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Bicolor Rutilated Quartz Pendant

This amazing stone has a rare formation – two different colors of rutile in the quartz. The rutile is long thin crystals that form before the quartz is hardened and they nearly always appear as a single color. This pendant has both orange and red, though! Quartz itself is transparent, so some color of the skin or cloth behind the stone will show through between the rutile. The stone is set in sterling silver wire. The piece has a small flourish above the stone that is reminiscent of a gust of wind.

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I have a piece of lapis lazuli that is about 1.25" square, somewhat thick, with rounded corners.  I really appreciate your style!  Do you wrap stones that others supply? My favorite of your styles is on a rectangular, striped (translucent aqua/black) stone. It's wrapped in gold--the two shorter sides look like an abacus of wire.  The two longer sides have a simple bar that is bent once. The bale looks like a triple row of wire curled over gold beads.  Please let me know if you could wrap my lapis. If you can nearly replicate the wrap I described, what would the cost be?  Thanks.  My e-mail is