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the chronicle of transformation: lois lane


the chronicle of transformation: lois lane

Before we begin, this is a short story made for fun by someone who requested it. Ben wakes up in a strange white room and slowly stands up brushing some hair away from his face then looks around the strange room the walls are painted pure white and there are several clothing racks and vanity drawers around the room ''what is...what i am doing here?'' Ben asks questioningly while looking around room while he can feel a almost like a strong wind against him it starts to pick up the pace as it forms around him and it feels like someone is holding him and slowly removing his clothes starting with his shirt and ending with his boxers as it lay
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InnSire is a team of 2 artists, Inn and Sire. We like to draw comics on the topic of tg and tf. Welcome to our page. I hope that here you will satisfy your inner desire with our art!

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Thanks for you voices! Poll is over! We're leaving to make a comic! Please be patient and stay with us! We hope comic will turn out nice and sexy!
Hi all! @darthdc made a sequel to his "Miss Lacroix" story! It's going to be 9 parts long and continues Peter's story. We will add some art from our side. (Not very much ;) ) @darthdc will start posting soon - don't forget to visit his page and rea
Finally! InnSire not faceless anymore!:D :D

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RoddThunderheartHobbyist Digital Artist
When I was in junior high back in the 80's, there was a sexy librarian/guidance counselor in my school named Ms. Andrea Harris. Every second Tuesday (sometimes Thursday) she'd wear a long beige mid calf skirt along with brown leather knee high CFM boots. The skirt was high waisted with a brown big buckle belt in belt loops. She wore a lighter beige turtleneck sweater and a multicolored vest brown lining around it. Her hair was mid neck Bob cut. She had rectangular librarian glasses on the end of her pert nose.

I used to follow her around the halls for as long as I dared, (I was a teenager with raging hormones so of course!) before she'd duck into the teacher's lounge or the office.

I had a dream of following her in the hallways. I came around a corner and she was gone! Shrugging I walked into the boys bathroom. As I pushed oped the second door there she was! She was staring into mirror with her hands on the counter.

"You've been following me. Haven't you?"

"Um, NO!"

"I've noticed you following behind me a lot lately."

"**gulp** Uh, well..."

"You WANT this body don't you?"


Suddenly she turned invisible! Her glasses then turned to me.

"You want this body don't you?"

"... Uh... You're very... pretty..."

The clothes strode up to me. Her invisible hands held my shoulders and patted me.

"So you admit it. You want this body huh?"

"...Uh... Well you're cute..."

"Okay then..." her empty sleeves crossed arms under her athletic yet decent sized boobs.

The clothes stepped back as if sizing me up. Suddenly the skirt pulled away from the body and flattened me up against the wall pinning me as I struggled with all my might. I was slid up the wall just far enough that my sneakers popped off and my pants tore away.

The boots still stood motionless under the floating sweater. Now they stepped forward and then one by one they each fitted over my feet which shrank and then slid into the shafts. Once both boots had slid up to my knees I could feel my now smaller feet. The skirt slid me down the wall and let me go. But it floated to the floor into a slim waist sized hole.

Frozen in place I no longer controlled my legs and stepped into the hole. Suddenly the skirt slowly slid up and unbuckled and unzipped as it pulled up snaking around my waist. My butt tightened and then bulged into an apple bottom butt held snugly. I could no longer feel anything between my legs. Eyes wide open I felt down my groin despite the sentient skirt rubbing my legs as if massaging femininity into my legs, ass, and now groin. Rubbing my hands down my crotch I couldn't feel my dick or balls, but just a smooth vaginal surface. I gasped.

"What are you doing? What's happening??"

"Well I've seen... You want me right? You want this body don't you?"

"B-but I don't want THIS!"

"I'm afraid it's too late. You've already given in..."

"Stop! No! I can't..."

My tee shirt ripped open spontaneously and tore off. The vest pulled off the turtleneck as it suddenly lost form. My arms shot up despite my fighting. The sweater slid up then down my arms then tucked into the skirt as my body became much slimmer. Unable to fight it my arms held out as the vest moved up my arms then my chest tightened then expanded into some medium sized boobs that pushed out the vest. The turtleneck seemed to rub my neck and my short dark hair tingled as a brown haired medium bob cut grew out.

"Now the final touch!" Ms. Harris voice emanated in the air as the glasses floated onto my face.

"No waaaaiit!!" My voice changed and grew higher and my contorted and finally smoothed out to match Andrea Harris.

I looked down at my new body. I was both horrified yet turned on at the feminine form I now had. The beige skirt felt sexy with high waist. Looking at my hands I saw red nail polish on my now slender feminine fingers. Turning back I saw a tight apple bottom butt as a long skirt outlined it.

Moving my hands down my neck, I felt my new boobs under my vest, then slid down my waist. Loosening the belt my hands sensually moved down as the fingers felt into a new vagina that exploded with desire as I groaned with desire.

Suddenly aware of time and where I was I fastened my belt and strode out of the bathroom and headed into the library. As I sat down I couldn't believe how easily my legs crossed as my eyes fell onto a witchcraft book open on the desk. The page "Body/Clothes switches"...
InnSireHobbyist Digital Artist

Wow! That was nice! And what happened with the original?

RoddThunderheartHobbyist Digital Artist
Well... She possessed me because "I" came to the library, now that I really think about it. Illustration inspiration??
InnSireHobbyist Digital Artist

Too busy for now, but maybe, maybe, idea appeals us ^^

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Thanks for the watch! I'm a huge fan

InnSireHobbyist Digital Artist

You're creating wonderfull stories. Last one especially. Keep up great work! Authors like you are such a nice source of inspiration for us. Thank you for you hard work! ^^

It means a lot. Your art has been a partial inspiration for a lot of my stuff too