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i took a quiz to see what i'd be if i were a dnd character and got chaotic good rogue/ranger so i tried to build a dnd character based off of both That and Myself.. here she is

her name, saber, is an anagaram of my first and last name! she isn't a bard but has a lute For Fun because i play a handful of instruments in rl, all string. she also has proficiency with woodworking tools because im an Artist and she's carving a wooden duck because i love ducks. her armor also features little silver adornments, in the shape of bird feet for my love of ducks as well

anyway i like her lots! i don't think i'll play her soon, if ever, but it was a fun challenge (though i am ashamed of the heinous amount of time i've poured into the reference sheet for a character i don't plan on playing. but. c'est la vie.)
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Very pretty! I love the way you color <33
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oh gosh thank you bon ;W;
(your icon..... She.....)