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By Insan-Stock
Hey guys!
I haven't been updating here lately and I'm sorry for that.
I started working so that took up most of my time.

hopefully we'll have something up this week.~

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Hello. I logg into Deviant just to post you link where I was used your texture :) its on flickr here: [link]
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Posted the same artwork on deviantArt and on furaffinity.

I credited you for your nice texture; [link]

Now if I understood your rules of using textures wrong and you don't like my attwork being on display on furaffinity, just say so and I'll take it down.

Same picture with similar description on dA: [link]
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# Please ask me if you want to use my stock outside of deviantART, don't just take them, Its stealing

Stealing? A person who make a derivate work like a photo manipulation and use it in his/her website/personal portfolio and give you the proper credit for stocks used... is stealing you?
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asking first and then adding them to a portfolio is okay. with proper credit. but without asking then it is.
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ur stock is unbelievably good.
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the body or the textures?

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