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What happens to hair after it’s been cut?
We see it on the floors of barbershops all the time.
Where does it go after it's been swept up and thrown away?
No one has given it much thought because after all, hair is supposed to be dead.
At least, that's what we've been told.

three books sign to Amazon by Inprismed

You can find all three books on Amazon!




Cant Sleep Comic (PDF) by Inprismed

Can’t Sleep is a short comic that includes no dialogue or narration. 
It is about a tiny girl who is kept up late by her parents.
She is too scared to ask them to be quiet so she imagines a friend to do it for her.


We at SKTH aren’t going to wait for the world to change. We’d rather change the world.
SKTH productions is a multimedia company created by my siblings (JeffreyRebowlski and Pepper-the-phoenix)  and myself geared to focus our attention on our personal projects.

Learn more:

Inprismed is a co-founder of SKTH © 2017

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I made a Tumblr. You guys should go follow me…or just send anonymous hate mail.
I would get a kick out of that.
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um- I REALLY need to update my journal....

ah-hem SO (most importantly)
Me and my sister :iconpepper-the-phoenix: have Finally published the book of short stories (The Back Roads of Terra: a Companion to the Nothing but Glory Series) that we have been working on for what seemed like forever. 
 *and there was much rejoicing*
I guess the project first started when my sister decided to be amazing and write ridiculous stories for me of my favorite characters. They were just for good fun but quickly became more serious when she started using the stories as basically a prologue to her Six book series Nothing but Glory.  Later on we thought it would be great idea to officially publish them- and here we are!^^^ 
The book includes 20 stories and illustrations done by me! yes me! :3 If you want to help support us and are interested about the book please check it out!

It was incredibly fun and I feel much more confident with abilities now thats its over. It was slow but I learned a lot and I'm just busting to keep moving our work forward. 
so that's part of my excuse for my absence -but probably not good enough reason for why I had to stay away SO LONG

....I'm a SLOW-(very slow) lazy poot.
but I'm working on that- and I have a lot to post so be prepared for the extreme amount of spam that is going to enter your inboxes
I'm warning you!!
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