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GARONA by inoxdesign GARONA by inoxdesign
Segundo cartel para el evento:
MEDIVH by inoxdesign DUROTAN by inoxdesign LOTHAR by inoxdesign 
Aeodin Featured By Owner Edited Apr 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're a fantastic artist to be sure, and this is gorgeous; but you know, it kind of bothers me that in the WC film they're trying to pass Garona off as some hot and sexy bombshell. In the original lore she was meant to be so hideous that people thought she was malformed-- but it's like Bliz can't imagine having a strong female character without also making her eye candy for male players. Like when it comes to male heroes, it's supposedly superficial to care about how they look on the outside, but female heroes always have to be swimsuit models and sex objects. With Garona it's really an extreme case, a big part of why her personality turned out the way it had is because she was physically hideous but still prevailed as an amazing person. And in the film they gave her perfectly plucked eyebrows, trendy makeup, a tiny little nose, and dainty little fangs... and no one has a problem with this!! She doesn't look half orc and half draenei, she looks full human - and not just any human, a plastic barbie human, but with green skin... it's just so blatantly and fantastically superficial... It bugs me that when it comes to females they're ALWAYS evaluated in an environment of how well they manage to live up to some physical ideal, there's always an emphasis on that. 
inoxdesign Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016  Professional General Artist
I understand perfectly, and you're right. This is a commission for an event and this was the style i should do. It's hard to please everyone.
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