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Well DeviantArt, it's been a while; 久しぶり!

I regret admitting that I have recently neglected my art. I would love to sit here and say it's because I've been busy working on various other projects, but no. Just plain old work and the ever-present: life and its unpredictable nature... You know, growing up you get this image of how life is going to be at this point; how you'll feel; how you'll act. Well I've reached the middle of my twenties and the report is this: Nope, you still don't have all the answers; you are actually starting to stop trying to figure them out altogether because, let's face it, if you're not having any fun then what's the point to any of it. 
That being said, I recently purged this account of my old and rather cringe-worthy pieces.  Phew! You all were so kind to me when I was still trying to figure out which direction was up... 

I'll keep the rest of this quick. 

Yes, I'm still working on my 100 Theme Challenge. I implore you to visit my blog if you are interested in hearing me blab on and on about each piece that I do, as I generally tend to keep that off of DeviantArt. But by all means, visit and follow if you are so inclined. :teamo: 

Really that's my main focus these days outside of work. The company I work for is doing really well right now, so I've been using most of my energy on that. 

Lastly I would like to address my most popular Deviation ever: [Happy Valentine's Day]
You all are amazing. Don't ever forget that. Know that you are not alone just because you are an artist. We creatives have had a bad reputation throughout history for being crazy loners. "Normal" people don't get us. We don't create art for attention necessarily. It's for communication. Thank you to everyone to Favorited that piece and commented. The support from complete strangers was overwhelming and heartwarming. I Love You Emote 

If you would like to commission me for anything, my rates are as follows:
-Wedding Invitation Design: $40 
-Wedding Graphics Package (Includes Invitations, Programs and Accents): $100
-Logo Design: $60 
-Business Card Design: $50
-Stationery Design: $40-$70
-Flyer/Brochure Design: $50-$100
-Sketch (8"x10"): $15
-Colored Sketch (8"x10"): $25
Send me a note with your e-mail address and name if you wish to commission my services. I respond to everything, so please don't be shy! Questions also welcome. 
*Note that I am no longer designing websites or splash pages. Sorry, I just don't have the time and it would not be fair to you of me to promise that. 
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Art-Has-Soul Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for joining ArtHasSoul We are very happy to have you within our community. We are here to feature and promote as much art as possible, as you can see from our home page. Our group is all about artists and their amazing work. 

We do hold weekly AOTW "Art Of The Week" Contests, as well a Monthly Theme Challenge!

Please feel free to browse our galleries and submit your works. You may submit up to 2 works of art per day! We have a vast gallery with a wide variety of folders to accommodate artists with multiple talents!

Again thank you for joining our wonderful group! We're thrilled to have you AND your art!

Zicorth Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist

Oh, at first I thought you said you WERE a cat...

...Then I realized that was your name, not your status. xD

But anyways, you have some nice stuff in your gallery. Especially your most recent layout, "91 Chamber". It is a very nice technical drawing. =)

Anyways, good luck! I hope you do well in your profession. Who knows, since I am going into a Concept Art program in almost a year, (once I finish my "Pre-Animation & Illustration" program) we might even work together! =)

InochiToHi Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Haha *meow* cat planet  

Thank you for the kind comments. I've been negligent of my art recently, so "91 Chamber" was my first piece in a while, and I was happy with how it came out. 

Concept Art? Wow... *is jealous* Stars in Eyes - NaNo17  that would be a dream job if you ask me! Best of luck to you as well! 
Yup! See you out there in the work world! :waves: 
Zicorth Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist

Well, it might seem like something in the realm of fantasy, but all of those really good Concept Artists are real people, like you and I, with 2 arms and legs. They started from the bottom, so if you have the passion, and REALLY want to do it, anyone can get into the Concept Art industry. The only reason why everyone is not a concept artist already, is that you have to devote your life to it, something that most people are not willing to do.

...But I suppose you already figured this out by now, choosing to go into graphic design. And if not, perhaps consider it...who knows what may happen in time. =)

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