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Siggyg by Insane-Breeze Siggyg :iconinsane-breeze:Insane-Breeze 0 0 Marionette Futuristic Reptile-Dragon-Lizard by Insane-Breeze Marionette Futuristic Reptile-Dragon-Lizard :iconinsane-breeze:Insane-Breeze 0 6
Lead on.
Every time you say to me
Those words that drop like
leaded pipes
Flowing through my body.
That meaning, what you really meant
Still gets to me
But with a little extra
It's the poison that gets me
Tells me shows me distorted truth
Of words that never were.
It's the lies that hurt you.
Messing up the world we knew
In favor of fantasy.
Just don't lead me on.
it's nature at it's cruelest
Fast flowing washing us away
Just don't lead me on.
Words can have meaning
But add on more in passing
Just don't lead me on.
Scraping off the rusted walls
And poisoned ideas just bursting
It's the poison that gets me.
Tells me shows me distorted truth
Of words that never were.
It's the lies that hurt you.
Messing up the world we knew
In favor of fantasy.
Knowing that it can be so easy
I would clean the wall of filth and grime
For the fresh to flow untainted
So until I do
Can you
Just don't lead me on.
it's nature at it's cruelest
Fast flowing washing us away
Just do
:iconinsane-breeze:Insane-Breeze 3 3
Voice of Reason
It binds me here.
A strong rope tether.
It mocks my words.
Laughing and jeering.
Cruel world is just that, never lets me go.
Content to let my mind race, but always putting me back.
How can I still be here, yet dead to the world.
When I can see you there, arms out…wide
Don't let it crush you down
Don't give it your hand
Don't ask for a fresh start.
Don't give it a reason.
I see you trapped.
A cage of steel.
The cold reckoning.
I feel locked inside too.
Cruel world is  just that, never lets me go.
Content to let my mind race, but always putting me back.
How can I still be here, yet dead to the world.
When I can see you there, arms out…wide
Don't let it crush you down
Don't give it your hand.
Don't ask for a fresh start.
Don't give it a reason.
Yet I tried, so hard
My tears drop swift and heavy from the sky.
And I hear your voice.
And I know I can try again….
It's the voice of reason….
Cruel world is  just that, never lets me go. (So let go)
:iconinsane-breeze:Insane-Breeze 1 1
Ardous Walk
I'll never understand how a fantasy could be a nightmare.
From enjoyable days, to torturous eternity.
I only seek the answer.
The end of my doubts, fears, pains.
I have no doubt about what I must do.
But I do not understand why my mouth, my mind, and my eyes betray me.
I walk the path of uncertainty.
It is bordered by delights that taunt me, yet will never be within my reach.
Only I can see them.
But they will never be real.
Mere visions, as I reach out a hand to savor their touch, only to grasp at thin air.
And I fall, impaling my heart and soul on the barbed and cruel fence that lines the harsh cold unforgiving path.
It motions for me to continue onwards, chiding me for my lapse of concentration, ordering me with whip and shrill voice to continue my journey.
I continue to trudge the sharp stone path with cold bare feet, leaving behind a trail of darkness intermingled with crimson longing.
No matter what, I'll find the answer.
:iconinsane-breeze:Insane-Breeze 2 0
Burning Bright
Lying there
reflect chaotic sky
Know that I've given everything.
To kindle tides of flame
Consuming all
To ash before my eyes
I  pray to see the light of truth
for hope to brightly burn
Raise up high and light the spark
Don't run.
You can see
understand the past is now
just embers.
So then I ask of you
How can you burn so bright?
for the light.
and let it dance.
The inferno rages on.
my soul alive with
It'll never halt for you.
The time that's gone to dust..
The sky is burning bright.
Can you and I
look skyward to the clouds.
Know  that all limits fall away
When passion burns so brightly.
Consuming all
To ash before our hands.
We already see the flame alight
To guide us on our way.
Raise up high and light the spark
Don't run.
You can see
understand the past is now
just embers.
So then I ask of you
How can you burn so bright?
for the light.
and let it dance.
The inferno rages on.
my soul alive with
:iconinsane-breeze:Insane-Breeze 1 4
Blade Dance
Swirling about, letting the petals drift.
Touching upon your cheek briefly, an upturned touch of scarlet.
Floating, drifting, swimming along
the current, the present, the now.
I throw out a eager hand, and pluck a single petal from the air,  inhaling the simplicity.
A brush stroke, carelessly flung upwards on pale parchment without a care.
One of million that encircle my closed mind,
Enticing me to accompany them in harmonizing a crimson symphony.
I can join the multitudes roaming the land, forever enthralled, never settling.
Or let the petal escape into unforgiving wind, and never again hold the same petal.
The blade, the petal that rests in my hand.
It brings  victory for one, brings unrest to the other.
I lie back, petal still clutched within my fist.
I'll dance among the petals some other day.
:iconinsane-breeze:Insane-Breeze 2 0
Random thoughts.
It's taking over me.
Every time I look up, I fear seeing my dream come true.
Because once it comes true, I know all I will do is forget all that I've worked for, and make another dream. Another fantasy. And back to the round of despair that I know so well.
How can one fear a dream coming true? Shouldn't it be something that will bring a person ceaseless joy, especially one that is good?
It's something to work for. It's what we all do. We dream of becoming someone, attaining something.
We're never satisfied with what we have. One could own the whole world, and not be satisfied.
It's the drive to keep humanity going forwards into the chasm of darkness, without a way out.
Such as what drives me to keep going, even though it's so painful. I know what I want. I dream of it. It appears in my waking hours, taunting me. Not only is the journey hard, but the realization that I'll be forever wandering hits me hard.
Is there a way out of this endless maze? When we can truly accept what we are, an
:iconinsane-breeze:Insane-Breeze 2 0
Random writings.
Reflecting others to focus a single light out of the prism.
Taking from many to become one entity ruling all.
I could tell you that you were a friend to me.
I could then forget about you the next day.
I could then be labeled a person of no use to the world,
Slandered for my stupidity, shamed for my arrogance.
Until I'm nothing but a empty, withered husk that struggles to remain upright.
Until I'm nothing but a fragment of crystal that will accept not a ray of light.
I walked  alone, to selfishly crave that bright  light, to steal shamelessly from others to form the person you know.
In the end, I am nothing without others to guide me.
:iconinsane-breeze:Insane-Breeze 1 0
Dreaming of Farewell - Written for Pandemic Cafe
Dreaming of Farewell
Lying there, eyes reflecting the starry lit sky.
Knowing that I've given everything.
What pours out of this vessel
This uncontrollable tide of fury
Consuming me whole, light flashing before shocked eyes
Screaming for release, for the shackles to shatter
Blood an unceasing tide, raging forth
Waging a meaningless war between
As I lay there
Dreaming of farewell.
It's only me
screaming to the sky (Feel your pain)
wishing for
You to be in my arms (Never again)
Knowing it'll never be possible
That our dream was but a farce
So go away from me
Dreaming of farewell.
---[End Chorus]---
Erasing your spirit, your presence
Is but the action of a coward
For parting is never meant to be
This unforgivable act of mercy
Standing up proud, lone spirit against the wind
Yet crying freely, for the nightmare's end
Tears extinguishing the flames, burn no more
Running from reality, cruelty.
As I lay there
Dreaming of Farewell.
- spoken -
(When ya ever wa
:iconinsane-breeze:Insane-Breeze 1 0
Cafe Memories
Splotches of paint and fragments of pastel were scattered about the table as the man worked, unceasingly, pursuing his work of a lifetime.
The manager of the café had tried to ignore this spectacle,  but it was his job.  Reluctantly, he approached the table, and began, "Sir, if you could do this outsi-"
"No." the man snapped back, giving the manager the evil eye.
The manager recoiled. He was new to the job, and he had never dealt with such an eccentric customer before.
Softening his tone a bit, the man apologized. "I just enjoy the atmosphere here."
The door to the café opened, and a young  woman entered, waiting to be seated.
As the manager bustled off, Kirvel Lang put down his brush, and examined the complex whirl of watercolor before him. It depicted a vast forest, stretching out for miles. It was supposed to convey beauty, but all he could see were the ugly splotches of color and a dark sky which completely ruined the intended effect. As if r
:iconinsane-breeze:Insane-Breeze 1 0
Breaking Binds
A mystery, an enigma that you have presented to me.
I feel as if I must reach out with open arms to embrace the challenge - your challenge.
But I halted there, watching, hoping the opportunity does not go by.
As you shrouded yourself, shielding from the feeble yet persistent advances.
What will bring together, will also slice in two, with only bitterness imparted.
It now keeps my body shackled, helpless, to be only witness to the whims of this task.
The dark sanguine liquid  trickles as I continue to struggle against the binds - my own binds.
I know what must be done. I must break free from the mind that holds me prisoner.
Although you will never hear until the icy veil of night departs,
I relax momentarily, and whisper words that signify a new beginning, calling forth the first rays of dawn.
Hoping maybe, wherever you are, you can hear them.
:iconinsane-breeze:Insane-Breeze 0 0
Darkness Shard. by Insane-Breeze Darkness Shard. :iconinsane-breeze:Insane-Breeze 1 0
Unnamed Song, just testing out my rustiness...
I sometimes have to ask
what I'm fighting for.
The truth laid bare
maybe something more.
Watching the clouds
with head laid back
Surrendering my soul
to whims of fate
Waiting for the wind
to blow me back to earth.
So I spun around
and told you all I knew.
Washed clean with fear.
that I helped construe.
Together I would strain
to leap that faith
And bring the fight
to you.
And as the storm raged
I took you in my arms.
Even as the gale struck
It never made a sound.
Together  would fly
To flee the wrath
And bring the fight
To you.
So LETS. Keep fighting~
The war has just begun
So just keep figh…ting.
Let our hopes collide
So just keep fight…ing.
Lest the truth escape away
So just keep
For you to understand.
I sometimes have to dream
To understand you.
But the naked truth
understood by so few.
Calling the night
with arms spread wide
Surrendering my heart
To destiny
Waiting for the waves
to wash me back ashore.
:iconinsane-breeze:Insane-Breeze 1 1
My world.
What is it to me? Am I to be the puppet on a string?
The crumpled parchment in my fist. A terrible brand sets itself on my chest.
The searing agony. And the anguish of cold, cruel realization.
I sit down heavily, tossing the flimsy harbinger of fate away, letting it be consumed by the fiery flames of grief.
Forever, all I can do is bear the sins of the whole world.
For all eternity, all I should do is sin so others may live on, guilt free.
The days passed by like a sudden lull in the storm. But none can oppose the eventual, inevitable downpour.
And then that fateful morning.
I take you in my arms, wipe your tears away.
I whisper to you to let go. Let me take your burden.
And I stand. A lone sentinel in the roaring wind, witness to none.
The terrible gale rages on, slashing at my face with the strength born of wild night.
It's not the question of what I want anymore. It is the question of what they want.
I shoulder the instrument of death upon myself. Perhaps, maybe, it will
:iconinsane-breeze:Insane-Breeze 1 0
Background Story for RP.
Truly, a war is not a war if it is fought over meaningless trifles.
Over land? Over a fair maiden? Could these be meaningless?
It was meaningless to some. It meant the world to others.
Consequently, the world was plunged into darkness.
Misunderstandings, hatreds, rivalries. Battles were waged, causing an unbelievable amount of death.
It might be worth mentioning that the battles were waged with little magic, without the old path. At this time, magic simply did not exist in the minds of men. The way of the blade, the way of the warrior, the way of certain death for all contenders. To these people, war was a way of life. To use anything aside from magic was a sin.
Magicians, therefore, were hidden specters. Nobody paid them any heed. If one could not hold a blade and swing it - one was useless. Never mind if a simple flame bolt could do the same job as precisely aimed cannon-shot. Magic was trodden upon, and quashed. Yet, most ironically, the ancient beings and founders of this planet ha
:iconinsane-breeze:Insane-Breeze 3 3

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Avoiding the obvious subject? Nah.

Well, things are going to move really fast from here. AP exams in a week or two, followed by Prom, a senior banquet, then graduation.

Then a brand new chapter in my life; the one I've looked forward too for ages, yet also feared deep down.

Well, I got rejected from the school I wanted to go - UCLA. And got accepted to every other college. Right now, after having visited the formal reception in Taipei, I'm planning to choose UC Irvine as my college. It's got mostly everything I wanted - lush and green, large sprawl of a campus instead of random buildings in a city, safe, and best of all - I know nobody going there.

Part of me dreads this. But hey, it had to come some day.

I really messed up here in TAS. I know I had the potential to be somebody greater. But I chose to laze around, game, waste time with people who were bullies, and consequently ended up freshman year of high school with 3 friends, and a not so good reputation.

And it didn't get any better. 9th to 10th grade were the peaks of my gaming spree. It's a wonder I managed to keep a 3.7 GPA with all the gaming I did. I barely got sleep, so I slept in classes, I was irritable all the time, didn't make much more more friends.

It was only until 11th grade that I finally came round, but by that time, the niches in my grade were solid. Rock solid. And I know I could have done way better had I chose not to game like a madman. I probably could have spent that time socializing and studying so that finals weren't so stressful.

But I still haven't learned my lesson. I went and flunked Japanese last year even though I knew the material. The night before the exam, I just gave up and gamed. And I received a D- for my hard work all year.

I still wonder, what happens if I had chosen to study, socialize, and be more active within the school community? Now, I want to do these kind of things, but it's a bit too late. And I know there is no point on reminiscing about the past that is now long behind me.

I hope that in college, I can turn a fresh leaf, and try again. This time, I know what are the right things to do. Instead of living next to the comp, I need to live life. And so far this year, I've been balancing that quite well - and I hope to be able to continue.

Won't be as active on DA during college I reckon. Occasionally, I might come on to do some commentaries on stories and write up something, and favorite some art.

I've come a long ways from the naive young child I was in 5th grade, when I first arrived in Taiwan. I hope those years I spent here in Taiwan are not forgotten. As painful and sad as some of those years were, they were integral in showing me the way I have chosen. :)

With that, ultra-formal journal concluded. Peace out~


The window to my heart.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
When I first started here, I told myself I'd be a artist who would gain fame, grab lots of friends, and be generally awesome.

Then reality sank in. And now, I'm just your average wishful person, who writes for a pastime.

I game a lot, I love almost any music, and despite possessing not a single shred of artistic talent, I love and appreciate art.

Check out my writings if you happen to stop by!~


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