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Another Civilization(BTD Monkey TF)
"All systems are in place for the portal transport, Point A here in the [REDACTED] Laboratory, and Point B in the nearby [REDACTED] Banana Facility, do you think we should start the test, Dr.[REDACTED]?"
"No Dr.[REDACTED], get the technician to check all parts of the transport hardware and software before testing, I don't want to damage space itself"
"You realize that's exactly what we're doing right?"
"...Thanks Dr.Smarta**."
Oh right, wrong subject.
    What if you were alone in a very different civilization than regular humanity? What if that civilization was a different species to your own? What would you do?
This was a recent thought of Sinna Gronn, A Norwegian Immigrant who came to The US due to her parents having to move due to rising tension in her birthtown and them getting doxxed by the CEO of a rival company to her parents' previous job for unknown reasons along with death threats; She has had difficulty adapting to the warm climate of Florida, but did get use
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My Destiny (Sylveon TF)
Jason Whyte Is a truly special individual with an incredible gift.
A 6 foot, only about 150lb man who wears metal frame glasses for his hazel colored eyes, having short, messy brown hair that only goes down to his eyebrows when brushed downwards, and having a basic digital watch on him normally.
He is also one who mostly goes business casual even when he doesn't need to, Often seen wearing a basic polo shirt, blue jeans, as well as padded black and grey sneakers.
A positive and patient man even at the most stressful times, never having a bad outlook on life or people unless given a pure reason to do so, and being very kind and passionate, He has a strong sense of justice and will help others when given the chance, and only hurts others when given a good reason to be negative or unintentionally doing so when telling the truth.
An independent person, shortly after graduating from high school, he decided to move out of town after staying with his parents for some time, to an area out of t
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Energetic (Jolteon TF)
Zoran is the kind of person who you would see right in front of you one second, and then be gone the next.
Zoran is just one of the populace in his neighborhood near Frenchman's Forest Natural Area in the northern region of Palm Beach County in Florida.
Ever sense he was just a baby, Zoran was clearly very special, as he was able to walk properly at only 1 year of age and started running only months later, this would later go on into later years, as he would almost always run from class to class in every grade he was in, from 1st grade to even collage, lucky for him he very rarely got in trouble for doing so.
It would surprise you to know that even though Zoran was an incredible runner with great endurance, he never did anything dealing with running for his electives, not even P.E(Except when he had to do it.).
His Wardrobe mostly consists of Athletic shoes, Gym Shorts, and Stylised T-shirts, he has even dyed his messy light brown hair a creamy Yellow as his friends often nicknamed him
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The Terror Gets A Partner(Braixen TF/MC)
Jewel was a shy, but clever girl who had recently graduated from FSU and has moved back into her home in the outer region of Broward county in South Florida.
In FSU, she had often got requests to hang out with boys, mainly for her looks, such as her silky, black hair that she always keeps in a raised ponytail, bright blue eyes, and the fact that she almost always has wears a skirt of some kind with the rest of her clothes.
Jewel has always had a fascination with the paranormal, buying books on it from the University library, bringing those home when she graduated and very often watching shows like Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel, and various other shows on hunting down ghosts in haunted areas.
Jewel Is also one of Dina's closest cousins, and they often go to each others houses during the summer, and Jewel finds Dina's Dream Portfolio very interesting.(If you don't know who Dina is, read my previous story, linked in the description.)
Before she went off to college, Jewel has a
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A Child's Dream (Plush to Live Eevee TF)
Dina was a cute little girl of just over 8 years of age, with beautiful long brown hair and green eyes, also an only child with a near average family living in the lower portion of Central Florida.
Lil Dina had always had a love for plushies, ever sense she got her first Plush, which was of a dog, when she was about 3 years old, ever sense then, if you were to see her in her room, if she isn't sleeping or doing her homework(which she still does), you most likely will see her playing with them in various ways, pretending most of the time, tea parties, little adventures, you name it.
One of the last ones she's gotten so far, as a present for her 7th birthday, was a life sized and fairly accurate plush of the Pokemon Eevee, which she has cherished as her imaginary best friend, even giving it a name, Gene.
Dina has sense cherished Gene perhaps more then all her others, despite having a collection of more then 20 plushies of various shapes, sizes, and and variants lining her room, including
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Karma Hurts Good(Latias TF/TG)
David was a young man in his early 20's, with a scrawny complexion, with nice blonde hair and blue eyes, with a normally shy personality.
He is not one that goes out normally, and is rather independent, if you were to go to his house normally, you may find him by himself playing the day away on his games if he isn't doing anything else.
David, while being shy, always tries to find the best in others, but will take action if one is persistent in a negative way, and he will on this night.
(David's POV)
I was at the moment trekking through Tate's Hell State Forest along probably the only  path in it...well, I should probably tell you why I am doing so.
So yesterday, I've gotten an E-Mail from one of my friends who loves traveling around Florida, which detailed a rather interesting event that happened a few nights ago when he was with a touist group guided by Olympia Gamete, whom he and the rest came across a mysterious entity in the same forest at the end of the only path the group c
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Return to the Raposa Village
Hey guys! Mason here.
So...if you've read my story, you'll know that a 4th wall destroying experience happened involving me, and some characters from the game series "Drawn To Life", were I "woke up" in the Raposa village, and met all of the inhabitants, but after several of them introduced themselves to me, the antagonist of the series, Wilfre, appeared and stated that he has found the way to and will go to the real world, before drenching me with a paint-like substance using his evil staff, which turned me into a Mew from the Pokemon series after he fled through a portal, and I woke up to find myself in the real world again, but as the Mew that I was turned into in the dream!, I was found by my parents, but I assured them that it was me, and they accepted the fact that they now had a little Mew who is their son.
Read the full story here: An Evil's Reprisal
Anyways, some of you may have been wondering
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The Grey God(Krystal, Shantae, and Pony TF)
Crystaline, Shantania, and Senshi Jemu were 3 very close friends in their early 20s whom always had a very close relationship with one another, having been friends sense kindergarten and always being by each other's side, even through the worst of times.
Crystaline is the one who never backs down from a challenge or obstacle in her life, even going as far as one time when a burglar broke into her house, with her being awoken by the front door window being shattered, but only her, and she snuck downstairs and caught the burglar off guard and fist fought the man until both of them were bleeding, were he then fled the same way he came in, she was honored by her family members and the local area for her act of bravery.
Crystal(for short) also loves doing single player games in her spare time, one of her favorites being Starfox: Adventures. Her favorite character in that game being Krystal, liking the similarities between their names and often feeling...slightly empowered playing as he
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Travel Guide, or Ranger?(Orntchya Gladeye TF)
Olympia Gamete(Fancy AF name, am I right?) was a young and active tourist in her mid 30's, who has gone to nearly every corner of the world, from the Bahamas to the Amazon rain forest to Madagascar to The great wall of China and everything in between, she's also been a tour guide to many others, and she is often seen as one of the best available, taking many precautions on many trips for herself and those that go with her, if any, little did she know, she'd become another one, though much different.
(Olympia's POV)
It seemed like a roughly normal day taking a decent sized group of tourists out on a tour through an area of Florida, this time into Tate's Hell State Forest, as we went along a bare path, were I identified the many forms of wildlife, from a black bear to others like the gopher tortoise, Bald eagle, and Red cockaded woodpecker.
The only thing though, I often felt...uneasy during the entire time, as if something was watching us, the only thing is I never knew of any deaths oc
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Any Ideas?(Rasis, Kaai Yuki, and Yandere Chan TF)
Radalin, Kyla, and Yami were 3 close friends who very often got together for their very own special events for other friends and the local community.
Radalin is the energetic one and always interested in doing to do new things, and has always had a facination for music, having been a DJ at many of the group's events, she is a rather impressive one at that.
Most recently, she has gotten an arcade cabinet of the game SOUND VOLTEX II from a fan of hers, and she has been enjoying it in her free time on breaks, becoming an expert at many of the songs in its bank, she was never able to get a PUC(Perfect Ultimate Combo) on any of the hardest songs, but this has recently given her the idea of possibly implementing it into a concert with her group.
Kyla is the unusual one in the group, due to an unknown condition, she ages much slower then the average person, due to this, she appears to be an about 9 year old little girl, when she in reality she's only a little younger then Radalin and Yami, be
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Literature a Good Way(Bunston TF/AR)
NOTE: This is a follow up to the previous entry, Even in the worst of times, so if you haven't read that one, go do it, thank you.
(Ana's POV)
So, if you've read my story from yesterday night, you'll know that a dark entity apparently sent us the very Guppy and Dark Bum from The Binding of Isaac to our house, and the same entity also somehow turned me into Azazel from Rebirth(Eva told me shortly after she and the others stopped comforting me), who apparently is a guy, because, well... I'm a guy now as well, it really feels so weird being the opposite sex now, not only that, but also being a flipping child demon as well.
Today, I of course stayed home, while my parents went to get me some new clothes for me, just saying, but I don't really know why I didn't feel embarrassed when I was on top of my bed to let everyone see me in all my glory, I don't even know why I did that in the
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Curse by Inner-Turmoil Curse :iconinner-turmoil:Inner-Turmoil 1 0
Mature content
Even in the worst of times(Azazel TF/TG/AR) :iconinner-turmoil:Inner-Turmoil 20 8
An Evil's Reprisal
On this night, an evil that I  and others always identified as fictional, will rise a second time, and this time, it will bring confusion and fear into the real world, and I would experience its potential first hand, myself.
It was 11 PM, as I was getting ready for bed, as my parents didn't want me to stay up too late, I didn't complain, in fact I respected my parents, they aren't too harsh on me normally, especially during long breaks like winter break and summer vacation, but I still like them. Though shortly before I was about to get under the covers, I heard someone speaking to me, that wasn't my parents or anyone I knew.
"I will see you soon." it said.
It sounded male, and slightly mischievous, and of course, it was slightly creepy, as it didn't sound like it came from anywhere, and the fact that I was about to go to bed after turning off the lights in my room.
"Really hope that that doesn't give me nightmares." I sarcastically said to myself, before getting under the covers
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The Mythree by EtherealAnimation The Mythree :iconetherealanimation:EtherealAnimation 7 4 World hopping. by Baumbs World hopping. :iconbaumbs:Baumbs 13 12 The Pocket Challengers by liu-psypher The Pocket Challengers :iconliu-psypher:liu-psypher 41 2 ZELDA NOOOOO by freezeex ZELDA NOOOOO :iconfreezeex:freezeex 217 18 Soriel by Waackery Soriel :iconwaackery:Waackery 314 26 Lucyel deltarune battle sprite by XdanielAF Lucyel deltarune battle sprite :iconxdanielaf:XdanielAF 21 6 20 Years of Partying! by Nintooner 20 Years of Partying! :iconnintooner:Nintooner 558 81 Aura Regression by ConejoWhite Aura Regression :iconconejowhite:ConejoWhite 129 12 undertale by Miiukka undertale :iconmiiukka:Miiukka 373 25 Pinky - [Garry's Mod] by YoshiStar01 Pinky - [Garry's Mod] :iconyoshistar01:YoshiStar01 41 33 Tom and Jerry by Shira-hedgie Tom and Jerry :iconshira-hedgie:Shira-hedgie 2,891 183 Raposa tf by Baumbs Raposa tf :iconbaumbs:Baumbs 19 16 Enemies by gamerbot101 Enemies :icongamerbot101:gamerbot101 67 2 Lopunny x Mew x Lickitung (Kecleon) Customfusion by BlueScienceIsBest Lopunny x Mew x Lickitung (Kecleon) Customfusion :iconbluescienceisbest:BlueScienceIsBest 33 11 Peachette by ayyk92 Peachette :iconayyk92:ayyk92 335 44 Shy little goat prince by Gigagoku30 Shy little goat prince :icongigagoku30:Gigagoku30 67 8



I has my Idea for the next story, here's a cipher for the title of it.
Good Luck.

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Has anyone noticed that my stories have taken place in 3 worlds so far?
The Main reality
Drawn to Life
Bloons Tower Defense
Gamers, please rise for our global anthem.

And merry Smashmas to all, and to all a good fight.
"All systems are in place for the portal transport, Point A here in the [REDACTED] Laboratory, and Point B in the nearby [REDACTED] Banana Facility, do you think we should start the test, Dr.[REDACTED]?"
"No Dr.[REDACTED], get the technician to check all parts of the transport hardware and software before testing, I don't want to damage space itself"
"You realize that's exactly what we're doing right?"
"...Thanks Dr.Smarta**."

Oh right, wrong subject.

    What if you were alone in a very different civilization than regular humanity? What if that civilization was a different species to your own? What would you do?
This was a recent thought of Sinna Gronn, A Norwegian Immigrant who came to The US due to her parents having to move due to rising tension in her birthtown and them getting doxxed by the CEO of a rival company to her parents' previous job for unknown reasons along with death threats; She has had difficulty adapting to the warm climate of Florida, but did get used to it, going to high school and then college in the US, thankfully her family were fluent in English and taught her basically everything about the language, so she fit in quickly with her neighborhood and made many friends.
Gronn's passion was nature ever since she went to a wildlife preserve at the age of 7, something about these precious creatures who also have lives that are often way easier or harsher than Homo Sapiens, the insane diversity from the beauty of evolution, the carvings of water and other natural elements on land and seafloor, and the fact that many species have simple forms of society, with only one known to have gone all the way to civilization, us.
    Gronn, greatly influenced by nature, took every biology and environmental class she could have, volunteered at zoos, goes out to a biking trail almost every day, and after college; got a job at a local wildlife preserve, advocating for the protection of the Everglades and other environments that are in danger(She still thinks PETA are a bit ridiculous and probably insane with many of their campaigns). Many recent thoughts and daydreams had her wondering what a non-human civilization would be like, after re-watching movies with anthropomorphic animals like Zootopia and Kun-Fu Panda; how would other species involve themselves in civilization, and what would they do with technology if they had the mental and some physical capabilities(I.e a bipedal stance) of a human? Well...we'll see.

(Gronn's POV)
    I just saved an injured Raccoon from succumbing to being shot with an arrow through the top of the head by bringing it to the care center of the preserve I work at, thankfully that soulless bastard was caught quickly and brought to justice, I guess morality wasn't in this person's mind, just like basically every criminal who hurts in any way. I was in my new jeans(not ripped you weirdos) and my "Aren't we all Homos?" shirt, under my hoodie. I am always proud when we save a precious animal from death and lock up heartless bastards who don't think they have emotions and probably don't themselves, so yeah, job well done. After another day of happiness, I got back on my bike and rode off, I was stopped a few times my others who congratulated me for my efforts as they always do. After some time, I found something on the ground when I was almost there, Picking it up, I realized what it was...pepper spray. Looking around to make sure no one was looking, I picked it up and put it in my hoodie picket. I heard a car horn behind me and looked over to see my parents' car and them waving at me, I smiled and waved back in the gutter. They drove past and rode behind to the house, when we all arrived, they gave me a great hug and told me how proud they were about the saving of yet another precious creature, this was my 7th this month and the first criminal I got arrested this month(I was the first to see the poor thing and the man who was responsible).

    So yeah, me, Sinna Gronn, the neighborhood has known me as the avid nature lover ever since a few years after me and my family moved in from Norway, They have told me why only recently why we moved, and I don't like thinking about it, why are some people so ungrateful? We're only human; Which reminds me...Humans are still another species on this Earth, and we are the only known species that has created not only society, but civilization; I mean I do believe that aliens exist, but for some millions of years, we've been along Neanderthals, with them dying out and not us. Civilization was and still is something I wonder about every so often, the old "what if?" scenarios: What if Neanderthals or other human ancestors survived along with us? What if they lived and we didn't? And the biggest overall: what if an entirely different species managed to create civilization and not us? And yes, I know all about anthropomorphism, which I do think is the most likely scenario for some other species if they managed to go our path, of course this never happened, but it's fun to speculate, it was our brains that got us this far.

At the house, I was reading some internet forums about wildlife sightings, and came across a few interesting posts. One was about a strange photo which contained the image of a dark green creature which had multiple tails, although I could only see 3 tails and only the tails, the OP said that when he was spending a night in the forest when he came across a roughly circular area surrounded by a massive hedge with a tree stump in the middle, like a abandoned garden after all the plants withered and died with grass reclaiming the area. He said that when he looked back at the entrance, he saw a large, fox like creature with red tinted, almost diseased looking eyes, which ran away but he was fast enough to catch its tails in the picture he took, many in the comments did state that they did see a similar creature, and all said that they only saw it at night and all also said that when they did see it, it looked like it was stalking them. Another interesting post was a picture of what looked like a large red wing in a tree which he didn't even mean to capture as he was focusing on an invasive parrot in the image, in the comments of that post asking him where he took it as he forgot to say it in the title, it happened to be the same forest as the earlier post, which the commentator then pointed out the surrounded area, which the OP said he did find but pointed out that the area inside next to the entrance was burnt, which I did notice that the earlier post had the camera facing the entrance with the area near it being perfectly fine...

    After some time surfing the web and with it turning to twilight, I was about to go outside for a walk when I was approached by my parents, they told me that they had to head back to work for an urgent repair involving multiple broken electrical wires preventing most of the electronics from functioning, apparently being a sabotage by an unidentified individual, * go on mom and dad. So yeah, my occasional twilight/nighttime walks just to take in the wildlife of the very preserve I work at, while it's usually calming, something didn't quite feel right...whatever, maybe it's just me. Nothing of real notice as per usual, I do it to calm myself from any stress from the day or just to feel peaceful, often having ambient music playing on my phone in my earphones. Heading back to the house, right as I opened the door I thought I heard a faint sound of something sucking air, I searched around the house and couldn't find the source, until I localized it to the upstairs in a room my father called his "Man cave", only knowing that this was the room for as it was louder in here. Thinking that there was something broken in a wall, I felt around the walls but couldn't tell where it exactly was...until my foot dipped slightly in the floor at an edge of the rug in the middle of the room, which almost tripped me, I lifted that part of the rug and there was a small hole  just large enough to put my thumb in. I rushed to the kitchen to get some tape and came back with it, taping over the hole, only for the tape to get sucked in; The hole was actually getting bigger, panicking, I got out my phone and attempted to call my parents, but before i could connect, the hole grew in size quickly and managed to make me fall part way into it, right up to my arms, my phone, cord, and portable charger fell out of my pant pockets but I managed to grab them and hold onto them as I attempted to pull myself out, to no avail. This was no ordinary hole, it was sucking me into it, as hard as I tried, nothing was working, the hole kept growing as it finally got me to fall through, it looked deep, and at that moment of looking down, I had a sense of dread as I thought "This is it, I might actually die from this." like a predator catching its prey. I fell, into a bizarre place, I wasn't falling through my house and the ground, I was in a dark, purplish and pulsating realm, nothing seemed right about this. also gravity wasn't working properly, I was falling, sure, but at a constant rate, and it seemed like I was actually being moved by an unseen force, it was extremely surreal, did I find a wormhole and fall through it? also...I could hardly breathe, and...was slowly...losing...conscious...ness... ugh...


   What was that?, I think I fell all the way through the worm(?)hole and landed on a hard ceramic floor, it hurt badly, my feet and legs hurt, it was hard to get up from going unconscious for about a minute to regain my senses, taking in multiple deep breaths as I heard muffled talking around me, when I looked up, my vision was blurry, but I could see a few faint, small humanoid shaped creatures, I think I was in a lab-like room being looked into by these creatures from an observation window. I saw my stuff that fell out and put them back in my pants pockets, my sight was like what I imagine a person with blurry vision would be like so I could hardly make out anything, I backed up onto a wall to catch my breath some more, I could hear whoever was outside talking more clearly.

"Professor, what should we do with the creature that just fell through the portal?"
"It seems disoriented, but it's definitely not from this world, *unintelligible*, get the hazmat suit and enter the chamber."
"Got it Professor. But where is it?"
"The supply closet like always."
"Wow what an idiot I was for a second. Getting it right now."
"It seems like an intelligent creature as it's bipedal and has established looking clothing, careful, because it may strike as it is confused and is also rather large."
"I've taken on a Beekeeper before in the suit, I'm pretty sure I can take on that thing if it becomes hostile."
" lost that fight and you had to get treated for claw marks"

I wanted to laugh, but i didn't want to establish that I could understand them, and even then, whatever out there wasn't human and yet does speak English and talks much like we do. I heard the little footsteps out of the room and away from what I assumed was the observation window, my vision was still blurry but was slowly improving, and then...the lights were turned off. I was partially blind and it was dark, an awful combination. I made myself feel around the room, until I felt a difference on the walls and found the door, still disoriented, I turned to face it and backed to the opposite side of the room. I waited there and heard more talking.

"Professor why did you turn the lights off?"
"We don't want this creature escaping if it is dangerous, it could cause harm to others easily, given how large it is compared to us, it's just under twice our height if my estimations are correct."

Twice their height? I'm rather tall for a girl as I'm 5'8.
I then heard a door open again(not the one to the chamber).

"Good to enter, give me the signal."
"Just go in and don't forget to close the door behind you."
"Deep I go."

I saw the smaller than I thought door open in front of me, the guy in front of me looked like it was a little over the height of a child but I couldn't discern as I couldn't see clearly still. The lil' guy approached me and walked around me a bit observing me from multiple angles, then I realized he left the door open, I could escape if I tried, I didn't want to be confined. As he approached me he felt my legs and I could hear a brushing sound against them, it sounded like something furry was brushing up against my legs, and small humanoid hands touching my legs. My fight or flight instincts kicked in, but which should I go with? If I fight than I'll certainly be apprehended and confined, but if I escape I could find shelter, at the risk of more of whoever was observing me. I got down in an Olympic runner's position and let him feel me a bit more, making sure he wasn't touching you know where by nudging him, I saw another light outside the door; Here goes nothing. I pushed whoever was feeling me out of the way and bolted out the door, I briefly heard the shocked voices of whoever was watching me as I escaped the chamber then room.

"Oh god it's escaping!"
"Ulu look what you've done!"
"No! Whyyyy!?"
"Activate the alarm, the creature's escaping!"

Seconds after that last line, a blaring alarm was triggered. I bolted down the halls, encountering more of these creatures, they were small, with brown coloring and seemed to have tails. But besides that, I was running for my life, listening to the commotion of everyone who saw me and everyone i pushed out of the way, and saw a sign on the wall next to some stairs: "5". From that I assumed I was on the 5th floor in wherever I was, I used all my adrenaline to power forwards.

4th floor
3rd floor
2nd floor

    At the second floor I noticed a window at the end of the hall instead of a wall... there was no way I was getting out of here through a lobby on the first floor. I ran as fast as I possibly could at the window until I crashed into it, shattering the glass and falling to the ground below, it was like a 15 foot drop, I landed rather softly and continued running. It was nighttime, wherever I was. My vision was improving quicker now and my eyesight was like...uh...20/70(my eyesight before falling was around 20/15), my vision was almost clear again, I was in a field and there looked like a forest some hundreds of feet away. I was almost home free, and then, I ran into a fence, like of course! why not? I looked back with my back to the fence, and saw something flying towards me; before I could react, It hit me and pressed me so hard against the fence it uprooted part of it. Its face was right in mine but I didn't process it cause the "Fight" part of "Fight or flight" came up and I punched it in the face, but it was resilient, it kept trying to drag me back to the building by my hoodie, but then I remembered the pepper spray from earlier and promptly took it out of my side pocket and sprayed whatever was dragging me in the face, that managed to disable it as it stopped trying to get me. My eyesight was almost completely back at this point and I ran back to the fence, now uprooted enough that I could crawl under, I was finally free, and ran out into the forest, I just kept running through the forest for a while, my eyesight finally returned to normal a few minutes in, not sure where I even was, and why would I?, this is unfamiliar territory for probably anyone, and I'm not sure why my eyesight was so bad after dropping in from the portal. About half an hour into the forest, I was finally out of breath, and had to lay against a tree, what did I just go through? I fell through a wormhole into another land where small humanoids were researching portals? and I managed to escape from a facility that was desperately trying to make sure I didn't escape, and failing, due to one individual uprooting part of a massive chain-link fence by running into me, and now I was deep into a forest, alone. I was calm for a few minutes, until I started hearing steps on grass, I got back up and tried to stealthily walk around, but it was useless, it saw me and when I just briefly saw it I got shooooooooooooc...


    Ugh, did I really have to black out again? When I finally opened my eyes, I was sitting against another tree, but now, My arms and legs were restrained by...roots? I looked around, I was in what looked like a small tribal settlement, with many traditional buildings from our tribal days, lots of wood, dried grass, and some clay. It was then that I heard someone say "The creature is awake!" and that's when I finally got a good look at what was the intelligent species of this world. Monkeys. They had like near-chibi proportions, and had everything that your classic monkey has, fur all around them except their face, the middle of their chest, hands, feet, and the inside of the classic large round ears; some had a pure brown fur while others had lightly tanned white fur, literal civilized monkeys. "Who are you, creature?" one white one said with a staff-like spear, pointing it at me. What do I do?  the only way I could explain was by speaking. And so I did; "uh...hello?" I said. All of the monkeys  gasped. "You speak our language?" one brown one said, who was also wearing a purple and yellow vest and goggles on its head. Oh right, the 3 brown furred one had these vests and goggles, and the other at least 30 white-tan furred ones had either green cape-like garments or brown robes with leaf headdresses and capes made of leaves. "Uh...I guess?" I replied. One of the brown ones came up to me with an ecstatic expression, "It's another species that can speak our language!, What species are you exactly?", he said; "Uhh... Homo Sapiens?" I replied. His mouth hung open with his massive eyes as wide as they could be. "So your Genus is Homo as well?",he then said, not a statement I would expect an intelligent monkey to say. I caught on with a related question, "So what's your classification?", to which the same monkey said "Homo [REDACTED].". Why was I getting Planet of the Apes vibes from this?

     "Explain yourself, Homo Sapiens, why are you here?"  who I guess was the leader said, as he had a light blue hooded robe along with his staff-looking thing, which no one else having that particular article of clothing. I explained myself: "I am not from here, and probably not even from this reality, My species has its own civilization and is rather advanced despite isolated tribes that not many know about. If my assumptions are correct, our civilization may be hardly any different from yours, we've had wars, hate, crisis, and many other hardships that civilization can experience. We, unlike what I would assume for you, are far more embarrassed normally with nudity, we actively have clothing that covers genitals and our particular mamillary glands for females like me, and others for preference and fashion; because we have evolved to only have light amounts of hair on our bodies, only really prominent on our heads for both genders and on their chest and genitalia for men.". Everyone was amazed, as if they realized I wasn't very different from them in many ways. The leader asked again, "We are sorry for thinking you were very different and didn't think we just captured a being from another civilization, how did you get here?."; Again, I explained: "I was just in my house when I heard a sucking sound, when I did find it, I didn't realize it was a growing portal, and too late as I fell through it, apparently there is a group that is researching the use of portals and somehow messed it up that the other end ended up in my reality, I was able to escape, due to one who could fly slamming me against a fence, uprooting it, I was able to disable it with pepper spray before getting away. I mean no harm to you, it was only instinct due to a life threatening situation, I prefer peace over harm, I am thankful that I was found by a more peaceful society." They began conversing between one another, that I could hardly make out, until the leader finally said, "We agreed to recognize you as a preferably peaceful being, Haplor, release her."

    The one who I assumed was Haplor moved his hands in a particular way and the roots restraining me receded back into the ground, a rather bizarre sight; I was able to get up again, most of the others walked away from me, talking with each other, except the same brown monkey who was ecstatic with me, who came up to me again, looking up at me. "Glad to meet you...uh...what's your name?", he said. "Oh right, Sinna Gronn, what's yours?" I replied. "The name's Loris Meai, I was very interested in you the moment I saw Haplor bring you in from the woods, you wanna let me give you a tour around?" he exclaimed. I nervously accepted, he held my hand like a child as he guided me around the village, there were many tribal houses, a fireplace, a building with many olden supplies, and some banana trees; it didn't surprise me because of the old concept of monkeys loving bananas; What did surprise me was when he led me out of the village, a short ways away from there was a small, facility-like building, inside here was pretty much what I would imagine a laboratory would be like, a lot of familiar looking electronics, a lot of vials, test tubes and beakers of fluid, and what looked like an operating table just the right size for one of them. "Wow, this is your workspace?" I said with awe. "Yup, you have scientists too right?" he replied. "Of course, the others are your colleagues I'm guessing?", Yes, we have sections for each of them, Bono is the doctor, and Borna is our electronics girl.". "What are you then Loris? A chemist?" I asked; "Oh, a chemist? close enough, I'm an alchemist.". " alchemist?" I said with mild uncertainty; "What, you don't have alchemists in your world, let alone magic?" he said with mild confusion. "The druids we work with and technically monkeys like me are called Magical monkeys, I could show you others If we went back into my hometown." he replied, Magic? Druids? Alchemy? The real world doesn't have anything even close to magic, well, I wasn't in my world, so universal rules are definitely different here; I had many thoughts rush through my mind at what this world actually was, not just a world with civilized monkeys, A world with terms we came up with and discredited as fake and/or fictional, what could I do in this world due to me not having the same universal laws?, probably should've realized when those roots released me. Loris, probably noticing my face of pure wondering, said "You alright Sinna? you look"; "It's world has nothing even remotely like magic, it's a fantasy in my world, am I in a fantasy world?", I said. Loris comforted me as I got down on one leg, "I guess you'll be the only one in your reality to ever experience ours, it may be what you think is fantasy in your world." I got down on both legs and we both hugged each other; Until another voice broke our moment, "Loris, are you really that interested in that being despite it being in the same genus as us?. We looked over to see who I guess was Borna, as she was the only female of the brown ones here, "Uh, yes?, I think she's having a bit of an existential experience with being in our reality with the concept of magic being real." Loris defended. "Alright weirdo, do what you gotta do." she replied.

    Looks like buddy Loris Is the odd one out due to him simply being interested in me, albeit not in a weird way, he's just amazed about a similar species from another reality and with me having roughly the same thoughts. I got up and we continued on, with me ducking under some doorways cause height differences, to his room, it had basically everything you'd expect: a small bed, closet, drawers, lights including the fan on the ceiling, a lamp, just everything you would expect in a bedroom by humans, with the only exception being that almost everything is somewhat smaller; I expressed this by saying "This is really civilized!", Loris giving a smile of appreciation. He gave me a tour of the other rooms, including a server room, what looked like a meeting room, a downstairs area with a living room and kitchen, and a bathroom, I could live here if it weren't for the fact that everything is kinda small for me. What did weird me out about the tour is at the end when Loris was going through the other bedrooms, there was a 4th one, inside was a slightly roughed up room with a 4th brown furred monkey who looked back at us with mildly crazy eyes, this one looked male, but he was slightly larger, his fur was frizzier and he had a tattered white lab coat along with the goggles on his head, his teeth, which he showed off well, were a bit sharp, not what I would expect for a monkey. "Who is this one?" I asked to Loris; "Oh right, that's my older brother Potto, you probably noticed that he looks a bit crazy and he kinda is, he's also an alchemist but was part of an experiment himself.", Apparently in this world 'tested on animals' doesn't count is you yourself are an animal. We promptly closed the door as I then asked "What experiment did he participate in?", Loris explained: "It was some years back, but i was there to witness it, Some group was asking for a mentally stable individual to participate in an alchemist experiment, which is always a good sign. They had him drink a potion which happened to be an old transforming tonic, a concoction which turns the user into a large blue and magenta attack monster for a while. My brother didn't realize until it was too late and when he turned, he attacked the group and almost killed them until I stepped in to intervene, at least he recognized me and didn't smash me with his massive fists. I did call the cops and got the group arrested for usage of illegal tonics and multiple allegations of endangerment; even after turning back and getting multiple rounds of therapy, he still hasn't fully recovered mentally, but still loves me and my colleagues.". That was a ride of a short story, "How large was he?" I asked. "About as tall as you but a few times larger in mass." he replied. I could only imagine how dangerous he would've been, and felt a bit sad for him, at least the perpetrators were arrested. I then remembered that I was pretty much a vigilante for escaping the facility with everything being done to prevent me from escaping, and was probably on a hunt for me; I felt the need to express it to Loris and the others. "Loris, could you get the others to the fireplace in the village, I need to make an announcement to everyone." After a bit of him thinking, he replied with "Alright, if it's a serious matter, I'll oblige." He then ran off to get the others while I made my way out of the building and back to the village.

    At the village, I sat on a log near the fireplace and waited, a few minutes passed before I saw Loris and his buds arrive, stating to the others that I had something important to say, all the over 40 I believe monkeys stood or sat down to listen, the leader druid came up to me and said "Alright sapiens-" , "Sinna Gronn!" Loris interrupted; "Alright... Gronn, so apparently you have something to say that's so important that you want the entire village and our scientist and alchemist populace to hear it, what do you want to say?". "So...I explained that I managed to escape the facility that I fell into this reality from, and only well after then did I realize that because I am an escapee, I'm probably being hunted down as I speak." everyone had a startled look, and then I heard an alert-like sound, apparently it came from Loris's phone as he took it out of his pocket and checked. "I just got an alert that an unidentified creature was spotted successfully escaping the [REDACTED] Laboratory in nearby town of [REDACTED], is this you?" he stated, I got up and went over, he pulled up a news article on his smartphone, he showed me it and I recognized the picture, it was me at the fence after I got under it and escaped, it was me! Part of the article said 'This large, unidentified creature managed to evade multible forms of capture, including stun guns and even Super monkey [REDACTED], A search to capture this creature is ongoing in the [REDACTED] forest.'. This wasn't good, authorities were searching for me and even a superhero monkey was part of their team, another wave of disbelief came upon me due to the fact that A: Superheros existed in this world as well, and B: That I somehow managed to escape from one. "What are we gonna do?" I stated. All of them talked between each other until they came to an agreement. "We'll have to hide you somewhere, but due to a super monkey being part of their team, we don't know where we can due to the fact that Super monkeys often have X-ray vision." the leader said. "We have a lead lined room in our place." Loris stated, everyone looking at him. "Well then, lets hurry! This village is the closest to [REDACTED]!, Sinna, follow us into the building before they arrive!" Borna hesitantly stated. "Everyone here, do not mention anything about Sinna Gronn or a 'creature' if you are questioned by authorities." Loris exclaimed, everyone nodding and heading back into their huts, while Loris and his colleagues led me back into the building, we arrived at the kitchen, and asked "Where is the room?", when Potto reached into one of the cupboards and appeared to press something inside it, the ceramic tile next to the corner of the room opened up, I went over to it and looked down, there was a metal room under the kitchen. "Get inside Sinna!, We'll tell you when its safe to come out, be safe, and keep quiet until the cover opens." Loris stated. I acted, climbing down the metal ladder into the probably lead lined room, Loris waved at me as the cover closed, the room was completely dark, well, except for the light on my phone, nothing was inside the room, as if it were a never used storage room. Keep calm.

(Loris's POV)
    What a crazy night, I just made a new friend that happened to be the same genus as our civilization, that is from a different reality, that happened to literally fall into ours and had to escape as a vigilante from a laboratory and managed to disable a Super monkey. What is life, for both me and her; and now we had to hide her from authorities who didn't want her being known to anyone, and now we had to act as if we never saw her. "Team, go around the house and act normal." I stated to everyone, them spreading out. About 10 minutes later, I heard a knock at the front door, I hesitantly went up to the room upstairs and opened it, right on the other side, there was police and some Special Poperations, I guess they were serious about finding Sinna; "Step out of the way, we have to find this creature." one policeman said, I nervously obliged and let them in, they stormed the building where I saw Borna, Mildly scared about the law having to search our place for her, I had a mild sweat as they went literally everywhere, Having the thought in the back of my mind: 'Please don't find her, please don't find her...' Thankfully after a lengthy around 10 minutes of hell, They started leaving, with me holding the door open for them, one of the Marines turned to me and said "Stick around, you don't want anyone getting harmed by that thing, don't you? It managed to disable Super Monkey [REDACTED], this could pose a threat to our town." I hesitantly stated "I guess, it did sound like it was a danger even though [REDACTED] is a low ranking Super Monkey."; "Whatever alc, we got a threat to find and contain, team, move out!" The Marine said, as everyone there rushed out, closing the door behind them, thank the sun god that they didn't actually bring a Super monkey, that was my main fear with many of them having X-Ray vision, or Ultravision as most of them call it. I waited a time before giving the all clear to everyone and headed outside to the village again, "None of you spilled the beans, right?" I stated to the druids; all of them nodded, Olkma(the leader of this particular tribe, he's a Druid of the Storm) came up to me and stated: "Anything for the unfortunate soul.", At that moment I realized that I forgot to get Sinna out of the hidden room, I dashed back to the building in a rush.

(Sinna's POV)
    'It's been almost 20 minutes, where is everyone?' I was thinking right  before I heard footsteps nearby, along with the tile finally opening, I scurried out of there, "Did you really almost forget about me down here?" I said to Loris, who looked like he was sweating; "Almost, glad I remembered after all that chaos, you heard them right?" he replied, slightly out of breath. Indeed I did, it was scary staying calm with all that thumping of authorities in the building; "Yeah, I was really nervous." I replied; who wouldn't be? Along with all that, I had the continuous thought that authorities would never stop looking for me as I managed to stop a Super monkey, probably the most powerful of any in this world, be guessing few things get around them, and I did, what could I do?, I can't just hide forever. "There's just no way I can be like this, as long as I'm me, I'm always at risk." I stated. Loris definitely had sympathy for me, after seeming to think for a second, he replied "Oh! I have an idea! Head back out to the fireplace and I'll get everyone for another discussion." I rushed back outside with the druids looking at me as I sat back on that log at the fireplace, again i waited for Loris and the gang, with him stating that this is an important discussion, a few minutes later, we were all back around the fireplace. Loris started:"So, Sinna Gronn told me something that made me realize her particular situation, because she is so easily discernible from anyone, she is always at risk of being found and taken away. I had an idea for her, we must let her...blend in."; "What do you mean by that?" I stated. Loris thought for a second before responding: "I remembered the transformation branch of alchemy, if we could...get the correct batch of stuffs, we could possibly...transform you into a monkey so that you would no longer be in danger!", I was shocked, they could actually do that? Alter my genetics and turn me into a monkey like them? Sacrifice my humanity for the sake of eliminated danger from authorities looking for me? This may be the only way... "Potto, you have that slip that you found on that faithful day, right?" ; "Yup, lets get to it." Loris and Potto exchanged. He and the rest of his crew headed back to the lab, they had a mission that  could save me. Well, I might as well make the most of the time I have left with my humanity, I took my phone out to take the first pictures anyone from my world has ever taken of another reality, starting with the druids, they were rather nice about me taking pictures of them, especially the cheerful ones with leaf crowns, as well as their traditional tribal houses, I mean, I was with a tribe that allowed a group of scientists and alchemists to make their lab nearby. The druids didn't seem to be impressed that I had a smartphone, with me realizing that my phone, being from another world, won't have the same cords for me to connect and charge it, I switched it to low battery mode and continued on.

(Loris's POV)
    I felt bad for Sinna, but there was no other way this could go, she was greatly interested in us, but of course some of us thought she was a threat, so now he have to make her one of us. Sinna is a primate like us but just because of her escape, she was marked as a threat to others, she isn't, she's a kind individual, we liked each other. Besides the point, me and my team were working hard on a serum that would give her freedom and a real place in our world. It was past 11 PM, but we won’t let sleepiness get in the way of helping her. The team was going through with the plan, we got DNA samples from Borna, and getting the chemicals and organic substances needed for this serum, I can’t go into this cause you wouldn’t understand. The final part of this was a delayed catalyst so it wouldn’t act immediately, again this is too complicated to explain but after almost an hour of work, it’s finished, the serum is done, now to tell Sinna and the others.

(Sinna’s POV)
    I was about to have a small conversation with one of the "Nature's Bounty" druids when I suddenly heard Loris behind me; "Sinna, its finished!, I turned around to see him and the gang with Loris holding a brown syringe in the air, with everyone else looking at them; this is it, what will save me is in his hand, but at what cost?, I went up to him and he handed it to me, I took it and had a good look at it, the ethereal pattern in this brown liquid looked mildly pretty, but this had to go in me so I could be safe. As I looked at it, I had many thoughts: No one that I ever knew in my world could find me, it's only me and a different intelligent species, my friends, my family, everyone I ever knew was separated from me by an entire reality. I was going to have to throw virtually everything I ever knew in my world away to live with another; I will miss them greatly, but this is the only way. "Are you ok there Sinna?" Loris questioned, bringing me out of my thinking session; "Oh, I was just thinking about everything I will miss by doing this...Everything that I ever loved before the fall will be only a memory." Many of the monkeys looked sorry for me, I even broke the smiles on the "Nature's Bounty" Druids. "Oh Sweet Sinna, don't you be sad, this is the beginning of another life, you'll have the opportunities for many friends, you've made some with us, and now you can be closer than ever, see it as a gateway to a light no one else from your world will ever be able to experience; you are special, Sapien." Olkma stated. He's right; another life awaits me. "Let's take some final pictures before then." We took a few more pictures, 4 of Loris and his colleagues, one of Olkma, and a final picture of me with everyone. After the final picture, Loris stated: "It's time, one of you druids get the harp so Sinna won't have to suffer during this.", One of the "Nature's Bounty" druids ran to and back from a hut with a harp, and we made our way back to the lab. The final events involved me getting some blood work, a few strands of my brown hair, and a bit of my dead skin so Loris could study it for later; I mean you do you Loris. They led me to the operating table, no going back now; I just remembered that I never mentioned that my species were called humans, so I interrupted , sitting on the table: "I realized that I never told you what my species name actually is, we are called humans."; "Oh, Human? that's an interesting name for a species." Loris responded; "But here we go, lay down and close your eyes.". I laid down on the table, my legs hanging off the end and closed my eyes, I heard soothing music, probably from the druid here, calming....I'm gonna...fall...asleep........

(Loris's POV)
    I was actually about to go to sleep, that music is way more effective than I thought, probably should've been in the other room; whatever, it was time, I held the needle in my hand and approached Sinna, everyone looking at me, I took her bandage off, and was about to stick it in there when I hesitated, but Potto said "You got this bro, think about the good it'll do for her.", I stuck it into her arm and slowly pressed the plunger, it felt strange doing it like this, I'm a bottle kinda alc, not like this. All of it was now in her arm, I pulled it out and patted the spot with a paper towel, before standing back; I guess the delayed catalyst didn't work as it was taking effect almost right away; her hair(which was only slightly lighter than most non-druid fur) was sinking back into her head, which already looked freaky, it was like thousands of thin worms slowly burying themselves into her head. There was a lot of cracking sounds which sounded extremely painful, but the druid's song was probably so potent on her that she can't even feel it. Sinna was slowly shrinking and being consumed by her clothes, gathering the courage to approach her, I lowered the operation table  so we could get a better look at her, but we couldn't see much of her as she was already about a foot shorter, and consumed by her clothes, Potto went over to her and pulled her hoodie off, we could see her arms and face better as her very fine body hairs were turning the same brown as her head hair, which stopped sinking in at about 10 inches long(Most females of our species have longer head hair while most males have a tuft on the top of their heads, including me). Everyone was mildly queasy with the continuous cracking sounds of her skeleton rearranging, her arms were very obviously shrinking and more hairs were growing out of it, except for her hands of course. We saw a tail slowly peek out of her pants, the furry appendage grew out until it was slightly shorter than her also shorter arms, it just hung loose off the edge of the table like a long, deflated bl...wait, no, I don't wanna think about that again. The most painful looking part of her was her head, the cracking was loudest there, as her head expanded slightly horizontally to give her a more rounded head, with the fur taking over most of her head except most of her face of course, her expanding eye sockets and eyes(reminder that others can see them move when your eyes are closed) perfectly complimented each other, her prominent nose disappearing into her flatter face. The cartilage in her ears expanded into a more circular shape with the fur covering everything but the insides of them; BTW during this time we couldn't see anything on her torso or legs cause she was still mostly covered by her clothes, except her feet which were exposed when her shoes fell off and her socks hanging off them, the cracking of her skeleton quieted, me assuming that her transformation was almost done.

    All of a sudden, it stopped, the room was quiet, this monkey which is Sinna was somehow still sleeping, her still lightly snoring; I'm pretty sure we wanted to reveal her entirety, but felt very weird as she was previously probably almost naked under everything she had on. We looked at each other like who would take her clothes off, until Potto again went up to her and revealed her with each garment he removed, her furry legs, torso, slightly hand-like and even more petite feet were there for everyone to see; her breasts(?) were basically nonexistent even tough you could definitely tell before she was turned. Sinna was now the intelligent species of our world, her fur and exposed skin were slightly lighter than the norm, and her head hair was also longer than even Borna's head hair. "Should we wake her up or something?" I stated; "Yeah, but I have a fitting idea for her to wake up in." our druid which I can't remember the name of suggested. We went along, we all picked her up with me in the front, I opened the door and we brought her outside; at the settlement, the other druids, including Olkma, all looked at us carrying a new monkey(I mean her previous Genus still called her one.) through there. We walked over to near Olkma's place before placing her down, the druid that we had with us rushed back, probably to his place, and back again, this time with a whistle, as with his harp, he started playing it. This took a little while this time, about 2 minutes past until we finally saw Sinna move in another way other than snoring, she was squinting and moving her head, she was about to wake up.

(Sinna's POV)
    Mrgh...that was a really deep sleep from just harp playing; what I was dreamt about was that I was in a jungle with actual monkeys(chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas, etc.), them mostly ignoring me, until I could physically feel pain across my entire body, to the point where I was on my knees, all of them approached me and tried to comfort me, until it all stopped, and four minutes after it all stopped, I heard whistling, it was so unbearable that it was the thing that managed to wake me up. I slowly opened my eyes, already realizing that I had way more distance to open them than before they were entirely open; I saw Loris and the gang over me. "You good Sinna?" He said; I was sore everywhere, but I lifted my head up with my arms, I could see it, a body that wasn't what I've seen not much earlier, a brown, mostly furry body that wasn't wearing anything, I closed my eyes again as I achingly got up on my feet, opening them again, realized that I was pretty much the same height as everyone else around me, also realizing that where was a pool of water some distance away, i walked over to it with my shorter stride, and looked into it, staring back at me was a big-headed and eyed monkey, I was the monkey. With everyone looking at me, I felt myself, fuzzy fur that was everywhere except my face, belly, chest, hands, feet, and inside my large ears; my, were thankfully obscured by my fur there and my breasts were basically nonexistent, also I can understand why they took all my clothes off but it still feels weird not wearing them, I didn't quite have a fur coat. I approached the others with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face, I fell into Loris's arms, with many of the others taking turns embracing me, this is the start of a new life for me, I was a little different from everyone else, but we are all individuals, and I could be a part of this world through some of its own minds. I could be a part of my fantasy of a non-human civilization, I will be able to experience something that no one else will ever be able to. "Don't worry, we're all here for you" Loris stated with all his heart; everyone else agreeing with him.

    Afterwords, Loris and the crew got me back to their lab, where I saw my clothes on the ground next to the very operating table I was on less than an hour later when I was still human. Borna Provided me with a vest and even some shorts cause I kindly asked, and yeah, for my dignity cause no one would want to be naked around anyone else in basically any circumstance. The crew provided me with bananas(of course cause monkeys) and some other familiar foods like a salad and soup(I had the soup), my first meal in this world was very familiar to how I remember it in my world. Borna even did my still rather long head hair into into a ponytail. Cause it was so late(It was around midnight); I really had to have some shut eye; Cause the crew each had single person, or should I say single monkey beds(Insert joke about 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed here), Loris let me sleep in his room on a blanket on the floor and another for coverage, everyone giving their good-nights.

A new day awaits me.
Another Civilization(BTD Monkey TF)
25 months later...I'm back baby.

I've had many ideas for stories for multiple months, but life happens, writers block, games, and I even graduated from high school.
Only last month I finally nailed down a potential story and, here we are.

My longest story so far, blowing all others out of the water, and probably my most narrative one so far as well; Focusing on a story that has a lot of content, and a reason for the TF to happen, not just by the bad guys or whatever. I put any reference to this game series that fit and multiple individuals with very different reactions to our girl Sinna.

Expect more from this world in the future.

Because Sinna's in an entirely separate reality, she's safe from Wilfre...

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Take another look at that sentence, HAD.
Both dogs were rescue dogs, Trixie we saved from a woman who had rescued Trixie's mother the day before she gave birth, and a few years later, late elementary school me felt that Trixie was a bit too lonely, so we got Luna from a shelter.
Although we loved them both, Luna was susceptible to health issues, a couple years back she started having seizures occasionally, and we had to start giving her seizure medicine to prevent them regularly, this didn't always work, although mostly from screw ups in giving the meds to her, she had one about every few months, she has also had auto immune diseases twice, but survived both times, we called her the miracle dog, but the latest miracle was her last.
a few days ago, the auto immune disease returned, and worse then ever, her ears were red, part of her nose chipped off, and mucus lined her system, and earlier today, she could hardly walk, eat, or drink, I took care of her until mom came back home from work, we rushed her to the vet, and after some time, we had only 2 options, cure her but at the cost of putting her in more pain, or put her to sleep, then the unthinkable happened...
My mom allowed me to make the choice, I had to choose death, or more pain.
And I decided.
"I don't want to let her go through any more pain."
I allowed them to put her to sleep, she didn't deserve it Any more.
Me and my mom cried, and she assured me.
"Don't worry, she'll be back"
I have also decided to let them cremate her, like our previous dog, not Trixie, but well before, we had a rotwiller named Chloe, she was a big, loving dog, but on her last day, she cuddled with all of us, before simply collapsing, there and then.
As I saw luna one last time in the vet's arms, carrying her away through the door.
We decided to go back home, I was able to take it better than my mom, she said, I can take harsh realities and guilt easily, and she said she never gives up on anyone, not even luna, and for her to be gone, she may be sad for some time, I am still as well, albeit it's just the tears.

Farewell, my sweet pup, you no longer have to suffer.

In memory of Luna Betancourt(??/??/200?-04/01/2017)

May you're live on with the rest of your kind.


Artist | Student | Literature
United States


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