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Character from my as-yet-untitled new story/novel idea. MAN I need a title. >_<;;

I love Book. :love: (it's also thanks to him that I came up with this whole new idea, though, seeing as I thought up his character first and THEN worked from there, and I dunno if I'll ever completely forgive him for that...and I guess I feel I should clarify that he's not the main character).
Simply put, he's a book. Uh. A magical book, right. And a honkin' big book, at that, it's not the easiest for most folk to carry around, although when he steps out of his own pages he tucks it under one arm and takes it wherever he goes (with ease). Without giving too much away, I'll just mention that Book happens to be nonfiction. Don't get him started on the uselessness of anything that isn't strictly factual...but he's a bloody hypocrite, he reads like a narrative rather than a textbook. e_e

Oh! And by the way! If you think Book's sexy, that automatically makes you a bibliophile. :p =D

Yay for crappy n' stylized backgrounds. ^^;

edit, like 3 years later: so I FINALLY know who this "Vincent" fella is that people kept comparing Book to back when I first posted this. The irony really is delicious, what with the whole bookish theme, here. But thankfully, Book is not a creepy asshole with a creepy grin like Vincent. o_o;

Book (and book, lol) © moi
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Cool! Like the concept of someone coming out of a book!