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Colors are the smiles of nature

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"Colors are the smiles of nature"
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Beatifull art

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She looks like Charlize Theron

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9/10, i completely agree with you, colors are the smiles of nature, just a little bit of color can go a long way, and you used just the perfect amount, colors make a painting/drawing pop out, like its something out of a story

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wow marvelous

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Fantastic !!!!:clap:

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Beautiful! I can't tell if this is a photo or a painting! Wow!

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so beautiful

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wtf are these comments XD not judging, just think its funny

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what the hell did i just read

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So Powerful, besides the crisp clear photowork, the best part is that the painting is chaotic and varied (parts smudged, smooth or still sprinkle dusty) yet it all comes together with unified, flowing feel. Also the model herself is beautiful in facial structure, skin & subtle usage of makeup & FX, especially her jewel-like blue lenses.

Many Thanks for this, definitely Daily Deviation but also a powerful shot with soul.

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Nice!! Totally love it.

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How very vibrant, I love it :heart:

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Bright, strong, leading

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