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PmxEditor vr.0254f English Version - v2.0

:new: UPDATE 7.5 :new:
Added a conversion plugin, it converts the Japanese morph names to english, just in case anyone didn't like the built-in converter in the batch editor. 

I added a translated plugin in the description that people seemed to be very interested in, look under "Translated Plugins" 
this section i will be adding more plugins later as i get them translated since i have a handful that i'm still working on. 

Added the extra translated plugins that are in the current builds Japanese_Plugin folder. 
Please go to \PmxEditor_0254f_EN - 2.0\_plugin\User\Japanese_Plugin and remove the contents of the folder that were in this build since those plugins aren't translated fully! 
The new plugins i have linked below are most if not all of the plugins in that folder fully translated so it would be easier to delete the folder and/or its contents.
So here I have spent weeks on this translation and i finally have it done!
Included with this translation is the whole program full translated into english from top to bottom (With some exceptions) 
Each plugin has been translated from the bottom up, along with a few user plugins being added, those include High-Ploygonization, Semi-Standard Bone Plugin, UV Editor and more. 
The plugins that i included from EosCustoms3D translation are inside the folder and have his signature name on them. 

Please comment if you run across any issues with the translation at all. 

External Link - BOX
External Link - Mega
External Link - MediaFire

Translated Plugins: 
RigidBody Gravity Balancer - DropBox
Bone Frame Editor - DropBox
DDS Conversion Tool - DropBox  (NOTE: Put the nvcompress folder in the main PMX folder, you'll get a bunch of errors if you place it in the plugin folder. )
RigidBody Mesh Generator - DropBox
IKFK Plugin (Arm Movement IK) - DropBox
Morph Bar (Auto Generation) - DropBox
Skirt IK Plugin - DropBox
Japanese --> English Morph Name Converter - DropBox
(More to be added soon..)

"Unblock" the .zip file before extracting it, as some have been having issues on all versions of windows including windows 10. 
If you do not unblock the file you'll end up missing some .dll files and getting alot of plugin errors.

You will also need 7Zip to unzip the .7z files. 

System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Graphics: Shader Model 3.0 or higher 
CPU: SSE1 or higher
.NET Framework 4.5 (or newer):  link
DirectX 9.0c:  link
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package:
   32-bit:  link
   64-bit:  link
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DirectX 9.0 and Visual C++links are broken, or is it just me?

Hello! I somehow can not find a way to download this, and open the file/application. I just got MMD today, and I was hoping I could make my own models.. if anyone could somehow help, thank you!

TheBizarreKazeko's avatar

excuse me, I downloaded and unblocked the file with no problem, and I have all the DLLs, but when I try to open the program, nothing happens. No error, no PMX, nothing.

senorloaf's avatar

the file wont open- it says i dont have a program to open 7z files

i tried downloading the system requirements but it says i already have them

idk what to do ;-;

PandaPLayz3827's avatar

Are the links supposed to take me to a file compressor downloader? Help! I'm a beginner.

PandaPLayz3827's avatar

Nevermind, I figured it out!

ignas1000's avatar

I Got a Error

It's Direct3D Initialization failed

Rust314's avatar
pugleg2004's avatar
Mellinaazz's avatar

When I tried to open it, it opened a bunch of pop-ups with errors like "direct3D failed", but I had already installed what was needed. I tried to update the drivers and it worked [MMD emoticon] Miku on a chair (Sorry for my bad english ;-;")

AngelofLightKotomo's avatar

so, i was messing around with pmx to try and make a midel, but i just realized that the plugin button doesn'T work at all. Any idea how to fix this, or what I did wrong..? Thanks in advance!

ignas1000's avatar

pmx editor is not starting up.

AccidentalMeming's avatar

same, i wanted to make my own models :(

Help...I can only get the application to open after closing a bunch of error pop-ups that mention some .dll files failing to load (I already have the .NET Framework, necessary C++ distributables, and DirectX 9.0c downloaded by the way...)

Princessdawn3D's avatar

both links go to the same webpage but it still helps me open it. thank you

SteffiexShota's avatar

about the link from the 64- bit by microsoft C++ 2010 doenst work anymore. Always when I opend it it says:

" This download doesnt exist anymore " and I was questioning myself " am I the only one who cant download it? "

so... if someone know about this issue and know how to fix it. It would be a helpful to repley to this comment.

And dont forget, your awsome ^^

UltimateBanner's avatar

Does anyone know the step by step file directory for the translated plugins?

I try it with my own but still have translation issues.

ILoveBerriesS's avatar

Okay so when i "open" a file the texture stuff is there and its working fine but when i import a file nothing shows like everything is all white yes i know how to fix that but it dosent work for this please help idk what to do

it stopped working in may but im finally saying something

LittleWingedKuriboh's avatar

pretty much ALL the dlls are missing what do I do?

it doesnt working

AngelicOceanboy's avatar

how is it not working? does it not open? pmx editor is having some errors? i can try helping if i can

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