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Hero of the Great Victory


Taken at a meeting of veterans in Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, Moscow, Russia, 9 May 2009.
Other works of this series on my page here:… Facebook - Stamp by Laletizia

Eternal Glory to the Heroes! :heart::salute:


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Canon EOS 40D
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1/125 second
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105 mm
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May 9, 2009, 1:10:42 PM
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Excellent work! :D
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What an astounding image. This is just superb. Thank you.
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Awesome work bratt. 
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excellent job
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Great work dear Andrey:)
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Wonderful image that summarizes his story!
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This is amazing! Fantastic job! :clap:
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Thank You, dear Cindy!  :rose::wave::heart:
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A fantastic display Andrey
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Thank You very much, Erene! :hug:
what did this man?
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Four years in the 2nd World War in the cavalry...
cavalry with horses!!! no bad...
I am not a fanatic of the heroes (hero for having killed people) :/ idk....
we want to talk about what happens in Ukrainian/Georgia/Armenia (There are also there Russian heroes?)
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Yes, you're right. Heroes are those ones who killed enemies = "people", as you wrote. If you don't like your heroes for their killing "job", you have to love your enemies. And being a slave of your enemies.)) If your enemies won't kill you, of course. ^_~ Is it acceptable for you?

If we talk about Great Patriotic War... Ukrainian, Georgian and Armenian people are as much Russian, as people from Russian Federation are. All of those heroes fought for that Victory, as we all know. All of us were one country that days. Just read which modern countries were in Soviet Union or in Russian Empire. We are separated only for 24 years, but we were united for hundreds of years. Just think about it.
I lived in Ukraine for whole of my life and I love Russian heroes and praise them. Russian heroes are Ukrainian heroes. Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are one nation. As Venetians, Milanese and Neapolitans all are Italians.
If you have more questions, just ask me, instead of being rude and talking about what you don't even know. And I'll tell you about us, if you're interested.
Besides, I'd be happy to hear about Italiy. I'm interested in Totalitarian art and it would be cool to hear about Mussolini's architecture and sculpture and what do you, Italians, think aout it.
I was not rude, I made a simple question....
you are free to respond ,
we're not in Russia, here you are free :D .......
anyway, I do not have no more time for that
(just do not care)
I do not need to talk about my country :D
in Italy was born the true art.
in Italy it focuses allda European culture.
is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, that's all .... I do not need to know anything else.
here,just a short walk and you can find an archaeological site. I do not need to go to your country, because here it is written the history of mankind....

we were the only/first European Union country to accept immigrants
Italy is a civilized country and accepts every thought

there's too much to say......

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Well, sorry, if you've not ment to be rude... I've understood you wrong maybe.
I agree with you about your country. I've studied history of art for a few years in a university and I know what you're talking about.
It's gorgeous that you're a descendant of people who created all of those art pieces, that's why I've asked about your country where I've never been.

"I do not need to go to your country, because here it is written the history of mankind...."
But every culture and every country has it's own falls and takeoffs, I think Europe is starting to fall (sorry if I sound rude).
Accepting every thought is a good idea, as far as this thought is not damaging your people, culture and country.
I'm a wild patriarchal Russian and that's what I see. Your liberal attitude to perversions, as I see, won't let your culture grow up and become better.
Leonardo and 
Michelangelo are left far behind, but what's now?
You've forgot your religion, you're laughing at it. But it inspired pepole to create art masterpieces for years... And there are a lot of them in art history, - paintings, sculpture, architecture, all that you're proud of, - inspired by religion!
Gays! ...Gays who can't even make children and immigrants, which will make children for you. What about a love of man and woman? It's inspired a lot too during a whole history, and what's now? I't sno interesting for you now.
Heroic and military themes are very inspirational too, - but you've negletced them too.
Comparing to that situation our wild and rude country has much brighter future than yours. (((
No, I'm not laughing at you and not trying to offend you. Europe refused it's great historical ideals and it's really painful for me. It's painful for me as an artist and for me as Russian (we're Europeans too and we have a habit to 
sympathize everyone, you know).
Though you're free to do whatever you want and have all rights to ignore anyone.

bla bla bla i dont wan read tat shit bye!!!
AvantiNostalgia's avatar
Oh well. I won't force you, you're free to do what you want to.) And I see that you have nothing to respond, that's why you're rude again.
Bye-bye, it was a pleasure to talk anyway. (: 
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What do you know about it, mate ...
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Не имею привычки хвастаться, но я его умыла, по-мойму. :D По крайней мере, противник ретировался (нагрубил и попрощался). Вы правы, - они о нас вообще ничего не знают и не хотят знать. А когда вежливо пытаешься им рассказать - грубят. XD Грубить и хамить по любому поводу - это у них называется "свободой", "демократией" и "толерантностью", а мы у них "рабы" потому, что не любим геев и любим героев ВОВ, - все прямо по стереотипам, аж странно.)))
I'm not your friend, do not call me mate.
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Lovely as always 
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