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Commissions are my first priority, and depending on the nature of the commission, will be completed in a matter of days.

What can you commission?

  • Any Pokemon line that hasn’t been done. (Or, I suppose, a redo!) Please check the Pokemon Index  first!
  • In-Progress evolutions between for Mega Pokemon.
  • In-Progress evolutions between Pokemon Forms (ex: Legendaries).
  • Unofficial, but canon-supported In-Progress stages between related Pokemon. (ex: Carbink - Diancie, Mew - Ditto/Mewtwo, etc).
  • “Baby” forms for Pokemon (not pre-evolutions). Comes with egg design.
  • In-Progress evolutions for your fakemon.
  • Your fakemon, redrawn in the Sugimori-esque style the In-Progress evolutions are in.
  • Mega evolutions for Pokemon without an official mega evolution.
  • For others, just ask! I also take non-Pokemon commissions (I just don’t post them here).

Commission Prices:

  • (In-Progress evolution) One Pokemon, from a two-stage line: ($20 - $30) depending on the complexity of the Pokemon.
  • (In-Progress evolution) Two Pokemon, from a three-stage line: ($30 - $40) depending on the complexity of the Pokemon.
  • Baby Pokemon (one): ($15 - $20) depending on the complexity of the Pokemon
  • Mega Pokemon ($25 - $35) depending on the complexity of the Pokemon
  • I charge an additional $10-20 (depending on complexity) if you want me to design (from scratch) for you. Excludes in-progress transitions for existing Pokemon as well as baby forms for existing Pokemon.

If you're interested, but can't afford something, we can try to work a deal out.

Contact me!

Email me:
You can also send me a message on tumblr first, or send me a note here on DeviantArt (though I don't check here as often).

How do you pay?

I’ll send you an invoice from PayPal, which you can pay through your PayPal account, or, if you don’t have one, with a credit or debit card. Depending on your commission, I may send you sketches for approval and critique. I require you to pay before I send you any sketches or finished pieces. If for some reason I can’t finish the commission, the invoice serves as proof of our transaction, and I’ll issue you a refund. 

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Are these still available? I wrote a couple of regional variant for some of my favourite, but less mechanically viable, pokemon for a fun little faux pokemon game project I sometimes work with, and I was wondering if I could get some arts with them?

Essentially these would be regional versions of the Klink line and the Gothita line, in a region based off of Eastern Europe.