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The Art of Discipline
Six years old and very much alone, Ileri wandered the old stone mansion's inner garden. Its cobblestone path ran between rows of red and yellow flowers, separated by hedges as tall as the average man. They towered over the girl and the mint green frills of her dress, but she paid them no mind, staring instead at the curls of the petals and pausing whenever she found a perfect bloom. Her straight black hair was bound up in a shining tail that chased her around the corners, settling against her back when she stood still, and eyes just as black and just as shiny eventually led her to a lovely, full flower along the east wall. It was a bit darker than its sisters, deep red with golden trimmings, and after a long moment of staring she moved to cup it in her little palms.
Upon lifting it toward her chest, she found its stem to be uncommonly resistant, as though held down by a branch or some such. Thinking little of it, she leaned closer and pulled the flower aside to find the obstruction, on
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A Place to Rest
"You're not supposed to be here, you know," Emelie told her brother. It might've been a scolding if she hadn't sounded so indifferent about it.
Kiel shrugged, and the shrug turned into a stretch, and the stretch ended in a lazy roll onto his back. He then turned over and crushed himself into the dark leather of his older sister's couch. "Too tired. Don't care," he managed in a faint voice, almost entirely blocked by the silky red throw pillow.
Emelie crossed her arms, tilting her head up to keep valentine-red hair from being trapped between them. Her hair was long and straight, and almost as bright as her lipstick. "Going to sleep here, then?"
"I'll bring you a blanket."
She went around the couch, back into the kitchen, where white tile allowed her stiletto-heeled boots to click. Kiel's view of the black-metal-and-glass coffee table was cleared. Having nothing better to stare at, he contemplated the white candle on it, and the candle's polished, dark wooden base, and the circ
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Excerpt, on the Society and Lifestyles of Humans
From A Brief Report on the Society and Lifestyles of Humans, Section B-1
Human society is, as is typical, built on understanding. This is unfortunate, because the Human mind is not made to understand. Their capacity for comprehension is on par with our own, as previously discussed, but the communication of ideas – emotions, especially – poses a unique challenge to this race of disconnected beings.
The telepathic network on which we rely is utterly absent in this race. (Further studies may offer some insight into those of our number born detached.) They are forever misunderstanding one another, forever out of touch with each other's emotions. This places significant strain on social interaction and makes it exceedingly difficult for humans of compatible temperament to seek one another out.
Because they are not connected to one another as we are, it is possible for a human to build an outer persona separate and different from his or her true nature. Thus, for the sake of
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Love Letters
Apartments loomed over Aileen Sedgwick's little yellow house. Aileen stepped outside with shoulders drawn in and eyes upturned, closing the door quietly behind her. Her boots did not crunch through the two inches of snow before them. In fact, her steps were barely audible, she carried herself so carefully. The white sky dropped more snow to fill her footprints, slipping flakes between bare branches and past her long, black hair. The sidewalk was visible only by its outline, and she kept obediently to it. The trees along it scratched at one another with every passing breeze.
The fog of her breathing trailed along behind her until the path met the road, where the mailbox was. She pulled a small envelope from between her long shirtsleeve and the silky inner lining of her coat, where it had been safe through the trip. She turned to the dark green mailbox, tugged it gently open, and laid the letter on the bottom like an offering.
No one was around, but she still glanced behind her and to bo
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Perfect Little World
Larissa was in a wide field of pale grass. The sun was glowing above in a sky of translucent clouds, or perhaps there was just a light fog. Delicate little flowers were growing here and there, trimming the green. Most were white, but a few were purple or blue. The grass was rather tall, though not too much to walk in, and made a nice cushion when Larissa sank down onto it. She put a finger alongside the stem of a blue flower and pulled it towards her just a bit, turning its face toward hers. The haze of the place made it so easy to lose oneself, so easy to be absorbed by the world. She thought idly of how the flower's little stem was like her own spine, and ran her finger along the smooth green line.
An unconcealed rustling sounded behind her, and a pair of shoulders nestled into her side, followed by a head on her back. The contact was warm, like a sunbeam against the morning dew. She looked over her shoulder and smiled. Nadine, using her as a pillow, turned to smile back. Larissa the
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Bite my Tongue
I'll have you know that you're a monster,
Pouring venom out like that.
Words like yours are why the world's this way.
I'll bite my tongue and take one more step back.
I'll have you know that not all teenagers
Are rebels, or defiled.
I'm living proof - one truly can behave.
I'll bite my tongue and take one more step back.
I'll have you know that that's not love -
The aching and the crying.
You're stupid and you brought this on yourself.
I'll bite my tongue and take one more step back.
I'll have you know that yes, I do believe
In God and in the Bible.
And guess what? It's not because I have no brain.
I'll bite my tongue and take one more step back.
I'll have you know that it's not okay -
It's not just "who you are."
Moron. Your "nature" is the worst part of you.
I'll bite my tongue and take one more step back.
I'll have you know that I could crush you
With just a word or two.
Don't ever tell me words don't mean a thing.
I'll bite my tongue and take o
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Ainir - Unlikely by insane-little-angel Ainir - Unlikely :iconinsane-little-angel:insane-little-angel 0 4 The Brightest by insane-little-angel The Brightest :iconinsane-little-angel:insane-little-angel 1 15 DFF012 - Feral Chaos LV 1 by insane-little-angel DFF012 - Feral Chaos LV 1 :iconinsane-little-angel:insane-little-angel 21 60 Moomba Pep by insane-little-angel Moomba Pep :iconinsane-little-angel:insane-little-angel 8 10 Balloon by insane-little-angel Balloon :iconinsane-little-angel:insane-little-angel 3 19 Ainir - Home by insane-little-angel Ainir - Home :iconinsane-little-angel:insane-little-angel 0 9
How can I describe you,
How to give you meaning,
You're certainly no angel,
Though to me you seem as sweet,
And I can't call you perfection –
I'd be bored.
How can I describe you,
How to do you justice,
You bring me so much happiness,
So often on my mind,
And I know that I would die for you –
It's true.
How can I describe you,
How to say it clearly,
If only certain words could be
Reserved for those who mean them!
Maybe, were that so, I'd call you
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Ainir - Dad, Slayer of Dragons
Daddy, Slayer of Dragons
The White Wolves' garden lost its peace to a young child's scream. All the adults looked up from their luncheon to see Tei, barefoot, shrieking across the grass with her pale blue hair trailing behind her. Prince Tilun II was close behind, letting out little noises of distress as he tried not to trip on the uneven ground. The rest of the kids were similarly discombobulated, save two. Aikio was tromping behind them at a slower pace, giving the best roars and growls he could, and Ousui was running for the parents.
Cerin could already tell that his son's diverted path meant trouble for him. The boy stopped at the edge of the parents' picnic and pushed his red hair from his eyes, breathing for a moment and resituating himself. Once he was properly settled where he stood, one of his little arms shot straight up, then lowered sharply to point at Cerin. "You. Dad. You have to stop the dragon, or it's gonna eat us all."
"I… What?" He almost ended up gaping
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Gift 2 - Bats by insane-little-angel Gift 2 - Bats :iconinsane-little-angel:insane-little-angel 3 29 Dissidia Crossover - Dominion by insane-little-angel Dissidia Crossover - Dominion :iconinsane-little-angel:insane-little-angel 15 34
Just the most recent postings... Usually nothing much. ^.^; But I do encourage you to browse and comment - I promise that I don't bite, and I love hearing what others think... it helps me improve.

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Top Ten List
Top Ten Things Firion Never Thought He'd Have To Say
And now, in the style of David Letterman, here are the top 10 things that Firion, of Final Fantasy II fame, never thought he would have to say:
10—Could I borrow a knife?  I seem to have misplaced mine
9—No thank you, I don't need a free weapon.
8—Pardon me, ma'am, but do you speak beaver?
7—Oh, hey, a pirate chick!  Let's trust her implicitly…oh wait, he actually DID that, so never mind
6—Well, excuse ME, princess!
5—No number 5—writer on the wrong end of Shield Bash
4—What is this 'hyperspace arsenal' of which you speak?
3—Hey, baby, how would you like to—OH GOD SHE'S A LAMIA GET IN THE CAR!!!
2—Dance, Mateus, Dance!
1—Mess with the Rose, you get the Thorns
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Green-Eyed Jealousy Monster
The green-eyed monster reared its head as he watched the happy parents with sugar-sticky children, the couples hand-in-hand entwined, and the girls with their curves all walked past.  The wheels to his rollerblades spun against the concrete, whirring softly, and he closed his sea green eyes, they weren't quite the bright envious green, but if he painted it in his mind, they could be…
He wondered why he couldn't have had that childhood, those romantic walks in the park, those curves.  Maybe if he had, things would have turned out differently.  Those curves were the key, if he had had those he would have had that childhood and those romantic walks, but he was a boy.
Schuyler did not want to be a girl, but he realized that it would have made him more socially accepted.  He envied the girls for their curves and grace and ability to wear whatever they wanted.  He envied those children for having such loving families.  He envie
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:bulletpurple: Write the first chapter, darn it.
:bulletpurple: Snag Wadjeta's references and at least try to draw the cute.
:bulletpurple: Make sure the Nerevarines we already have won't hate me for it and then see about getting an RP blog up for my cuddly Nerevarine and her ragey husband because we don't have enough jerkface Altmer in the Shipyard already.
:bulletpurple: Tend to the RP blogs. All of them. Stop disappearing, you're making an ass of yourself.
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