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Godzilla: Birthday Ed.6(Godzilla vs Gigan)

1972; Godzilla vs Gigan or Chikyū Kogeki Meirei: Gojira tai Gaigan is the twelveth installment of Godzilla series. This film also being renamed back in 1977 by Cinema Shares Intl. to Godzilla on Monster Island ....... despite the fact that Godzilla was actually only had a minute (or less) appearance on Monster Island :lol:
This was the last appearance of ShosingekiGoji suit(or GiganGoji for this film), one of the most popular Showa Era Goji design.
The ShosingekiGoji is the most used suit in the Showa Era, being used previously in Destroy All Monsters, All Monsters Attack, and Godzilla vs Hedorah and maybe its one of the reason why this design is popular. The distinguished feature of this suit is its pronounced breast bone and the menacing eyes especially the GiganGoji model used in this film.

The film itself is not that good (Cockroaches??... pleaseeee) and very well-known for the extensive use of footage video clips, in some battle scenes between Goji and King Ghodorah you can even see the MosuGoji clearly (scenes from Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster are being used primarily for Goji vs Ghido scenes).
Goji is also weak and got his butt handed to him in the majority of the battle, be it from Ghido's Gravity beam or from Gigan's slashes and bludgeons.
The most memorable (and super silly) moment in this film was when Goji talks to Anguirus....... I think Jun Fukuda is not too happy about returning to the Godzilla installment, his human characters are bland, and can be considered "passer bies" . The violence level also high, you can actually see blood gushing from Godzilla and Anguirus(poor Anguirus)..... since Eiji Tsuburaya's death in 1970, some of the Godzilla films began to display excessive gore, most notably was in this film and in Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla I. :(

Regardless the bad apples, the film also somewhat being celebrated.... why? .... because its the introduction of Gigan (ShodaiGigan) to Godzilla installment and the tag battle between four of the most popular Kaiju in Godzilla Universe also somewhat attracting enough for the fans. The all-time-popular cannon fodder in the Godzilla Universe, The Maser Cannon (type 66)  was also being introduced for the first time. (I don't consider the War of Gargantuas as one of Godzilla series) It's heavy, its expensive(even the toys are expensive), and its utterly useless against Godzilla(kinda drove him away in 1984 tho)... :lol: You can review the history of Maser Cannons later in Godzilla against Mechagodzilla (Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla III). Only effective against Anguirus (hear his roar in this film, and you'll feel very sorry for him.... :(), Gaira, and other minor kaiju, but eventually will get destroyed... :D The only weapon powerful enough using Maser Cannons is Kiryu.
Gigan hasn't developed his eye beam in this film so he mainly slashes and cuts either using his hooks or the ridiculous "belly saw" :D , well doesn't take a genius to understand the reason behind his "pot belly" looks.... :rofl: , and he did a great job cutting Godzilla down and put him and Anguirus in the shower of their own blood for the majority of the battle.

I chose this film to edit because all previous three were simply rubbish, The first two have Minilla(which I already killed in my previous deviation :p) and the last one (vs. Hedorah) is a film made by a somewhat psychotic director.... unstable plot, ridiculous moments,.... well, watch it yourself... :D

Resources Credits:

Background :  Wasted Land by innocentoVia from :…
Explosion 1 :   Kaboom   
Background Elements : Custom Made
Gojira, Anguirus, and Gigan : X-Plus Toho Large Moster Series
World's Children Land/Godzilla Tower : Original Screen Capture of Godzilla vs Gigan
Planes : North American F-86F "Sabre"
Tank : Type 61 JSDGF Tank, Hybrid Missile Tank
King Ghidorah and Type 66 Maser Cannon :
All Kaiju names and weapons are copyrighted by their respective owners ..... I never intended to claim them as my own... ;) (silly statement)
to be continued.............................
Thank you so much for viewing, fave, or comment! ... I really appreciate it  Heart
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one my fave godzilla movies :)
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the two warplanes at top right really lead us into this epic fight! ace stuff :clap:
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I have to admit you're really good at these Godzilla photos! :nod:
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thank you senpai! :D I'm glad that you think so..... I still have a long ways to go though :sun:
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you keep doing what you're doing and you'll get better and better :nod:
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Another great job on this one, Lyla! :heart:  
i love the crazy King Ghidorah pose and shooting everywhere!  And poor Angurus..he is quite beaten down here, isn't he?  
And I like you added the Godziila building!
the main characters are very cool, you painted them well and made a fitting tribute!  Bravo again!
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thank you so much for the kind words! :)
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