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Sun Queen

Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle

Sun Queen Himiko. Inspired by the latest Tomb Raider (excuse my bad language, but that game is fucking epic!) and the gorgeous concept art by Brenoch Adams. The moment I saw that concept in the art book I knew I'll be making a personal painting myself. However, I didn't want to follow any patterns (like her in-game appearance or the one on the other concepts), but give her character own interpretation. The only feature I wanted to keep is her sun-shaped piece of the headdress. The other elements sort of came up together on their own based on different inspiration sources (like Curse of the Golden Flower movie, the divine Gong Li, etc.) and the own research I made. Speaking of which, this piece is fully and totally dedicated to :iconorphen5:. Without his great knowledge of the culture I wouldn’t be able to find a single piece of jewellery for the references, that guy’s head is better than any google-shmoogle. :XD:

Her gaze was the most challenging part for me, I kept tweaking her eyes throughout the whole process until I was happy with the result. I wanted the viewer to feel a touch of menace behind her royal gaze (Himiko was told to possess shamanistic powers, both according to the historical records and the game).

La la la la PRINTS HERE =>


 For COMMISSION inquiries please drop me a note or e-mail me :blowkiss:
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This is absolutely stunning, I am in love! :la: 
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Wow, Absolutely beautiful !! how on earth did you get the gold detailing in the headdress, this piece is stunningly superb !!
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Thank you so much for the loveliest feedback, I'm very happy you enjoyed it! :hug:
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I saw this and it blew me of my feet. Details are.... beyond belief, SO intricate!
Fantastic, fantastic work! I am shocked this is not a Daily Deviation yet :)
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Ah, you're so sweet! Thank you so much for such kind comment :heart: :hug:
Inna-Vjuzhanina's avatar
Thank you so much! :aww:
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hi, may I feature your work on my art blogs? I'd like to feature it on both my regular art blog as well as my myths-and-legends-and-fairytales art blog.
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Beautiful artwork! <3
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This is breathtaking OMG I love it Heart 
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Thank you so much! :heart:
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Such beauty! <33
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Absolutely gorgeous portrait. Lot of wonderful detail in her headdress.
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You're too kind, thanks a lot! :aww:
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Ohmybloodygodallmighty! This is stunning! Great piece! Congrats! :thumbsup:
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Haha, thank you kindly! Happy you enjoyed it :aww: :hug:
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I'm seriously in love with this one. I have nothing else to add - it's just beautiful
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Thank you kindly! :aww:
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Very well done. The attention to detail is amazing, and I like the coloring. Good work!
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Thank you kindly! :blowkiss:
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