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September 29, 2007
An Old Man is trying to remember days past, but reality seems to stand in his way. This is but one way to look at Old Man by ~innakayuta though.
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Old Man

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I like the feeling in this picture.... Very surrealistic...
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Highly emotive , brilliantly processed. Congrats!
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Excellent work!
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this is sad..
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Hi "Innakayuta",

(I tried to send this message to your e-mail address, but it didn't work)

I am an MA student of English literature, from Norway.
I would like to ask your permission to use your photo "Old Man" in my thesis, of course referring to you as the creator and rightful owner.
I am writing about memory and the past in three literary works. I love your work "Old Man", it is amazing and would illustrate my thesis beautifully.

Hope to get a positive answer from you!
Please e-mail me at

Kind regards,

Kristin Nord
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I feel like i'm staring into the perception of a dementia patient, this is really impressive in its subtle communication. Even though it's not a "busy" work that's full of movement it is still rich with detail and has a deep story.

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I feel the urge to ask him why he is thinking about
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LOVE THIS..incredible work! ^^
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Your work is featured here!
Thank you for sharing beautiufl art.
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wow, so beautiful!
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So it! I'm so sorry I can't say something constructive, but such a thing as this is hard to be commented if you know so little english like me...just keep up the good work!
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extraordinary in its beauty! :)
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incredible! I love it!
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awesome concept! nice work!
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I am awstruck.

I'm a writer or sorts, and I've been playing around with the ideas and perspectives of a character of a ripe old age who has experienced life, and awaits inevitibility---and how that character may react, speak, express, and be. I struggle to get these ideas accross in a novel, yet here you've captured all of those ideas in a still frame. Bravo.
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Excellent work! :thumbsup:
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You have been featured in my journal: [link] :heart:
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I am featuring this piece on my Profile Page today, I hope you agree :)

Just scroll down a bit to see it.
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your nice work is featured in my new exposure...[link]
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