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Rose In the Courtyard by InochiToHi Rose In the Courtyard by InochiToHi
So now that I think I've found a design I like for [Magdalena], it was time to work on Rosalind Dougall. I've kept a lot of her appearance the same, but I've updated her attire to match her personality and skills a little more. I wanted her to be feminine, but still badass. While she could be considered the least skilled of the characters I'm lining up, she still isn't one you should take lightly. I also wanted to bring down her colors a notch. Here's the [previous design]. 
I also wanted to play with the scenery a little. I've been looking at a lot of Moroccan style tile and fabrics lately, so I've inevitably drawn inspiration from that here. 

A little backstory: 
She is a skilled A-rank fighter who serves directly under the Tsar. At the age of 10, she lost her memory and to this day still has no idea where she came from before coming to the group home. Here she is pictured in the courtyard of the rundown manor she and a couple dozen other children grew up in. 
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August 8, 2015
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