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This is my part of ArtTrade with :iconramiras:
His drawing -
I haven't read FoE, but i love Fallout 3) A very good game.
I guess this art is a crossover of Fallout 3 with FoE  c:
LittlePip likes that idea 
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wtf is this strange creature and whys it a bobblehead? lol
She would think vaultboy looked weird wouldn't she? Considering hes a human, and fallout equestria has statuettes instead of bobbleheads 
the weirdest shit I've found in Fallout 4....

AND COFFEE CUPS ARE INDESTRUCTIBLE! You'd think they'd shatter after a fatboy mininuke would send them to oblivion but NOOOOOO!
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I can neither confirm nor deny having this picture on my mousepad :) Great work!
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Продам гараж? Вы сделали мой день! Да еще с перлом про ВольтТек
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Love how you did the computers
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Ужасно прёт эта картинка, самая прикольная в твоей галерее
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Was sent here by :iconestories:

She's asking herself: What sort of creature is THIS!?

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I like the shading and lighting done here!
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Top 10 Pictures the Government Doesn't Want You to Find Out
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So, I take it Little Pip found the Mirror to the Equestria Girls universe, then? ^^;
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Where did you take that from?
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I admit my reasoning was a bit around the corner - but you wouldn't have "toy human figurines" lying about in Equestria, ergo it must've come somewhere else.

And if the Equestria Girls mirror dimension has a tendency to mirror the goings-on in Equestria, well, it's probably in ruins too by this point.

So it probably came from there. :shrug:

So... Equestria Girls = prequel to the Fallout games. =P

Or something. ^^;
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No, it's an alternate universe in a fallout-based world. Anything can happen. Also, you don't need to think about that, this is just a "referencial" picture.
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I like overthinking things. I'm a fanfiction writer. =P
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Haha nice. Good luck with your fics n.n
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Beautiful job with this holy crap! 
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What the what? So she stole my Vault Boy strength >:(
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Всегда смотрю на такие арты и понимаю как далеко мне ещё до идеала х)
А сколько в среднем такая работа занимает времени?)
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Часов 10 примерно
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is that a pony vault-dweller holding a human bobble-head?...
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