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Glacialis by JoeyJazz Glacialis :iconjoeyjazz:JoeyJazz 3,755 465 Geminorum by Burning-Liquid Geminorum :iconburning-liquid:Burning-Liquid 1,329 128 Schande by Lyridae Schande :iconlyridae:Lyridae 1,457 134 rim of fire by dinesiac rim of fire :icondinesiac:dinesiac 2,351 212 Antetum Nebula by GlennClovis Antetum Nebula :iconglennclovis:GlennClovis 234 16 Gem RAW by arisechicken117 Gem RAW :iconarisechicken117:arisechicken117 49 14 Escape II by absolutehalo Escape II :iconabsolutehalo:absolutehalo 87 13 The Okuda Factor by Casperium The Okuda Factor :iconcasperium:Casperium 166 48 Mandel Nebulae by Casperium Mandel Nebulae :iconcasperium:Casperium 63 8 Customs Checkpoint by JamesLedgerConcepts Customs Checkpoint :iconjamesledgerconcepts:JamesLedgerConcepts 2,869 623 In the shadow of a giant by Smattila In the shadow of a giant :iconsmattila:Smattila 1,682 167 Dante's Gate by GlennClovis Dante's Gate :iconglennclovis:GlennClovis 675 118 scout by lingy-0 scout :iconlingy-0:lingy-0 2,201 166 The Black Arrow by moonxels The Black Arrow :iconmoonxels:moonxels 2,479 429 Polyphemus 2068 by Mis-kin Polyphemus 2068 :iconmis-kin:Mis-kin 152 66
Sci-fi/Space artwork from the genre's "Masters" and other extremely talented artists.

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A long standing digital art group since 2004, this group focuses on the creation of Space Art. After ups and downs within its administrative staff, inner-space is in full swing again!
Founded 20 Years ago
Feb 13, 2004


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Art Creation

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Digital Media

507 Members
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Welcome to Inner Space!

Welcome to Inner Space! Inner Space is a deviantART group dedicated to showcasing exceptional space art that DA members have to offer. They can contribute their art to have it displayed in our gallery, socialize with fellow sci-fi artists, and have many talented artists constructively evaluate it. Also, Inner Space offers a collection of tutorials and resources which have been contributed by our members, they display an array of ways in constructing different kinds of space art. As a long standing group here on DA, we welcome all fellow lovers of the genre to come join us!!

Please, a kindly reminder if your work falls short of the groups' criteria respect our decision. Remember, rules are in place for a reason. Thank you.


Joining inner-space: New members can apply under following circumstances:

1) Select the "Join Our Group" option on the group page.
2) New members should at least have four (4) works in the sci-fi genre. We would really like to have members that are getting established into the area.

If you are a fan of the genre, please watch the group!

How to submit art: If you want to have your art in the inner-space gallery, follow these steps:

1) Upload the art to your own gallery.
2) Go to the inner-space gallery and hit "Contribute to Gallery". In the box that opens, choose the appropriate gallery in the drop-down menu. All new artworks are subject to review. So please be patient. You will receive a critique reply if you are denied. Please refer to description of "Limit on amount of submissions per week" below.

Only contributors and members are allowed to submit art for the inner-space gallery. Please credit your sources! Crediting will be strictly enforced.

Limit on amount of submissions per week: A maximum of 1 artwork per week will be accepted from each member. Great quality artwork doesn't come in quantity and we don't want to flood members' inboxes or have the staff over working to get everything submitted. New artworks that are submitted will be reviewed, because we want to make sure our members are contributing the best quality artwork. So please be a little patient. If an artwork is not accepted we will send back a critique reply. We want you to be able to edit and feel encouraged to improve your work.

Random Information:
1) Please refer to Staff Position Information regarding information about the administration positions.

2) Galleries have descriptions created for them now, which will make it easier for everyone to decide which gallery they should be submitting to. Please take care to submit it to the correct gallery.

The Legal Stuff: inner-space doesn't have many rules, but we emphasize a few important ones.

1) No Harassing Other Members
inner-space is dedicated to constructively helping fellow space artists. As such, no member is allowed to harass another member, or degrade them based on their artistic ability. If you can't be helpful, don't say anything.

NO member is allowed to use anyone else's art in their own submissions unless permission is granted by the artist, or the art being used in question is free domain. Any art found to be plagiarized, in whole or in part, will be removed from the inner-space list. Please credit your sources! Crediting will be strictly enforced. They must come from approved stock sites and only stock or artwork with written permission from the owner. A link to the original stock must be provided in the description. A site link is not acceptable or not knowing where you retrieved the stock.

If a member breaks one of these rules, they will be given a warning. inner-space believes in the 'baseball philosophy'; three strikes and you're out. Upon your third warning, you will be removed from inner-space and blocked from further involvement.

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For those that keep sending join requests without having a single work of art in their gallery do yourself a favor don't. This also goes for folks that submit work randomly, that don't meet the group's criteria or standards. I wanted to make this very clear in case there are any doubts.
Also, respect our decision if your work gets decline for whatever reason. Remember, that are rules in place that I must adhere to. Am not here to read lengthy letters asking as to why you got declined. The groups am founder of are not for beginners. I hope this is also clear.
I will reiterate this once more... my groups are not for everyone. If you don't like my decision, I suggest you look elsewhere to vent out and perhaps find way to redirect your energies in a more positive manner.
The join requests and art submissions will remain as is. Please, if you find rejection to be a little too much for you then, I recommend some meditation. It works wonders.
Please, don't feel you've been picked on because that's not the case. My work has been declined many times in the course of 12 years. So, in the end am not going to lose sleep over it.
In this world no one owes me anything. So at this point you can put 2 and 2 together and figure it out. Words to live by. Thank you for your understanding.
Your Founder submicron
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Gallery Folders

Seeker Chronicles fair booth background by aerroscape
The Holy Site by LordDoomhammer
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A Signal by LordDoomhammer
Helion Starfield by TheKayeman
Intersteller Violet by TheKayeman
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Interstellar Rebirth by TheKayeman
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You're Not Supposed To Be Here by FLOOKO
Silent Nebulae
Dust Of Colors by aerroscape
Headlights by aerroscape
Birthplace by Smiling-Demon
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Big Brother
New Eden by QuantomStarBox
Simplicity HD wallpaper by manticor
Eden Prime no windows by QuantomStarBox
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Off World Industry by SteveReeves
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Science Fiction
Concept-plane wreckage by Lu-Yong
Tatooine Sunrise by SteveReeves
Wealth of the Fleet by Martechi
Rakash - 8K Sci-Fi Wallpaper by spiraloso
Tutorials and Resources
Ringed Exoplanet and Mask Stock Image by uxmal750ad
Space Nebula Stock Image by uxmal750ad
Field with Colorful Sky by Wesley-Souza
Globular Cluster Stock Image by uxmal750ad
Connection by t1na
Aphelion by tadp0l3
Neptune's Wrath| Duelling Storms and Scattered TNO by Eduardo-Tarasca
'The Goblin': Encounter with 541132 Leleakuhonua by Eduardo-Tarasca
Dual DEVPACK by inner-space


Glacialis by JoeyJazz
Geminorum by Burning-Liquid
Schande by Lyridae
rim of fire by dinesiac
Gas Giant resource pack by Chromattix
starscape in gimp by istarlome
green planet tutorial by istarlome
Starfield Tutorial by DKF



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Rocket787 Featured By Owner May 4, 2020  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I'd have to agree with the last comment made on this thread. DA could do better by de-activating the groups that have been either abandoned by the Founder(s) or have been inactive for at least six months.
 It would definitely draw attention to this problem of people petitioning admittance to groups they feel drawn to, only to find out the group is only a ghost of what it may have once been. :( (Sad) .
submicron Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2020  Professional Interface Designer
We are officially open. xD
submicron Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2020  Professional Interface Designer
I totally I agree with this. I wouldn't mind taking over. I've already have 2 other groups under my belt.
Rocket787 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2020  Hobbyist Interface Designer
ALL of the artwork that is in these "Abandoned or Forgotten Groups" would still be kept of course. Maybe a DA page could be created just for this purpose. It would be place to showcase the artist and their artwork that may have otherwise never been seen before and for all to enjoy.
There could be some real treasures hidden in those "Abandoned or Forgotten" places.👍😎
submicron Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2020  Professional Interface Designer
Oh, I don't doubt that. That is my primary reason in bringing any of these groups back from the dead. Right now, am trying to get a whole of a group am currently a co-founder of. The owner left and pretty much left my to my own devices. I have very little control over the group's day to day handlings. Also, my privileges are limited. I hope DA helps me out on this. The user's last known communication was back in 2014. She just vanished. Am crossing my fingers.
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thingamajik Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2018  Professional Artisan Crafter
petitlolita3 Featured By Owner Edited May 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
To everyone requesting to join:

The latest activity on this page was in 2012, and the founder's page doesn't seem to have been active since 2013. I think it's safe to say this group is no longer active.

If this is incorrect, pls speak up.
submicron Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2020  Professional Interface Designer
The group is operational once again. Pass the word around. xD
petitlolita3 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Sweet! Sorry this is a year later 🤣
submicron Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2021  Professional Interface Designer
No worries. Better late than never. LOL.
JohnPrisk Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2015   Traditional Artist
Is the group active? my request to join expired because it did not receive enough votes to be approved.
Whats the story?
Micheal-C Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014
How long does it usually take to be approved or declined?
I submitted for membership about a week ago.
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