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The Sacred Descendant. EpilogueA few weeks have passed since Darla’s encounter with the Great Old One. She had returned to her normal life and successfully began her studies in Miskatonic University. Derek and Josh assured her that their people were in the University, so she didn’t have to worry about having any problems. She still looked pretty much human, except for the very slight greyish skin color. The Star Spawn and the high priest of the cult let her know that her transformation had begun and would progress very slowly since the first change, but as she grew older, the traits of the Great Old One’s appearance would become more pronounced, just like it happened with all her ancestors. She led a peaceful life, and, of course, regularly visited the cult’s hideout to give in to the unearthly pleasure with her mate, the Star Spawn of Cthulhu.As a part of her daily life, Darla had always kept a calendar to follow her cycle, making markings in it. The approaching period had always warned her with the slight cramps in her underbelly. But this time, she felt nothing. Not a single hint of cramps, and it was already nearly a week past her usual term.She was late on her cycle.Darla had her suspicions, but she had to make sure. She purchased a home pregnancy test and used it the next morning after waking. Dipping its tip into her urine, she waited a few minutes. She felt nervous, her heart skipping a beat. The instruction said that if the test showed one line, it meant a negative result; and if there were two lines, it was positive. And as she looked at the test strip, she closed her eyes and made a deep breath.It showed two very clearly pronounced lines.She was pregnant.Darla smiled and put a hand on her for now flatten belly. She was carrying a child of the Star Spawn inside her. She could only wonder how the baby would look like after birth. She knew about her ancestors mating with mortal humans with each offspring transforming into a creature that mostly resembled Cthulhu, but had some traits of the Deep Ones. But her mate was a Star Spawn, so she could only guess what the result would be like. All that remained was waiting.If anyone had ever told her before about all these events, she would have probably considered that person insane. But now things were different, and nothing seemed crazy anymore. Darla had a new life in a new reality. The cult would keep an eye on her to ensure safety for her and her future offspring. When the signs of her transformation become too evident, she will hide from people’s eyes and wait for the metamorphosis to complete itself. By that time, her child will already grow up and find a mate, and she would go to live into the depths of the ocean with her mate, the Star Spawn of Cthulhu. As an immortal being, she will live eternally in the sunken city of R’lyeh, her true home. And the bloodline of the Great Old One will continue for eternity.
The Sacred Descendant. Part 3“Wake up!”Darla slowly opened her eyes. She saw a vague silhouette hovering above her but couldn’t see anything specific. Everything was blurry in her eyes.“Darla, please, wake up!”The voice belonged to a woman, and sounded very familiar. When Darla’s vision cleared more or less, her friend’s worried face was before her.“Ugh… Lucy? What happened?”“That’s what I’d like to know,” she whispered. “All I know is that we’re in some kind of prison with our wrists handcuffed.”“What?!” Darla immediately jumped up as if someone had poured a bucket of ice cold water on her. As she examined the surroundings, her heartbeat accelerated fast. Her eyes were wide with horror. The dark cell with one burning torch on the wall, metal bars instead of the door... It all looked too familiar. “Oh my God… No… It can’t be true!”Lucy watched her, confused.“What’s going on, Darla? Do you actually know where we are?”“Yes, I think I have an idea,” she replied. “It’s just like in my dreams.”“What?” Lucy widened her eyes. “You dreamt about this place? What is it then?”“I don’t want to scare or upset you, but…” she stopped talking for a moment.“But what?” Lucy grabbed her friend’s shoulders and slightly shook her. “Spill it out, whatever it is!”Darla sighed heavily.“We’re trapped by a cult that worships the Great Old One named Cthulhu.”Lucy shook her head. It barely made sense to her.“Uh… excuse me? A cult? They worship what?” she asked. Her brain was going to pop from an enormous amount of questions, but it looked like Darla might indeed know something. But how was that possible? Only through the dreams? And why was she seeing such dreams in the first place?“Yes, a cult. And this is the dungeon where they keep sacrificial lambs. Have you noticed the different clothes we wear?” She pointed to the white robe that covered her whole body. “I’ve read that in medieval times, these robes were worn by people sentenced to death.”Lucy was silent. She obviously was shocked and speechless. What Darla just said… Does it mean they were going to be killed?“Yes, I know how awful it sounds,” Darla said, lowering her head. “I guess I know what is going to happen to me. If my dreams can be believed, they’re going to take me to chamber full of burning candles where a monster is waiting. As for you… well, I’m afraid I can’t answer that. In my dreams, I was alone in this cell.”“Shit…” Lucy sat on the floor and lowered her head, too. “So, what are we going to do now? How do we get out of here?”“I don’t know yet. We have to…” Darla’s answer was suddenly interrupted by the sound of approaching footsteps. She already knew who exactly was coming, but Lucy was extremely nervous. Just as expected, no other than the high priest was standing behind the metal bars, but this time, four cultists came with him. All of them had the masks on, so the girls couldn’t see their faces.“Well, Your Highness, there they are, safe and sound,” one of the cultists spoke. Lucy was too panicked to notice anything, but Darla’s eyes went wide when she heard the man’s voice. She knew she’d heard it before, but in real life, and then it immediately dawned on her. She didn’t have to look behind the mask to know the man’s identity.“Good job, brothers,” the priest said with a voice that was anything but human. He then pointed to Lucy. “Take this one to the shore and prepare for the ceremony.”One of the cultists unlocked the door, and then all four entered the cell. Two of the cultists grabbed Lucy and began dragging her out of the cell. She tried to resist and fight as much as it was possible in her situation, but everything was in vain. One of the men eventually hit her on the face with his fist, and her body went limp. He then threw her on his shoulder like a bag and carried her away in an unknown direction.“As for you, my dear, you can consider yourself incredibly lucky,” the priest said to Darla. “I suppose you already know why you are here, don’t you?”Darla was quiet. All she did was looking at the creature before her that barely resembled human. She could see the writhing tentacles he had instead of the left hand.“You were having dreams about this place and us, right?”She nodded slowly. He somehow knew about her nightmares, although she still couldn’t really comprehend how.“And the Great Old One has showed you your… background, didn’t he?”“Yes, he has,” Darla replied.“Very well,” the priest said. “So now you understand everything. As a descendant of the Great Old One, you hold special value to us and all who serve him. Speaking of which, one of them is eager to see you.”Darla sighed.“I think I have an idea who he is. I’ve seen him in my dreams as well. So what, are you going to take me to him as some kind of sacrificial gift?”“Oh no, not at all,” the priest said, and somehow his tone seemed reassuring to Darla. “You can forget about the sacrifice. And he surely will not harm you in any way or form. Now let’s go. It’s better not to make him wait too long.” He then turned to the two remaining cultists. “Please take Miss Tinnely to the priestesses for a bath. She must be fully prepared for the Star Spawn. Then you join the others. The Great Old One is waiting. We must begin the ceremony as soon as possible.”“Yes, Your Highness,” the cultists said almost simultaneously and bowed to him. The priest left, and the cultists led Darla out of the cell, moving through a long, dark hallway illuminated by the torches and candles. The closer they came to a doorway, the louder the sound of running water became. They stopped at the entrance, removed her handcuffs and waited.Then five women appeared in the doorway, inviting Darla to come in. All of them were dressed in long, dark robes with black veils over their heads. They led her into a room with a large bathtub. Looking around, Darla noticed the room was also illuminated by numerous candles, and the walls looked pretty similar to the Star Spawn’s chamber she’d seen in her dreams. And the bathtub was spotless which actually made her happy. The entire setting could be pretty romantic if she forgot about what awaited her.Darla put the hand into the water, feeling its pleasant warmth. Removing her robe, she got into the tub and slowly sat down, immersing herself in warm water. The priestesses circled around her, using the soap and soft sponges on her. When the candlelight hit them in the right angle, Darla noticed her faces under the veils. All five had large, yellow eyes with vertical reptile-like pupils, and squid-like tentacles were protruding from their faces. Their hands had nails looking more like claws than normal human fingernails. The women were careful though, doing their best not to damage Darla’s skin with their claws.When the priestesses had finally finished washing her, Darla got out of the tub, and the women wrapped her in a towel. Making sure she was completely dry, she put her robe back on. Then one of the women pointed to the exit in silence, letting Darla know she was allowed to leave the room. She nodded obediently and slowly walked towards the doorway where the two cultists were waiting for her. This time, they led her in different direction, quite far away from the cell she was in. The walk took maybe about two minutes until they reached a wooden door of impressive size.“Well, Miss Tinnely, here we are,” one of the cultists said while the other one opened the door. “Please come in, don’t be shy. And no need to be afraid. In fact, you might end up enjoying his company to the fullest.”Darla gulped and walked inside, and the cultists shut the door behind her. The chamber looked exactly like she remembered it from her dreams – a round room with stone walls, torches and candles providing proper illumination. The sacrificial altar was also there, in the middle of the room. And then there was the dark doorway, the same one where the Star Spawn of Cthulhu should be waiting. Darla walked slowly, trying to make as little noise as possible. She reached the stone altar and stopped there, waiting for whatever was to come.The growling and clicking noise from the darkness was not long in coming. Darla gulped and held her breath while the sound was becoming louder with each second. She waited for the monster.And here he comes.***“Let me go, you filthy bastards!”Lucy writhed and undulated, trying to free herself from the cultists’ hands, but they were too strong. It was impossible to break free from their iron grasp. They led her through the dark corridors until they reached a larger room which seemed to be a cave of some sort. The stairs before them led somewhere up. As they ascended, Lucy saw bright orange light at the end of the stairs. It was the light of flames, as a multitude of burning candles and torches on the tripods surrounded them. All the cultists had gathered in this place, and Lucy realized they were standing on the surface of a large rock at the shore of seemingly endless ocean. The crowd of people in dark robes gathered around a big circle drawn on the ground with bizarre sigils in it, and a stone pillar was placed right in the middle of the circle. The two cultists led Lucy to the pillar, while the third one came with a rope. They stripped her naked, then tied her to the pillar, and removed the handcuffs. As one cultist returned to the others, the ones that had led Lucy to the shore stood before her. She watched them in silence when they started removing their hoods and masks, and the first thing she noticed were their hands with membranes between the fingers. And when their faces were finally exposed, Lucy opened her mouth in shock, her eyes going wide. Silent horror was written all over her face.“No… No! How… No, it’s can’t be true!”She stared at both men standing before her, refusing to believe her eyes. They were no other than Derek and Josh. But this time, they looked repulsive. Their bodies looked bulkier than the last time she saw them, and they had large, bulging eyes which didn’t seem to blink at all. Their necks were no visible as well, and she noticed some kind of scars on both sides of them. Both men looked less human and had more fish traits instead, and from that Lucy concluded that those scars on their necks were most likely gills.“Well, hello there, Miss Drake,” Josh said, and his lips stretched in a predatory grin. “Good to see you again.”Lucy began shaking when she saw his teeth. They now resembled the teeth of a shark than of a human being. Derek’s teeth still looked more or less human, but they had also begun changing. Some of them already looked like Josh’s teeth. But what made her cringe even more was Josh’s voice. It sounded barely human. She noticed him and Derek speak in somewhat raspy voices before, but at that time, she thought it was the result of heavy smoking. Now, hearing not just a raspy voice, but a growl-like noise emanating from Josh’s throat, she realized it had nothing to do with smoking.“You… you…” she hissed through gritted teeth, looking at Derek. She couldn’t even find proper words to form coherent sentences.“Let’s have a little chat while there is still time, shall we?” Derek said, and his voice sounded as revolting as Josh’s. “The sacrificial ceremony will begin very soon, so let’s talk now. I suppose I owe some explanation to you before you serve your purpose.”Lucy gulped.“What purpose are you talking about? Are you going to kill me?”“Well, your blood will be spilled right here, in this circle, to please the Great Old One,” Josh replied. “As he requires a sacrifice three times a year, we go searching for a suitable offering. The time for a new sacrifice has come. That’s why you’re here.”“You son of a bitch! Why me?!” Lucy yelled angrily, her eyes filling with tears. She shifted her gaze from Josh to Derek again. “I came to Arkham in hope of developing relationship with you! I trusted you!”Derek shrugged.“Oh, my dear naïve child… Has anyone ever told you that you should never blindly trust anyone you meet online?” he said, grinning. “It’s time to remove your pink glasses, sweetheart. Did you really think I would want to date you? You’re a cheap whore that is not worth my time. Maybe only some drunkard would like to bang you. But jokes aside, you were very suitable prey. In the moment I saw you on webcam, I realized that luring you to Arkham would be easy. I used all my charm and even bared my flesh for you to enjoy. Lucky for me, I looked more or less human at that time, so you didn’t notice anything unusual about me.”Lucy was stunned. Her lower lip trembled. She couldn’t believe her own ears. So this was all a trap? Now she knew it was, but none of that mattered at this moment. Something else bothered her.“But you looked human when we met!” Lucy protested. “How on Earth is it possible that you both now look like real monsters?”“Well, while you were unconscious for a week, our bodies have gone through some… changes,” Josh replied.Lucy’s breath became erratic. She was unconscious for seven days? It couldn’t be possible… or could it?“Yes, seven days,” Josh continued, as if reading her mind. “We knew you wouldn’t come with us willingly if we told you about our plans. So we had to sedate you in advance. The drug was strong, and it seems the dose was a bit too large.”Lucy swayed her head, gritting her teeth in fury. She wanted to strangle both these bastards, but she knew she’d end up dead. Even if she was free, she had no chance against these creatures.“You piece of shit! You will burn in hell for that!”The fishmen exchanged glances and burst into laughing. Lucy wanted to press her ears shut, just not to hear those disgusting voices, but she was completely immobilized.“Burn in hell? Really?” Derek laughed at her. “Have you got any idea how pathetic you sound, trying to threaten us with a nonexistent world? Well, let me tell you one thing: there is no heaven or hell, just like there is no god that you mortals believe in. You have worshipped a fake deity throughout history, a god that doesn’t hear your prayers. But Father Dagon and the Great Cthulhu can hear you. And you can be sure they would respond to your prayers.”Lucy shook her head. In any other situation, all of this would seem like ravings of a madman. But here she was, surrounded by literal monsters, so now anything could be real.“This is the beginning of our bloodline,” Derek continued his monologue. “Long story short: we are the descendants of a very ancient and feared race of underwater beings known as the Deep Ones. A minute ago, I mentioned the name of Father Dagon. Well, he and his consort, Mother Hydra, are our ancestors and patrons. Our race had been worshipping them since its appearance. Then, in nineteenth century, a sea captain named Obed Marsh had brought the Esoteric Order of Dagon into the town of Innsmouth where people were unable to catch enough fish to sell it. They prayed to their god but got nothing in response. But when Captain Marsh had persuaded them to pray to Father Dagon, things had changed for the best. Innsmouth began to flourish, as the Deep Ones provided endless amount of fish and brought the gold from the depths of the ocean. But everything has its price. As a payment for such service, the people of Innsmouth had not just to swear their loyalty to the Order, but also allow the Deep Ones to breed with them. Thus the hybrids were born. They all look like regular human children after birth, but as they age, they gradually transform into the Deep Ones and return to live in the ocean, in the underwater city of Y'ha-nthlei. And this is how we came to be. Our bloodline begins with Captain Marsh and his second wife, a Deep One named Pth'thya-l'yi. Josh and I aren’t friends. We are cousins, as my father and his father are brothers. My father has already gone to the sea, and my uncle hasn’t fully transformed yet.“So, now you know the truth. We both are Deep Ones in the process of transformation. We are greatly proud of our heritage, and our bloodline will continue. We all will live eternally in the underwater city of Y'ha-nthlei. What? You look terrified.” Derek giggled and came closer to Lucy until just a few inches separated them. “You will never know what being a descendant of a great race feels like. Just like with most of the mortals, this is something your shallow mind cannot comprehend and accept.” He touched her temple with his finger while speaking about comprehension. “Speaking of which… Your friend…”“Where is she?” Lucy interrupted him, drilling Derek with her furious gaze. “What have you done to her?!”“Oh, nothing at all. No need to worry about her, she’s totally fine and safe,” Josh said and crossed his arms. “The reason we speak about her now is that she, unlike you, knows the meaning of being a descendant of a being far greater than the entire humanity.”“Huh?” Lucy tilted her head. “What are you talking about? What does Darla have to do with this?”Josh smiled.“It may come as a surprise to you, but Darla is not really human, just like us.”Hearing this, Lucy almost chocked on her own saliva. Were they implying that Darla was one of them? It couldn’t be possible!“You’re lying! I’ve been friends with Darla for years, and I know her! She certainly is not one of you!”“Well, you’re right only about one thing – she’s not a Deep One,” Derek explained. “Her bloodline begins with the Great Old One, with Cthulhu himself – a being this cult worships. Our race worships him too, beside Father Dagon and Mother Hydra, but to a lesser extent. It began in seventeenth century, when a woman from the cult had been willingly impregnated by the Great Old One, and later she gave birth to a son. Thus his bloodline continued for generations, and Darla is the most recent and youngest descendant. She holds a great value for us all, and for Cthulhu himself.”Lucy was silent. After everything she’d just heard, she didn’t know what to say.“Has she ever told you about her dreams?” Josh asked her. Lucy nodded.“Yes, she told me twice.”“Well, she dreamt all those things for a reason. And her arrival to Arkham was no accident as well,” Josh continued talking. “There are our people in Miskatonic University who made sure she was accepted there. As for your arrival, Derek has explained everything to you.”Before Lucy replied, another person in a robe approached Josh and Derek from behind. As Lucy inspected him, the large golden pendant on his chest and rather beautiful carved staff with jewels made her think he was the main priest. She couldn’t see his face behind the mask, but his yellow eyes with reptile-like pupils made all her insides tremble. Her face twisted in the grimace of repulsion when she saw slimy tentacles protruding from the sleeve of his left arm instead of a regular human hand. He held the staff with them, while his right human hand lay on Derek’s shoulder.“Are you done?” he asked peacefully. His voice was no different than Josh’s or Derek’s.“Yes, Your Highness,” Derek replied. “We had to explain these things to her, so she knows she’s going to serve a great purpose.”The priest nodded.“Very well, then. Enough chit-chat, and let’s get to business. We must begin immediately and not test the Great Old One’s patience.”Both fishmen bowed to the priest and rotated the stone pillar so that Lucy was facing the ocean. Then they stepped away from her, taking the staff from the priest’s tentacles, and joined the other cultists who were now standing on the edge of the circle. The priest then walked to the edge of the rock and pulled the Necronomicon out of his robe. Holding it carefully with the tentacles, he raised his right hand high above his head.The ceremony was about to begin.
The Sacred Descendant. Part 2Darla stood at the door of Lucy’s room, hesitating to proceed. She listened for a few minutes, and loud male voices combined with female laughing indicated they were having a party. She sighed. She could still leave, but she promised to herself not to leave Lucy alone with these guys, so she took her courage and knocked. She immediately heard light footsteps approaching the door, and the next second, it opened. Lucy was standing in the doorway, smiling and obviously being a bit drunk. But it wasn’t what caught Darla’s attention, and not even two men of her age sitting in the background. It was Lucy’s appearance. Darla eyed her friend from head to toe in shock, debating whether she was really facing her friend or a prostitute. Lucy wore a white top that was tied below her breasts, exposing her belly. It had buttons, and two of them were undone, so the cleavage could be seen amply. Of course, she hadn’t forgotten to put on her push-up bra. The short red and black plaid skirt barely covered her butt, and the thigh-long stockings combined with high heels looked especially trashy. And the makeup… Christ, it had to be at least one kilo of it on her face. She looked like a cheap and slutty Barbie doll, and those two guys were certainly planning to use her for one night, and then simply tell her to screw off. No man takes such women seriously.“Come in, make yourself comfortable,” Lucy chirped merrily, closing the door after Darla entered the room. “Gentlemen, allow me to introduce my best friend, Darla.”Darla studied both men with her attentive gaze. She immediately noticed something weird about them. Both had strange eyes – she’d never seen any person with such big, almost bulging eyes. And both wore sweaters with high collars that fully covered their necks, which seemed strange, considering the warm weather. And they had such unpleasant husky voices, as if they smoked at least two cigarette packages a day. Did Lucy even notice these things?“I’m very pleased to meet you, Darla. I’m Derek,” the guy on the right got up from his armchair and extended his hand, smiling. Darla shook it.“I’m Josh. Nice to meet you.” The other guy did the same as his friend, and Darla shook his hand as well.“Likewise,” she said with a light smile. She then turned to Lucy and gestured with her head to come to the bedroom for a talk. “Will you excuse us for a moment? I need Lucy for a few words in private.”“Yes, of course, no problem.” Both guys smiled and nodded, and the two girls walked into the bedroom and closed the door behind them.“What’s the problem now?” Lucy asked with light irritation in her voice.“What the problem is?” Darla was no less irritated. “Take a look at yourself! Are you totally nuts?”Lucy tilted her head and huffed.“What’s wrong with that? What makes you think I’m nuts?”“Have you decided to work in a brothel?” Darla asked. “I’m sorry to say this, but you look like a total whore.”Lucy smirked and then burst into laughing.“Oh, so that’s it? A whore, you say? Well, if you must know, I came here to have fun. I finally met Derek in person, and I’m not going to miss my opportunity.”“Do you really think he would want to date you? I’m more than sure he doesn’t take you seriously, especially if you’re dressed like that!”“Oh, Christ, Darla! Stop it already, will you?” Lucy dismissed her friend’s concern. “I’d like to date Derek, but we’re not in love, not yet at least. We’re going to have a whole week of fun and wild sex, and then we’ll see how things develop. If you’re a prude, it’s not my problem. If you want to leave, feel free to do it. I’m not forcing you to stay. So please, don’t ruin our party. Either join it, or leave.”Lucy turned around and went back to the living room, leaving Darla stunned and speechless. She couldn’t believe it. Lucy was ready to sacrifice their long friendship in favor of her ‘fun’ with some random guys. Darla began thinking that Lucy was probably a fake friend. A true friend would certainly value friendship more than one-night relationship. And that wasn’t the case with Lucy.Darla sighed sadly. She was determined to leave. If Lucy wanted to end up being raped and gang-banged, so be it. It’s her choice. Darla then opened the door and entered the living room where Josh and Derek were waiting with four glasses filled with red wine.“I’m sorry, gentlemen, but it’s time for me to leave,” she said, forcing herself to smile. The guys exchanged glances, and Derek tilted his head.“Oh, is that right? Why so fast?”Darla sighed. She wasn’t going to pretend she was just tired.“Well, I’m very tired after the long day, and I’d like to rest. And second, Lucy and I have just had an argument. So it would be better if I left and let you all have your fun. I’m only going to spoil everything if I stay.”“Oh…” Josh said understandingly. “That’s a shame. But tomorrow is a new day, and I’m sure you two will make peace. So, before you go, let’s all have a drink together. It wouldn’t be nice to end our meeting on a bad note.”“I agree,” Derek added. He then took two glasses of wine and handled them to the girls. “Okay, let’s calm down and have a nice glass of wine. Cheers!”“Cheers!” Josh and Lucy said almost in unison. Darla sighed again and joined them. The wine tasted surprisingly good. The label said it was imported from France and named Cabernet Sauvignon. It had pleasant blackcurrant notes, and Darla loved blackcurrant. So she gladly drank this wine. She emptied the glass in five minutes, but Lucy needed less than a minute to finish her portion. A few more minutes passed, and both girls suddenly started feeling dizzy.“Wow, my head is spinning,” Lucy said, staggering a bit. “That wine must be pretty strong.”“Yeah, I feel dizzy too,” Darla said. Then she looked at Derek and Josh who exchanged glances, their lips twisting in a smirk. Darla didn’t like that at all. Her eyelids were becoming heavier with every second, and before she realized anything, she collapsed on the floor, and everything went dark.***“Darla…”A gravelly deep voice whispered her name. It was haunting, in the back of her mind.“Darla…”It spoke again. Darla opened her eyes wearily, her vision blurry.“Darla…”Now she heard the voice more clearly. It was anything but human. The best way to describe it was the sound of primal grumbling of a volcano. Darla sat up and rubbed her eyes. As her vision cleared, she found herself sitting on a large rock right before the endless ocean. The waters were uneasy, and the waves crashed into the rock with all their might. Darla got up and looked around. She was completely alone, standing in the middle of nowhere. No signs if civilization were visible anywhere around her. Just the empty ground and the boundless ocean. Darla didn’t know what to do or where to go until the ocean before her started bubbling, and a head of an enormous octopus began rising above the surface. She watched in awe as it rose higher and higher like a living mountain with eyes and tentacles.It was him. The Great Old One. Cthulhu.Darla stood there, speechless. The sleeping god awoke from his eternal slumber, but what now? She should have delved into insanity by now, and yet her mind remained intact. All she could do was staring into the piercing eyes of the gargantuan sea monster.Suddenly Cthulhu lowered himself until his head was more or less on the same level with Darla. His yellow eyes stared right into her soul. Darla felt shivers run own her skin when one of his undulating appendages extended to her, its end wrapping around her head slightly. It felt cold and slimy, and yet Darla felt devoid of any revulsion.“See the truth, my child…” his grumbling voice said in her head. Darla felt confused. What truth was he talking about? And why did he call her ‘his child’? But before she could ask any questions, her vision changed rapidly; and another image appeared before her eyes.She saw a woman in a dark robe, one like the cultists from her dreams wore. She was walking towards the shore from a town that looked very old, like from the past – it might be from the seventeenth century. She wasn’t alone – a group of seven people accompanied her, and all wore the same robes. All of them belonged to the same cult, including the woman. One of the cultists walked right near her on the left, and he carried a familiar carved staff with jewels in his hand. It was the high priest. The others were following right behind them.As they reached the coast, all eight of them drew a big circle with sigils in it on the stone ground of the shore. The woman then stood in the middle of the circle, and the high priest stepped on the edge of it before her. The other cultists surrounded them in the rest of the circle. The priest then pulled out a book out of his robe; a grimoire called the Necronomicon, and started chanting. One of the chants sounded too familiar."Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn."The cultists repeated this chant several times until the peaceful ocean grew uneasy. Several creatures then appeared on the surface and crawled out of the water to join the cultists. All of them shared the same appearance with the Great Old One; the only difference was their size. Neither of them was much larger than any of the cultists. Those were the Star Spawn of Cthulhu. As soon as these beings were among the cultists, they joined the chanting. Human voices mixed with their monstrous voices in a terrifying, unearthly cacophony.“Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn! Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!”The chanting grew faster with every phrase, the voices almost turned to screaming, putting up more and more power an energy into the chant. Eventually, their common efforts gained success. The uneasy waters now turned into violent storm, and the Great Old One slowly rose from the water. Everyone kneeled down, lowering themselves almost to the ground, including the Star Spawn. And just as they got up again, the high priest moved away, and two female cultists approached the woman in the circle, standing on each side of her and helping her remove the robe. As they moved away from her, the woman stood naked before the Great Old One. The cultists and the Star Spawn watched the gigantic monster gently grab the woman with his tentacles and lift her up. She wasn’t fighting or screaming. Everything happening to her was by her own will. The slimy appendages slid all over her skin like snakes, two of which teased her already erect nipples, earning faint sighs and moans from her. Then one tentacle wrapped around her waist, and four more held her wrists and ankles, spreading her legs a bit. And then another appendage slid its tip inside her already wet cavern, moving for a short period of time in and out of her until it spurted some jelly-like substance into her. The monster then lowered her back on the ground, and the woman put the robe back on.Then the image changed, showing the same lady giving birth to a son before she began changing with her age. She was turning to a bizarre humanoid being that combined the traits of a fish, a frog, and a squid. After the transformation was complete, she left the earth for the sea where she lived since then.Another image came after the previous one, this time showing the same process with that woman’s son – he made sure to leave the legacy with a mortal woman, and then transformed into the same being as his mother did. Thus it continued from the seventeenth century, from generation to generation. The last image showed a woman with a girl and a man in which Darla recognized her father. She grew up with him and never knew who her mother was. Father had avoided any conversations about it, and now she knew what exactly happened. After Darla’s birth, things were going well for some time, and Darla wasn’t even one year old when her mother’s transformation began. Father was terrified, as he never knew he married a descendant of the Great Old One. Darla’s mother transformed pretty quickly, so father took his daughter and ran away as far as possible, just not to see the creature his wife had become.The image show ended here. Darla’s vision returned to normal, and Cthulhu was before her again. His tentacle released her head, and before he disappeared underneath the ocean surface, his voice echoed in her head once again.“Now, my child… Wake up.”And she did.
- Dark Times in the last weeks - by IGNIS-BENZORN
Digital Art OPEN
Historically Accurate Belle by Sunnypoppy
Traditional OPEN
Manga or Anime OPEN
Photography OPEN
Animations OPEN
Digital Art FULL
My fourth comic: The invisible man. by Mario-19
Somnio. by Mario-19
Weaponry 905 by Random223

Mature Content

Delia Ketchum: Quarter Century MILF by TheNaughtyGoblin
Photography FULL
All She Wants For Christmas... by DentureLover
No Top Teeth (2) by DentureLover
No Top Teeth (3) by DentureLover
No Top Teeth (4) by DentureLover
Traditional FULL
Psychosis by Avargus
TribeTwelve - Firebrand by Avargus
TribeTwelve - The Administrator by Avargus
TribeTwelve - The Observer by Avargus
Manga or Anime FULL

Mature Content

Delia Ketchum: Quarter Century MILF (Nude) by TheNaughtyGoblin
Animations FULL
Literature FULL
Romance Uncliched! - That is One Good Thrust! (2)With a new job came new colleagues and new opportunities for love. That’s what Junming always thought. From his years of experience watching romance dramas and movies, he knew it was one of the perfect ways to meet someone.Picture it. Sparks in the eyes, the corner of his lips would curl upwards in a shy or confident smile. Hands would be shaken. In that moment of skin contact, electricity would burn through his veins and jumpstart his heart. The thought of it already sent his nerves into overdrive as he walked beside Valerie. He had always been in and out of love since he was a teen but it had been different these past few years. He was determined to find that someone. Someone to spend his life with. He owed it to his parents.He fidgeted with the worn strap of his satchel bag and gulped. Down the corridor from the meeting room that he was in earlier, Valerie had taken a sharp left. She mentioned that the CEO and CTO’s officers were to the right but he didn’t even get a glimpse of those.Romance movie posters decorated the bland walls as Valerie led him down the corridor. A smile danced on his lips when he recognized the pivotal moments portrayed in each poster. He lived up to his reputation as a romance movie enthusiast after all.Coming to a branch, Valerie pointed to the left. “Those are the bathrooms. And to the right is the pantry. You’ll find the fridge stocked high with comfort food. Feel free to take anything you want.”“Ice cream included?” Junming’s eyes sparkled, his tongue yearning for that cold, sweet taste.“Yes, that too. We have many flavors if you’re into that.”“Cool!” Grinning, Junming couldn’t help the small skip in his step.Valerie chuckled and gave a small flourish of her hand. “Well, here we are. This is where the main work gets done.”Sucking in a breath, Junming felt his heart skip a beat as they entered the main office space. His eyes wandered around the small area, taking in everything from the decorated cubicle partitions and the vines encircling the floor-to-ceiling glass windows to the large whiteboard wall filled with naughty doodles and lists of assignments.The whole ambiance in the office soothed him. He could smell a nice, tangy fragrance that reminded him of the Lover’s Embrace line of perfumes. In the background, he heard faint music that sounded like the instrumental score of a romance drama. Soft voices floated over the sound of clacking keys. “Okay, let me introduce you to our two ConDuit engineers,” Valerie said as she led him to the first set of cubicles on the right. “They’re in charge of everything from app development to system maintenance.”Poking her head around the partition, she let out a huff and turned back to Junming. “Looks like they’re in a meeting. You’ll get a chance to meet them later.”“Oh, alright.” Slightly disappointed at the missed opportunity, Junming’s smile faltered.Valerie gestured to the room opposite the cubicle. “That’s the server room. Nothing much to see except a bunch of cables and servers. I’m sure the engineers will beg to differ.”She led him to the cubicles clustered on the other end. A soft feminine voice grew louder as Valerie rounded the partition. She rapped her knuckles on the wall. “Kyler, you free?”Junming bit his lips as anxiety shot through his veins. Meeting new people was exciting and nerve-wracking in equal amounts for him. His toes curled up subconsciously in his new dress shoes. He checked his sleeves, making sure they were neatly folded up to the same height near his elbow.A shy voice drew his gaze back up to a sweet-looking woman. “Hi, I’m Kyler.”Dressed in a simple blouse and skirt, she held her delicate hand out for him to shake. He took it, his lips cracking into a shaky smile. “H-Hi. I’m the new ConCoct agent, Junming. You can call me Junming or Jun or Yu if you want. Yu’s my surname. Yeah. Umm, right.”Kyler’s stifled giggles made Junming blush furious pink with embarrassment. She flashed him a comforting smile that soothed his nerves and said, “I’m so glad to meet you, Junming.”Valerie cleared her throat. Mild annoyance crossed her features as she gave a pointed look at Junming’s clasped hands with Kyler. Red bloomed across Junming’s cheeks. His hand shot out of Kyler’s grasp.“Yes, Kyler has been an agent here for a while,” Valerie said in a clipped tone. She draped a protective hand over Kyler’s shoulders. “She’s my sister. That means she’s off-limits.”The obvious warning in her tone drew a shuddering breath from Junming. He hurriedly allayed her concerns with a frantic wave of his hands. “Oh, no, no, no. You don’t need to worry about that. I-I normally lean more the other way.”“Really? That’s good to know.” A curious voice from behind Junming piped up, causing him to startle.Spinning around, Junming’s eyes widened at the sight of an attractive guy around his age looking him up and down. His cheeks colored for the millionth time in the day. It certainly didn’t help that this hot guy was the spitting image of how he imagined his favorite character in the book “Love Everywhere”. Stunned to silence, Junming’s lips opened and closed like a dying fish out of water.Valerie scoffed, her eyes rolling until the whites could be seen. Her voice took on an annoyed cadence. “Junming, this is Jamal. He’s the other ConCoct agent you’ll be working with.”Recognizing the name that Valerie mentioned earlier, Junming hurriedly extended his hand. “N-Nice to meet you, Jamal.”As Jamal took his hand, giving it a firm squeeze, Junming felt an electric surge through his skin. His eyes twinkled with the possibility of something more and as he gazed deep into Jamal’s soul, he wondered whether this man in front of him felt the same way too.“This is the new guy?” Jamal tilted his head toward Junming. “I like him.”Jamal winked, his pearly white teeth contrasting against his dark skin. Biting down on his tongue, Junming almost felt his heart leap out and flop on the ground.“Of course you do,” Valerie deadpanned. “Behave yourself, Jamal.”Pouting, Jamal whined, “How can I when such a handsome specimen is in front of me?” Valerie gritted her teeth and huffed. “Careful of this idiot, Junming. He flirts with every living thing in sight.”“I do not!” Jamal protested. As he let go of Junming’s hand, Junming felt an aching loss deep inside his soul. Jamal skipped over to Kyler’s other side and leaned in close to her. “Right, Kyler?”The lady turned a dark shade of pink and giggled. Junming felt a stab of envy but kept his composure. The two of them seemed close but then again, they must have worked together for quite a while to build up a good rapport. Valerie spun Kyler away and thrust herself between the two of them. She wagged a finger at the grinning Jamal. “If I catch you with my sister-”“No worries, Val.” Jamal smirked. “I never get caught.”“You’re incorrigible.”Kyler tugged at her sister’s arm. “Val, you’re over-worrying. Jamal leans more the other way.”A thrill ran down Junming’s spine. He couldn’t stop himself from discreetly checking out Jamal’s delicious neck bones framed by that collared beige shirt.“You don’t understand him.” Valerie’s eyes narrowed at the irresistible Jamal. “He leans everywhere!”Jamal clicked his tongue three times. “You’re so wrong. I only lean towards attractive people like dear Ky and our new Jun.”Junming’s eyes widened at the affectionate abbreviation of his name. He loved how his name rolled off Jamal’s tongue. Evidently, so did Kyler.Not everyone did, of course. Valerie’s head looked like a boiling pot of soup emitting steam. Huffing, she crossed her arms over her chest. “Whatever. Please show Junming to his desk and get him settled in, Jamal. Then, get back to work.”She gave Junming a tight smile. “I’ll send you those slides to look at. Let me know if you need anything.”“Sure, thank you Valerie,” he chirped.As she stormed off back to her office, Kyler tapped Junming on his shoulder. “I’m sorry about my sister. She’s just very over-protective of me.”Her embarrassed smile caused Junming’s heart to melt. Chuckling, he darted a gaze to Valerie’s receding back before saying, “That’s okay. I think that’s cute of her.”Brightening up, Kyler laughed. Jamal leaned in and whispered, “That’s because you haven’t seen her get real mad. Believe me, she can be the Hulk.”The three of them burst into soft laughter, careful not to let the Hulk down the hall hear them. Kyler poked Jamal’s arm. “You’d better get going with Junming before Val comes back down.”Coloring at the potential double meaning, Junming looked away before the other two saw his red cheeks. “Yeah, I guess I should.” Jamal patted Kyler on her head and winked. “I’ll see you later.”Kyler bit down a smile and nodded. She turned, heading back into her cubicle, leaving the two men standing there. Jamal tilted his head towards the back of the office space. “Come on, new guy. You’re with me now.”“Great,” Junming said a little too cheerily for his liking.
Wareware wa Seindesu


The circle of life by Chuchy5 The circle of life :iconchuchy5:Chuchy5 3,535 423 HAHAHAHAHA by ivorywinterdemon HAHAHAHAHA :iconivorywinterdemon:ivorywinterdemon 8 1 Halves by Doodl3zfreaky Halves :icondoodl3zfreaky:Doodl3zfreaky 2,014 169 Seventh Heaven by Em-j-akahana Seventh Heaven :iconem-j-akahana:Em-j-akahana 48 11 The Devil Inside by Em-j-akahana The Devil Inside :iconem-j-akahana:Em-j-akahana 103 30
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