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Time to art

The result of recent ych commission
It was a pleasure to work on it :heart:
:star: :star: :star:
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Love the colors.

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I like how this leave the viewer to their imagination. Great piece!
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"Stumbling all around, stumbling all around" ? xD
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Nice! good colors too:)
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Wonderful piece. But I have a weakness for pegasi 'cause they look like little angels.
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Looks adorable. :)
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время для рисования - это ночь, конечно. :3 Очень красивая работа и понька <3
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Твои работы такие потрясающие,часами могу на них смотретьLove 
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This is entirely unrealistic. She should be pulling her mane and screaming in frustration =P

Nonsense aside, it is a great picture. I though she was this pony, but they are different races.
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You know, the true artists probably won't be bothered by such insignificant things. ^^
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really good, thanks for sharing
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Imagine her paint a picture of herself, painting a picture of herself where she's trying to paint a picture of herself painting a picture of herself.....
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В группе лайкнул и оставил коммент. Осталось здесь добавить это в фаворит.
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Сенк ю ^v*
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Art about artist trying to draw an art. Interesting.
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Вверху я вижу твою недорисованный арт с Флаттершай)
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О, ты помнишь его, класс :D
(однажды он будет дорисован)
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