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Gothic Kaiko DL

Once i have created video with Gothic Kaiko and model was glitchy (my pmd skills was not really good).
Now i did her again and all is good^)
Enjoy and download Gothic Kaiko-chan^))

Please just credit me^)))
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Download , thank s :) 
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Downloaded! She is so cute!
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Thank you for shareFella Kiss (Love) Flowers fella (Love) 
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*deep and creepy breathing and staring*
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She looks like a truly great model and I'm sure she's even better once you put her into mmd. Thank you.
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thank you,she is very cute!
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Can i recolour her?
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Downloaded. Kaiko is veru cute! ^.^
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Yayz for Kaiko! :3
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Oh, this model is so adorable!
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C-cute.... *fangirl nosebleed*
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so awesome and beautfiul is it ok if i download her?
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Um,Can I Edit Her Colors And Try To Make Her Look Like Aoki Lapis The New Vocaloid?
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oh if zou want, do it^) And show me then result, ok?^)
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