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“Are you crazy?”

Crazy? You wouldn’t call yourself that. Delusional, probably. They’re not exactly the same thing.

The last thing you remember, you were at a party on the beach. Maybe you got drunk, maybe you were just having a good time with friends.

You remember getting into the water. It was really cold, and when you shrieked, someone lightly made fun of you. You didn’t like that very much.

You went out farther than you should have, and you grew tired quickly. The waves were powerful.

You don’t remember blacking out in the water, but that probably happened. Well, maybe that’s not a fair assessment. Probably, a lot of things could have happened. Probably, statistically, you should have died.

A gigantic mermaid creature rescuing you and saving your life was neither realistic nor was it probable.


Your back hit something sturdy. There wasn’t any air in your lungs to kick out from the impact.

“Please don’t be dead, don’t be dead,” something said. Your conscience, maybe. No, it was too loud. Like a motorcycle-starting-up-right-next-to-you kind of too-loud.

Something soft and plush pressed onto your entire face and your body convulsed violently. Air was forced into your mouth and lungs and you choked, groaning as water gushed out of your mouth.

Something pressed into your chest, again, again, again, then your face was engulfed again and air pushed into your lungs.

You coughed again, with more success this time, and rolled onto your side. It felt like the whole world rolled with you.

Your vision started to focus and your breathing evened out, aside from a few small coughs. Your hands pressed into whatever surface you were laying on. It was skin colored. And felt like skin. A delusional guess would be: it is skin.

You scanned the thing you were laying in again, one more time, for good measure. You know, just to be sure. It was a hand, a thumb bigger than your thighs, and maybe you’ve actually died and nothing’s real.

Sitting up as casually as anyone sitting in a giant hand could, your eyes met with very large, gigantic, absolutely gigantic eyes. And a gigantic nose, and a mouth and teeth and, oh god.

“You’re alive!” the creature rumbled. His voice vibrated through your entire body like an earthquake.

You screamed, choked out a cough, screamed again, and scooted backwards, away from the gigantic human-ish-looking man currently holding you in the palm of his hand.

Your heart thumped in your chest, and your still-hazy brain screamed run. Run from the gigantic monster. In a blind panic, you stood and toppled out of the hands and into the freezing water.

Your mind went blank and you sunk. You didn’t really account for that happening. Everything started fading quickly. Minutes passed. No, wait, that’s dramatic. You were underwater for maybe two seconds.

Your feet hit something solid and you were rushed back out of the water. This time, you let yourself collapse into the giant’s hands as you gasped for air.

“You’re crazy,” he rumbled, his gray and black eyes scanning your face. “I just saved your life and you want to drown again.”

Your head fell into the giant’s palm and you groaned weakly. Wiping the water away from your face, you sputtered and tried to meet the giant’s gaze. You could see the smallest movement his eyes made, and when you looked directly into them, they stopped moving.

Your voice hitched in your throat for a second. “You... oh god, you gave me mouth-to-mouth.”

“I saved you,” the giant retorted.

“Your mouth-”

You dropped into the water, your throat too raspy to even shout. You weren’t even fully underwater before the hands came back and lifted you back out. You gasped for air and shook, scrambling to grab onto the giant’s thumb.

“Okay, sorry, that was maybe a little mean.”

You coughed.

“I saved you. You were drowning and I saved you and forced the water from your lungs.”

You stared blankly at the giant’s face. He had freckles and long gray lashes. His white hair was hard to look at. You coughed again.

“Okay, I’m going to bring you to shore while there’s no one at the beach. Hopefully, you won’t remember any of this.”


Me: I'm gonna do something quick for Mermay!!
Me, two days later: something quick,,, something quick,,

Ok but real quick look at the glow up on this babe- Why are you in a cage? / Stop scaring people <- two drawings of him from 2014 kgdnsfjf
also another drawing with a background!! This is the Blessed merboi that is somehow always drawn with a background kdsjndfg
and pov,, bc im a slut for pov drawings :^) AND a little reader pov fic to go with it bc i was Inspired!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa god i hope ppl like this piece it took me literally two days to draw and write the fic lmao
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LFulmer07Hobbyist Digital Artist


*throws plastic bottle at head*

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Silver-Meteor-ShowerHobbyist General Artist
Awesome picture! And I like the story behind 👌
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AmenaraeHobbyist General Artist

And the little story is so great! Really gives personality to that big cutie--and the implied viewer. So good!
InotNedloh's avatar
InotNedlohHobbyist Digital Artist
Aaah I'm glad you do!!! 

This was a lot of fun to make and he's really exploded into one of my fav boys lol 
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Maneta-12Hobbyist General Artist
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InotNedlohHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you! ;w;
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WaterLemonadeStudent Digital Artist
This is great! I love the dialogue and that mermaid boi be Cute!  
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InotNedlohHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks so much omg!! aaa i love my merboi so much x3
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Phoenix-FireMageHobbyist General Artist
Awh! Yeah for Bastian saving a person! I love the picture, and the story was really good too.
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InotNedlohHobbyist Digital Artist
He's good at saving people! x3 aaa im glad you like it all!!!
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LishadraStudent Traditional Artist
He’s so FREAKIN cute
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ESD-ArtlabHobbyist Digital Artist
ahhh! cute little giant boi! 

this is awesome <3 
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InotNedlohHobbyist Digital Artist
omg thank you so much!! ;w;
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InotNedlohHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you!! ;w;
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You're welcome!
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heartstoresHobbyist Writer
Uhumm heelloo merboy
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InotNedlohHobbyist Digital Artist
:^) hullo hull o
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heartstoresHobbyist Writer
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Azul-CreationsHobbyist General Artist
AHHHHHHHHHHHH he's beautiful!! nice story QwQ i love all about him!!! Markiplier Hot Damn You're Cute! HuniePop #3 
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InotNedlohHobbyist Digital Artist
Omg!!!! Thank you so much ;V ;  it means so much aaa i've worked hard on all of his stuff!! <3333 
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Azul-CreationsHobbyist General Artist
He's so beautiful that HHHHHHH!! I would like to know more about him! Nom 
InotNedloh's avatar
InotNedlohHobbyist Digital Artist
AAAAAA tbh i dont have much info on him yet!!! Still trying to decide whether he should live within the same world as a handful of my other ocs im working on or if he should be by himself in a different worldddd orrr idk dskjng but ALL i know right now is that he's not the brightest bab (especially when it comes to human technology he knows literally 0) but he's super sweet and only Slightly snarky :^)
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Azul-CreationsHobbyist General Artist
EEEEEEEP!Just bing him to my world. I love the personality he shows, his kindness and the one that's not the brightest makes him so adorable gshaddahdsh ;u;

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