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I drew the card of the game called Japanese Ultraman Fusion Fight.
It is a monster named Chimeraberos to appear in Ultraman Geed.…
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I can see its been a while sense your last post.

Can you consider restoring the scene of the Red King and Chandora fighting on Tatara Island?

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Jeez! Belial just seems to take on a new form every Tuesday, doesn't he?:D
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Well, he and Zero have that in common XD
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No wonder they're basically the only REAL archenemies in this franchise.XDXDXD
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Well, he and Belial were alike before the Ultra became evil. Without Ultraseven stopping Zero from trying to get more power from the Plasma Spark, the Ultra could have become a second Belial... if he survived tha, that is.
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That was my very FIRST indication of how great a pair of enemies these two would be to each other - and it seems i don't give the rivalry as much credit as i should.^^;
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They each reflect what the other could have been.
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That's part of what makes a great hero, and villain arch-rivalry.:) Plus it helps that Zero keeps kicking his ass every time they meet.:giggle:
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Except in Ultraman Geed.
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