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I'm afraid this project has drifted in the dark reaches for a while, hidden from the Emperor's Light. :lightbulb: Yesterday the blazing light of the Astronomican touched upon us and guided us out of the dark. With that inspiration I have fixed the links below completing a downloadable copy of the complete list of cards and their interpretation.

The Emperor's Tarot is nearing completion, simply waiting for enough art to be available to render the cards in their final form.  The Tarot list page… (all completed cards are linked from here as well as in my DA Gallery)  includes links to all the completed cards as well as interpretation for all cards. Suggestions for use in game… and suggested layouts….

For those who are unaware Fantasy Flight Games has the licence to produce the Card, Board and RPG games in the GW universes, hence are producing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and the 40K RPG Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader and Deathwatch.  

In Memory and Thanks for all those who made contributions to getting Dark Heresy released I really want to get this project completed as a tribute to the efforts of all who have made this game such a success, and so that the community can use it to give more life and depth to their own adventures. Perhaps it will inspire more creativity.

To finish things off we need more artists recruited to the cause, so if you can help, please send me a note. This is a fan created and shared project; as such we cannot provide commisions or payments for artworks, but will promote all artists who donate illustrations upon the completed cards and card listing.

Unfortunately many of the background forum threads relating to this project are no longer available, but links can be found in my previous journal entries.

There are 78+ cards in the Deck, and we are completing two decks simultaneously - Deck I is in a concept style with interpretation on the card (to be easier to use especially if you're not familiar with tarot or 40K), Deck II is more traditional in appearance.

We have the template and description done for all the Major Arcana Cards, as well as the Minor Arcana - Discordia, Executeria, Adeptio, and Mandatio. Some cards have art promised, some delivered, and the rest are desperately looking for talent to help them achieve greatness.

As people will be able to construct their own deck by downloading the cards/style they like, there is no reason we can't have more than one image for a specific card, so if you see one up already and it was one you wanted to do, do it anyway - the more the merrier. In keeping with the concept of the Emperor's Tarot, the images were actually not set, but appeared in response to the psychic impulses of the reader, the Emperor and the situation... this will also add more depth to use in game.

As said, the cards will feature on a download site so players can construct their own Deck to use, but we are also planning a computer program with inbuilt layouts to provide readings for fun, RPG and general interest. A special thanks to CELS over at the ASP for his work in developing the layouts, and to RS our Techpriest for developing the program.

Each Card will be 80mm wide by 120 mm high (finished), a 2:3 aspect. The same image will be reduced or cropped from Deck II to Deck I. Artist's details will be included on each card, and on the website, and credit pages.

Special thanks to those who've signed on already,

We hope you will join us, In the Name of the Emperor.
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Jenni Creagh


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