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Chris The Fighter
Not to be confused with The Druid

Chris The Fighter is from the same kingdom as Emily The Monk

He fled the oppressive dictatorship of Emily's mother and has spent his life since escaping training as a warrior and gaining experience by fighting in wars as a mercenary and joining adventuring teams on quests

His dream is to one day return home and free his homeland from the tyrannical rule of Emily's mother

When he learns that Emily herself escaped, trained as a Monk and is hoping to gain allied adventurers and raise an army to assist her in overthrowing her mother he happily joins the party to lend his strength

Chris is of the Chaotic Good alignment  
Paka The Monk
Paka Moen The Monk

Paka is a Monk in his early 50's

Unlike Alex and Emily that focus upon martial arts, Paka focuses upon the study, manipulation and application of "Chi" the life force energy given off by all living beings

Paka's extensive study of Chi allows him access to abilities that even other monks like Emily and Alex are incapable of for example

*Sensing the motivations and alignment of other beings based on their aura

*Splitting his chi in to 5 parts (in the form of creating 5 identical clones of himself)

*Healing himself and others by manipulating Chi

*Curing himself and others of diseases, toxins, poisons and drugs already in the system by manipulating the Chi

*Telling if someone is lying based on their aura

*Viewing people's Chi and using the Chi as a guide line being able to judge how physically healthy they are and what alignment they are

Like all Monks Paka does have extensive training in the martial arts and is a far more skilled combatant than most non Monks but his order was focused on the study of Chi primarily and compared to Alex and Emily he studied far less martial arts and dedicated far less of his time to the study of martial arts

Paka wields a huge sledge hammer and shaves his head every day

He is from a separate order or Monks and from a completely different monastery from Emily and Alex but the three Monks are all polite and respectful to each other as are their Monk orders

Paka was one of Tanya's many slaves for a time but was given his freedom by Tanya when Alex asked her to grant him his freedom as a favour to her

After all Alex dislike slavery in all forms and seeing another Monk a slave was even more upsetting
Go f*** yourself!!!!
Peter The Werewolf is a very moral and dignified man

Despite being a werewolf he is well mannered, helpful, honest and strictly of the Chaotic Good alignment

He is Anna's second in command and the king of his own kingdom

Tanya Mordovskaya is a loud, vulgar, sarcastic, cynical, insensitive, politically incorrect, immoral, vengeful, destructive, impulsive but also childishly playful Barbarian of the Neutral Evil alignment

Tanya is the muscle of the party and revels in violence and looting dungeons

Tanya hates Peter, Peter hates Tanya

Peter is as usual attempting to tell Tanya off for her immoral behaviour and is trying to instil some discipline

Based on Tanya's body language and angry facial expression she is having none of it and Peter is going to get punched in the face before yet another fight breaks out between the two of them

These two fight constantly

So what do you think Tanya has done to get told off?
Well its like this...
Alex The Monk is usually so polite, friendly, respectful and well behaved

Her older half sister Tanya The Barbarian is the polar opposite

Sadly Alex hero worships her older half sibling and Tanya often talks Alex in to assisting her and joining her in her many immoral antics

Their most recent one has severely pissed Anna The Knight off (as if that wasn't obvious by the body language and angry facial expression)

While Anna demands they explain their recent actions Tanya merely shrugs her shoulders and tries to persuade Anna that "it wasn't really that bad!" and Alex attempts to shift the blame claiming "it wasn't our fault, we aren't the ones responsible because..."

Anna: Explain! Now!!

So what have Alex and Anna just done?

Be creative and lets see those answers

The Vampire Queen's Guest
A male stands chained by his wrists and ankles

He struggles, bucks and writhes but he is unable to free himself

The throne room doors open and in strides Valeria Mordovskaya the infamous Vampire Queen of the Empire of Innocens Castitate

What happens next?

Is this merely The Vampire Queen and her husband enjoying consensual kink?

Is this a peasant selected to become The Vampire Queen's latest meal?

Is this a criminal or foreign spy The Vampire Queen intends to torture and interrogate?

Do you have your own idea you'd like to suggest?

This may also potentially become a chapter cover 


No journal entries yet.


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Mac Pete Meens
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Welcome to the official DeviantArt page for "The Vampire Queen Chronicles" graphic novels franchise.

The Vampire Queen Chronicles is a series of 5 chronologically told stories that follow the missions, tasks, twists, turns and lives of a party of adventurers and charts their interactions both directly and indirectly with the titular "Valeria Mordovskaya" also known as the infamous and legendary "Vampire Queen" and empress of the vast Empire of "Innocens Castitate"

The Vampire Queen Chronicles are written by Mr. Mac Pete Meens, are drawn by an independent artist and will shortly be available for commercial purchase after self publishing.

The characters are all based upon real life people known to Mr. Mac Pete Meens and the story is completely original, fresh, new and unique.

The Vampire Queen Chronicles, the locations within and all of the characters are the intellectual property of Mr. Mac Pete Meens.

Use of or any reproduction of the locations and/or characters depicted within The Vampire Queen Chronicles is strictly prohibited.

If you would like to donate in order to help finance the creation, thus improving the quality and speed up the date of release for commercial availability of the books I accept Pay Pal donations


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