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Я прямо реально ощутил себя на море. Классная работа!

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Спасибо! Стараюсь)

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A very nice and colourful picture! ^^

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Beautiful work. :)
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This was incredibly well drawn! Everything from water to clouds to the characters themselves were all executed beautifully! Awesome job! :D
Main seven spending with with the background ponies. How cute. They sure need to do it more often.
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Summer may be over, but MLP is still hot [as in hip and awesome] like it! ;D 
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Pinkie is going to bodyslam so hard! Look out, Andrea - Andrea is coming right for you! 
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Oooooh myyy! I have no words for how beautiful this is! <3
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What's the point of them having an umbrella if it's not shading them?

Also, I like this picture. It's really well done. :)
Well now this just looks like a great day. I don't normally like going places, but I would love to have a day like this.
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emm...I want to play with them too
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But... sumer ending... like 9 days ago...

Nah, I don't care.  You did a great job on this.
what about winter? spring? and falls?
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Such a nice depiction of Summer. Too bad it's over.
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Good morning friend, wow, amazing, they having fun ^_^.
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