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A quick Utena fanart by inopochi A quick Utena fanart :iconinopochi:inopochi 10 0 art trade - Opheli by inopochi art trade - Opheli :iconinopochi:inopochi 13 2 [GORETOBER] Day 19 - Wings + Day 20 - missing part by inopochi [GORETOBER] Day 19 - Wings + Day 20 - missing part :iconinopochi:inopochi 20 6 [GORETOBER] Day 17 - Bugs + Day 18 - As a Ghoul by inopochi [GORETOBER] Day 17 - Bugs + Day 18 - As a Ghoul :iconinopochi:inopochi 16 0 Vocal pup by inopochi Vocal pup :iconinopochi:inopochi 5 0 [GORETOBER] Day 15 - With a knife + Day 16 - Horns by inopochi [GORETOBER] Day 15 - With a knife + Day 16 - Horns :iconinopochi:inopochi 12 3 [GORETOBER] Day 14 - Cannibalism by inopochi [GORETOBER] Day 14 - Cannibalism :iconinopochi:inopochi 17 0 [GORETOBER] Day 13 - Visible bones by inopochi [GORETOBER] Day 13 - Visible bones :iconinopochi:inopochi 19 8 [GORETOBER] Day 12 - Funghi / Mushrooms by inopochi [GORETOBER] Day 12 - Funghi / Mushrooms :iconinopochi:inopochi 17 3 [GORETOBER] Day 11 - Oozing Liquid by inopochi [GORETOBER] Day 11 - Oozing Liquid :iconinopochi:inopochi 12 0 [GORETOBER] Day 10 - Stitches by inopochi [GORETOBER] Day 10 - Stitches :iconinopochi:inopochi 21 6 [GORETOBER] Day 09 - Minor cuts by inopochi [GORETOBER] Day 09 - Minor cuts :iconinopochi:inopochi 14 0 [GORETOBER] Day 8 - Backstabbed by inopochi [GORETOBER] Day 8 - Backstabbed :iconinopochi:inopochi 22 4 [GORETOBER] Day 7 - Possession by inopochi [GORETOBER] Day 7 - Possession :iconinopochi:inopochi 25 6 [GORETOBER] Day 6 - Monster form by inopochi [GORETOBER] Day 6 - Monster form :iconinopochi:inopochi 27 0 [GORETOBER] Day 5 - Plant growth on body by inopochi [GORETOBER] Day 5 - Plant growth on body :iconinopochi:inopochi 23 3

Random Favourites

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A quick Utena fanart
Referenced from… by @ebiebieshrimp

Creative title is creative

A quickie so I won’t feel like trash for not drawing.

Using touchnews after getting used to Copics is... hard.
art trade - Opheli
My part of the trade with :iconssage-leaves: !
Hope ya like it bud.

I really need to practice with digital media...
Ok ummm
I’ve officially failed my first try at completing the goretober challenge BUT
My main objective was being able to start drawing somewhat regularly again and I was able to do that, so I’m pretty happy about it. Unfortunately work is being a bihh lately and I come home absolutely exhausted and without any energy left. As soon as things go back to a regular rhythm I’ll start uploading drawings again.
This was the same reason I stopped drawing 2 years ago, but I’m determined to not let that happen again!
Ok I forgot tag journals were a thing lol
Tagged by :iconreikunezu:


You have to post ALL the rules.
Answer 12 questions you have been asked and then create 12 questions for people you tagged.
Choose 12 people.
Actually tag these people.
Can't say you don't do tags.
Tag backs are allowed.

1- What is the perfect date for you ?
Hmmm... this is gonna sound super cheesy, but as long as we both have fun it’s perfect. Just lying in the couch watching anime can be wonderful.
But amusement parks are a good idea too hehehheh

2- Do you read webcomics ? Like on Webtoon or Tapas ?
I don’t really read any ;; I stopped reading comics or pretty much reading anything altogether a few years ago, because work left me exhausted and without much time to do other stuff besides trying to be a functional adult. 

3- Favorite kind of movie ?
Now as an adult I enjoy kid’s movies more than when I was little lol I also enjoy drama and sad stories

4- What's the crazyest thing you ever did ?
Maybe not the craziest, but cernainly very ridiculous: I once started rolling like this :iconlarollplz: down the street, drunk af, while singing “in the shadows” by The Rasmus

5- Show me your personal faves from your gallery !
Oh golly uvu
Yakumo squad by inopochi SDM Squad by inopochi
[GORETOBER] Day 5 - Plant growth on body by inopochi [GORETOBER] Day 10 - Stitches by inopochi

6- Do you like when people watch you draw ?
Not too much tbh, if it’s irl it makes me really nervous...

7- Tea/coffee/chocolate/milkshake ?

8- Give me some of your favorite artists !
:iconreikunezu: :icondawnknights: :iconsassyblaze: :iconfercasaus: :iconbooublik: :iconnilynovelig: :iconricodz: :iconpeachems:

9- Or you a cat or a dog person ?
While I think cats are super cute, I adore dogs with my whole soul!

10- Have you ever drawn for a fanzine or similar project ?
Hmmm I don’t think it counts, but I had to draw a 2 pages comic when I went to a comic school many years ago... it was a Shaman King fancomic and at the time I was super proud of it

11- Or you obsessed with something ?

12- Tell me a story. (On yourself or not, real or not, just go wild ! You can make a 3 words sentence. Like "I love Ad".)
When I was about 9 years old, I was at the park with my family and our pet dog Spike, a little pup who didn’t weigh more than 3 kilos at the time. I started going up and down the slide, and at one point, while i was sliding down, Spike was at the very end of the slide. I panicked because I thought I would hurt him when I reached the end, so in the middle of the slide I jumped out of it... but landed on my right leg and broke it. My parents took me to the hospital and I ended up with my leg casted and having to use crutches, but when we got home, Spike would stay next to me 24/7. He was constantly with me until I got the cast removed. Maybe he realized I injured myself to avoid hurting him...? He was such a good boy.


Now I’m tagging these users:
:icondawnknights: :iconnilynovelig: :iconsassyblaze: :icondannaria: :iconkarpik96: :iconlaylabelle97: :iconbooublik: :iconricodz: :iconriyanhardiansyahali: :iconstrikhedoniak: :iconyou-will-be-found: :iconlylaarts:
with the following questions:
1. Besides drawing, what are your hobbies?
2. Show us the deviations from your gallery you’re the most proud of!
3. When and why did you start drawing?
4. Do you want to become a professional and work as an artist?
5. Tell us something funny you did, saw (a video is ok) or that happened to you!
6. Do you have any pets? If you do: tell us about them and/or show a pic! If you don’t: would you like to have one? What kind of pet would you like?
7. Tell us 5 songs you really enjoy listening to!
8. What is the most difficult thing for you to draw?
9. What is the thing you enjoy drawing the most? 
10. Favorite type of food or dish?
11. What was your dream job when you were younger?
12. Why did the chicken cross the road? (Get creative!)


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Yes hi hello
I’m ino and I unironically enjoy listening to Never gonna give you up.
It takes me ages to make a simple doodle.
French fries gourmet.



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