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We need more drawings with this creatures *w*
I love their Nirik form :heart:

inspired by this awesome track
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The Niriks are a really cool concept (though I have to wonder how it would be written in Chinese given that kirin is qi-lin), and it has some pretty awesome applications for Kirin who are able to control their emotions...!
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Has no one noticed Nirik is Kirin spelled backwards?
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Congrats on this piece being featured by Watchpony!
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Yeah, that's cool)
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I sense a wee little bit of anger. Just a tad.
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I can see myself like this when I'm upset!
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Damn, that's an impressive and scary drawing!
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Nirik... oh, I get it. It's Kirin backwords. I kept mishearing it during the show. I thought it started with an L.
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Wow, what have I missed? This is awesome! :la:
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Thank you!
It's from  season 8 episode 23)
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Господи, надеюсь когда-нить я научусь так же хорошо работать с цветом) 
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Тема - бог рисования 
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Согласен, рад что мне довелось с ним однажды коллаб пилить) 
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Love the colors and detail.
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Such an great design and color palette. Niriks are awesome.
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