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About Digital Art / Artist Core Member いの介(inosuke)Female/Japan Recent Activity
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Youtube and Twich Live…

The other day I registered channels on YouTube and Twitch.
If you are okay, please come and see.

In the live, I mainly draw monsters, Pokemon, kaiju, etc.
Be careful because my voice enters.
Sometimes I play games at Twitch's live.
I am not good at English, so I may not be able to respond much to comments.

Live mainly takes place on Friday and Saturday at Japan time.



Thank you very much for reading this article.
I registered with PIXIV FANBOX.
I need your support.

Star! PIXIV FANBOX MypageStar! 

I will explain this website.
You can send me support money directly on this website.
If you can get support money, I can buy materials such as monsters.
And it will be possible to produce more illustrations.
On this site, I will also post my graffiti etc, as well as rough and making etc on the way of making.

The level that can be viewed depends on the amount.
Please refer to the plan below for the amount.

Caution To start assistance, you need a pixiv account.
I will describe how to register in the following article.

How to register Pixiv accountThank you for seeing this article.
This page explains how to register an account for everyone who supports me.

From the above image Please choose a registration method.
Using other accounts may be a bit easier to register.
This time I will explain the method of new registration.
New Registration

Jump to this page by pressing the blue button.
Please enter your email address and password.
Please press the blue button written "次へ" and go to the next.

Please enter your name.(It can be seen by other people.)
Please choose either male or female.Please enter your date of birth.(年=Year , 月=Month , 日= Day)Please check to prove that it is not a BOT.
If you do an item 4, images will be displayed.
Click on the specified one to proceed.
For example, you are asked to click

Star! PLANStar! 

1 by Inosuke-0101

Bullet; Red Low Plan

 120円/月 ⇒ Approximately $1.1 per month
 It is support only plan.

2 by Inosuke-0101

Bullet; Red Middle Plan

 500円/月 ⇒ Approximately $4.6 per month
 You can see the rough in my creation.
  Private graffiti etc can also be browsed.

3 by Inosuke-0101

Bullet; Red premium Plan

 1000円/月 ⇒ Approximately $9.2 per month
 Making can also be viewed including 500 yen plan.
  We will publish some contents of doujinshi produced so far.

Payment methods are paypal and credit card.
The way of support is from the orange button of the image.
Here by Inosuke-0101

Star! PIXIV FANBOX MypageStar! 

Thank you so much for looking through this far!:happybounce: 
Please let us know if you have any requests or opinions of the plan.:D (Big Grin) 
We are looking forward to your continued support as we will be able to do more activities in the future with everyone's support.
I am happy if I could do the above activities even at deviantart.
If there is a better way or function, please let me know if you like.


Inosuke-0101's Profile Picture
Artist | Digital Art
Nice to meet you.
Please call me Inosuke.

I would like to draw something related to Mosters, Creatures, Kaiju, Robots. and something like that.
if you love them too, don't hesitate to contact me lol.
Actually, I earn some money by making monsters' art.

I am glad when I can tell me if there is the group where I can participate in.

I cannot receive a request in working one of the picture in Japan.
But I receive it as work when a schedule is empty, and a wage is caused.

I draw the card illustration of the game called Ultraman Fusion fight in Japan.

I'm sorry but I could not undrestand English.

Please contact me if anything happens.

It is the original monster book which I produced by a team.
It is Japanese, but can enjoy various monsters and background illustrations.
The overseas person can purchase it, too.

You can watch a part of the page here.……


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it's awesome with those arts
Earthstar-Rose Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You're so very talented at what you design. The battle scenes in your illustrations are epic and phenomenal.

I wish you all the best in making this part of your career, because you really deserve all the praise in the world for your skills. ^o^
BudderZilla Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2018
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Inosuke-0101 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2018   Digital Artist
oh my god!!
Very colorful and beautiful!!:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
Thank you so much!!Hug Hug 
BudderZilla Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2018
You welcome. smile  
Desrosaur Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2018
happy birthday
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Thanks!!Love Love Love 
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Happy Happy Birthday,
From all of us to you!!~
We wish it was our Birthday,
So we could party too!!~
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