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Magdalena Waiting by InochiToHi Magdalena Waiting by InochiToHi
I'm still creating art - yay! Sorry, it's been too long since I posted something. I offer up no excuses.

This is something a little different from the usual 100 Theme Challenge. I needed a break. 

Anywayz.... I've been working on nailing down the design of this character I've got. [Here's the previous design] Her name is Magdalena Haswell and originally I had envisioned her aura to be rather dark. Here I have her redesigned in a more Boho/Steampunk/Hindi look. I wanted to give this entire story more of an Asian feel to it, so I've been looking at a lot of Indian, Russian and Persian images. (My best friend as a kid was Persian, and I remember they had the most amazing display of patterned pillows and rugs in their house. The pillows here are kinda inspired by that.) She would normally wear tall boots too, but I wanted to show her more casual here.

A little backstory: 
She is a skilled A-rank fighter who serves directly under the Tsar, which is why she is pictured here so casually within the walls of the palace. It is a warm summer day when there were no missions to report for, so she is taking a break from training near an open archway. 

I hope ya'll like! I am open to feedback, so do not hesitate. 
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June 28, 2015
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