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Character Designs: Nicola The Ranger

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The Character Design for Nicola "Nikki" Rogers The Ranger

At 6'1" and 132lbs this blue eyed blonde is not only the tallest female member of the party but the tallest member of the party overall being an inch taller than Peter the werewolf

Nicola is a highly experienced Ranger and the 23rd generation in her family line to be both a Ranger to defend and watch over the rain forest that she lives in and guards

Unusually for most Rangers Nicola is 100% human and has no Elf blood in her or Elves in her family

Nicola is an expert hunter, tracker, outdoor survivalist and marksman with her long bow

She wears armour made of Ancient Green Dragon scales from an Ancient Green Dragon she killed herself

Nicola is armed with a long bow and katana

Her katana is magical and the blade crackles with the flow of electrical current

A slash or stab from Nicola's katana electrifies her victim inflicting an electrical shock as well as stabbing or slashing damage

Nicola's bow isn't magical but her arrow quiver is and arrows drawn from the quiver can be imbued with magical effects

An arrow from Nicola's quiver can freeze victims encasing them in a block of ice, electrocute them, incinerate them with flames and heat, turn them to stone, temporarily cause blindness or deafness, poison a victim both lethally or non lethally, temporarily paralyze a victim or put a victim to sleep with powerful sedatives

Nicola usually stays within her dense and unexplored rain forest but also defends the innocent citizens of the tiny isolated villages that are scattered upon the boundaries of her rain forest from monsters or bandits

She will leave her rain forest to adventure with the other members of the party due to her strong bonds and friendship with them

Nicola is of the Chaotic Good alignment

Nicola is legendary for her efficacy at wiping out werewolf packs of evil alignments and Ancient Green Dragons

Nicola also trained Billy Saunders The Ranger

Nicola is the main Ranger of The Vampire Queen Chronicles franchise  
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