smile. "Welcome back to the outside world, Alice."
Alice once again flinched at the mention of the name. It had been decided upon discussion with hospital staff, school administration, and local government that Alex would take the name Alice and pretend to be the cousi
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ASB Redux: Chapter 3
Lucas clenched his fists in an attempt to restrain his fury. "Who the hell are you and where's Alex!?"
Alex opened her mouth to speak but could only make out a hacking cough, the transformation having utterly exhausted the little energy within her.
Lyra laid a comforting hand on Alex's shoulder, "I'll explain it to them." She turned towards Lucas and Maria. "Well Lucas, both of those questions can be answered quite easily. Where is Alex and who is this girl? Alex is right here because he is this girl."
Lucas folded his arms across his chest. "What kind of joke is this? You expect me to believe that this chick is Alex? That's impossible, you said it yourself many times Lyra: you can't change someone at the genetic level, so please give me a straight answer."
"She has purple eyes." Maria broke in.
"So?" Lucas looked back at his believed deceased best friend's lover.
Maria met Lucas' gaze. "How many people do you know with purple eyes?"
"Only two: Alex and Akane, why?"
"I think Lyra is te
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Washed Up Chapter 2 (ARK Fanfiction)
Sunlight filtered through the patchwork thatch hut falling onto my eyelids. I subconsciously try to bat away the light and roll over onto my side to fall back into sleep's sweet embrace, but found myself denied as the door was flung open flooding the light completely onto my heavy eyelids.
"Isaac, we gotta get moving."
I slightly opened my eyes to squint at Claire's silhouette standing between me and the bright irritating rays. "Can't I sleep just a bit longer?" I whined.
"I'd like nothing more to lie down and sleep as well, but we need to ensure Dr. Boise and Jerry get a proper burial then see about finding a source of fresh water."
I sighed and sat up. "You're right." I paused for a second, my senses coming alert. "Did you hear that?"
Claire raised a brow. "Hear whaoah!" She could not finish her statement as I grabbed her by the wrist, yanking her into the hut then kicking shut the door and holding her mouth shut with my hand, lifting a finger to my lips to caution her to be silent.
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Unexpected Chapter 5: Boardshorts are better
    "Masoooon, wake up sleepyhead." a voice cooed into my ear, a voice I was not conscious enough to recognize. "Masooooon, if you don't get up I'll just get to eat all the bacon."
My eyes shot wide open at the mention of the breakfast food. "BACOOOOOOOOON!" I roared in as deep and growly a voice as my new effeminate voicebox could muster, but my beast-like behavior was interrupted when I did not catch even a whiff of the meaty goodness upon my nostrils. I turned my head towards my left where Lilly sat on her bed with a mischievous smile. "You, are a very evil woman."
Lilly maintained her smile and proudly answered with an "I know!" followed by a cheerful giggle. "I am simply waking you up as if you are to be a member of the brigade you are expected to participate in our little traditions."
"Alright, Miss Suzumiya, what 'tradition' requires I wake up early?"
    "Why, swimming of course!"
I deadpanned, "What?" I asked with a flat nasal voice.
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Washed Up Chapter 1 (ARK fanfiction)
The calls of gulls and the lapping of ocean waves fill my ears. I try to move but my muscles are so stiffened that all I manage is a groan. I feel something coarse and grainy underneath me, it sticks to my skin in individual pieces. Sand? I worked up the energy to open my eyes and get a grasp of my surroundings. I was definitely on a beach, tropical by the looks of it. I grunted as I sat up and looked out towards the ocean, wrapping my arms around my legs as I tried to remember what happened. I was on a research expedition with some marine biologists to try and garner information on the mating habits of whale sharks when a storm hit and the boat capsized. I tried to make sure as many made it to the lifeboats as possible, but I delayed my own escape too much and got knocked overboard. I struggled to keep myself above water and I felt myself losing consciousness when suddenly...My memory stopped there. A soft trill made me shift my gaze, not too far from me stood a dum
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A Strange Beauty Redux: Chapter 2
Chapter 3"Check again! It's impossible! He can't have it!" Lucas shouted at a balding man in a white coat. They were in a hospital room. Alex lay unconscious on a cot, his breath shallow and ragged with a machine monitoring his heart rate while Maria sat with a little brown haired girl in her arms, holding back tears as the girl cried into her shoulder and Lucas and Lyra spoke with the doctor. "I said check again dammit! He can't die now!" He held the doctor by his lab coat.
"Look sir, all the signs point to it Masculosis, we looked for every clue that could give us hope to believe it might be otherwise." The doctor explained, trying to keep his composure as he got ever closer to being physically assaulted by the grief-filled teen.
Lyra grabbed Lucas by the shoulder, spinning him around and giving him a firm backhand. "Control yourself, Cresone! Attacking the doctor won't solve anything!"
Lucas held a
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A Strange Beauty Redux Chapter 1
How I hate this place, everyone looking upon me with those judgmental eyes as if they have it all put together Alex brooded, his hands pocketed into the navy blue slacks of his uniform, head hanging low with a piercing glare painted across his rigid face as he trudged through the halls. Why do I even go to this school? it's full of rich snobs who haven't known an ounce of hardship in their lives. I could just go to a public school and not have to wear a uniform...No, public schools have that retarded zero tolerance policy, assholes practically have a free pass there.
"Alex! Why so glum? Oh wait, you're always glum, I keep telling you to visit a doctor regarding those awful bowel movements." a slightly tanned boy a few inches shorter than Alex with tousled dirty blonde hair appeared beside him after delivering a heavy slap on Alex's back. 
"Your poop jokes get old after awhile, Lucas, especially when they imply that I am constipated." Alex grumbled in re
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TG War Bikini Arc: Herald of the Banana God
TF Central flailed in a mad bid to escape the psychopath girl's grip as they darted through the water swerving to avoid the sea monsters converging on the Attack Dog sub and moving ever closer back to Madison's island. Try as he might, the Gijinka could not break Madison's hold on him and they were moving too fast for him to focus his magic on her and before he knew it they were both flying through the air. That's when he felt the girl let go of him causing him to plummet into the twisted jungle below.
Central groaned as he sat up and looked around, to try and get a look at whoever dared to try and make a captive of him, it was then Madison suddenly appeared, dirt caked and wearing the torn remains of her tank as a bandeau top and torn and shredded cargo shorts, right before him causing him to leap backwards, landing on his feet, aiming his cane at the girl. "Who are you?"
Madison cocked her head, her bursting multi-chromatic eyes pulsating wildly, "You have not heard of me? The very t
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TG War Bikini Arc: Herald of the Banana God Prelud
Madison sat on top of a mountain with Max floating at her side as she watched the pink sheet cover the atoll. She herself safe for she sat on a mountain of an island she had borne from her own powers. The mountain she sat on was carved in the shape of a giant banana and a warped and twisted jungle with trees and foliage sprawling out in a myriad of shapes and colors lay beneath, to say nothing of the beasts that now populated it. Sustained exposure to the trace amounts of radiation in the island had caused Madison's powers to become all the more unstable, and her condition had visibly deteriorated in its connection to reality with her bicolor eyes now a swirling rainbow of colors. Reality was now effectively constantly being warped around her. "Hey Max, what do you think of that stuff?" She gestured to the pink blanket.
"Reminds me of a giant wave of bubblegum, but my gut says that stuff is bad mojo." Max commented while munching on a piece of bizarre fruit. "Hey, what's that?" Max poi
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ASB: Sorcerer Profile
Sorcerers or "Highborn Humans" are the staple of the ASB universe since the shift from a gender-bending TG-oriented story (Unexpected now covers that). So far, I've had to go into long drawn out explanations to try and elaborate on the intricacies of them. This profile will compile all current information I have on them and can be expanded upon further.
Sorcerer Origins/History
Like the Vampires, Sorcerers have lived in the shadows of human civilization refraining from drawing the attention of the larger human populace. In ancient tribal and early pagan civilizations Sorcerers were revered as priests and shamans, but those positions faded at about the time of the Roman Empire. As their higher roles in human society dwindled Sorcerers began to face ever-growing prejudice. Christianity was one of the biggest threats to Sorcerers. Christian superstition during the middle ages led to the majority of Europe viewing Sorcerers as heathens, pagans, and demon-cursed beings. Islam too would crea
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A Strange Beauty: Vampire Profile
Hello, this is an entry on the nature and culture of Vampires in A Strange Beauty. Vampires are only one of the intended mythic/fantasy races to be included in the story. I hope that this will serve to better inform the reader about the A Strange Beauty universe without huge monologues within the story itself explaining the complexities.
Vampire Origins:
Vampires were created by the fallen angel Lucifer out of envy. Lucifer thought that God had created man imperfectly and deigned to create his own race of beings. These creatures superficially resembled humans except for their black leathery bat-like wings, pale complexions, viper-like fangs, and yellow eyes with slitted pupils. Many vampires would turn their backs on their creator just as the humans did with God, but to this day some Vampires still revere their creator viewing the rest as heretics.
Vampire Weaknesses
-Vampires do bear a stigma towards sunlight, though with proper feeding they are able to be in direct sunlight with only
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TG War Bikini Arc: Inner Savage Part 2
Jake and the cowboy stood frigid upon the hollered command, not out of fear but because their entire bodies up to their necks seemed to be paralyzed. The two unlikely comrades turned their heads to see Madison back on her feet with her hands placed square on her hips and legs set widely apart. Her torn tank top that had been used as a headband was now wrapped around her breasts like a bandeau top.
"Did you really think you could just up and run away after committing such an act?" Madison inquired with a grave and foreboding tone.
Both the cowboy and even Jake remained silent.
"Not going to speak, eh? You!" Madison pointed towards the cowboy. "I would have your name."
"They call me Silver Shot, ma'am." Silver Shot replied, his mouth moving on its own accord as if possessed.
Madison smiled, it would seem she did not know she had used her powers to force Silver Shot to speak based on the genuine aura of the expression, "How polite! I guess cowboys really can be gentlemen! It almost
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TG War Bikini Arc: Inner Savage Part 1
"White Fog stoops low in jungle." Mason muttered like a Native American Sage as he carefully walked through the islands jungles. Upon seeing Jake Stormer scream and run off Mason was angry that Jake had forced him to be it in tag. Or were they playing hide and go seek? Either way, they could have at least done nose goes, so Mason abandoned counting to ten and just chased after the writer. Problem is, Mason doesn't do much in the way of physical exercise so he ran out of steam long before Jake did and had lost the trail. Not only that, when Mason stopped to look around he noticed that he had no clue where he was and there were no carrots around to tell him which way was North.
Back to the present Mason had taken his tank top, torn from running through twigs and briars, and wrapped it around his head like a bandana while having smeared black marks along his cheeks like a guerrilla fighter in Vietnam, and after a few trips and falls he was now caked in a layer of dirt and grime completing
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[TG War] Pandora's Box Part 3
Hey, Hey Mason
"WHAT IS IT!?" Madison shouted at the top of her lungs in uncharacteristic irritation as she drove her hover-glider towards the next destination.
Weeeeeell, we can't find Brenda. In fact, she usually tells us some plan for world domination right about now.
"Don't worry about it, she might have gone to dreamland."
No, we sent Juaco to check there. Maybe Max absorbed her?
"Max is back at the Pocket, remember? She was only here briefly to watch the ship. Now shut up I'm trying to think of a fool-proof plan to world-domination!"
...Nevermind, we found the answer to our question.
"Good, now be quiet, Reena is contacting us." Masy pressed the comm button and Reena's face appeared on a screen to the left.
"I think we should be coming up on the last known location of Berry and his friends, is your radar showing anything?"
Masy glanced at the radar screen, "Yep, getting four little red bleeps on the screen, that's gotta be them. Prepare for
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Grazz'bek's War Crimes
Grazz'bek knew nothing good would come of giving Garrosh a trial, and now mass hysteria surrounded Grazz'bek in the courtroom as pirates, infinite dragons, Dragonmaw loyalists, and even alternate duplicates slaughtered the largely unarmed attendants to the trial.
Grazz'bek looked toward Jelkeraku whom had assumed the mortal guise of one of the Zandalari for the trial and was getting up after a random arcane spell had been misdirected at him. "Ju okay, mon?"
Jelkeraku nodded, "Peachy, but I think you have your own problem to worry about." He jutted a finger in Grazz'bek's direction.
Grazz'bek whirled his massive body around to be faced with a gut-wrenching sight. Before Grazz'bek stood...himself. No. Not himself. The Forest Troll before Grazz'bek had the same green windswept hair and the hulking body he had inherited from his Dire Troll father, but where his right arm should be was an appendage infested with Sha. Not only that, but he was covered in scars that should have long since reg
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TG War: Pandora's Box Part 2
"Oh yeah, I forgot your glider has only one seat..." Reena realized, staring at the small aircraft in front of her. "By the way, what's the duct tape for?" She pointed at the roll of tape Mason was holding in his hand.
"I was going to duct tape you to the top of the hover-glider." Mason indicated at the roof of the aircraft with his index finger.
"Uuuuh, I think I'll just imagine my own aircraft and follow you on that."
Mason shrugged. "Suit yourself." And in an instant he was in the cockpit of his glider turning on the engines and opening the hangar door before the glider jumped off the ground and flew out.
Reena sighed and imagined a pink rocket. Hopping onto the imagined transport she flew off in Mason's direction.
Some time later...
Eisuke whistled to himself, enjoying the victory of another successful zap. Ceasefire, shmeasefire, nobody was going to stop him from having fun. Wait, what was that sound?
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Body Hacking :iconwakiman12:wakiman12 91 6
An Everyday Issue (Raffle Prize Week #2) by Meliran An Everyday Issue (Raffle Prize Week #2) :iconmeliran:Meliran 61 2
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Hair Stylist: A TG Story COM :iconexplicit-cryptid:Explicit-Cryptid 56 4
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Not Wanting to Resist :iconviii-bit:VIII-Bit 239 3
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Artwork I like a lot, animals that I've never seen before, and adorable photos.


Haven't posted anything in awhile so just letting it be said I'm not dead and I'm not done with DA, I've been working on my stories occasionally but college has me whipped so it's very rarely. Just putting it out there.


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random facts about me:
-I have a raised rib cage that is uneven.
-My right arm is slightly longer than my left.
-My left cheek doesn't blush
-I have ASD
-I have no athletic ability or talent
-I'm a christian
-I have a fascination with animals
-People say I'm a nice guy irl yet on the internet people often say I'm a jerk :\
-I can make a variety of noises and voices
-I have the mouth of a sailor
-My social life is a story out of fiction where someone became popular just by being themselves

My current stories:
-A Strange Beauty (Gender Bender/Fantasy)
-Washed Up (Ark Fanfiction)
-Unexpected (Gender Bender)

Wow players on Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord may know me as the following:
Grazz'bek: Forest Troll Druid
Armaylan: Worgen Rogue.
Desmonaj: Forsaken Warlock
Caamai: Tauren Huntard
Xer'trah: Ice Troll Priestess
Aghrash: Dragonmaw Orc Warrior
Huzzul: Gnome Mage

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