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Dragon Queen

MAKE WAY FOR THE QUEEN! 👑So-so excited to finally share the piece with you guys! I'm still working on figuring out her character so if you dropped a line telling what do YOU feel is going in this scene it would help a lot! ❤️ I also shared a lot of concept art I did for her prior to this piece on social media so if you're curious check out my Twitter or Instagram (links are down below ♥)

🌟🌟🌟 Step-by-step process, layered .psd, brushes and references for this painting will be available as this month's Patreon rewards if you sign up before the end of the February 😊 It can be as little as $1, but make a whole world of difference to the independent creators 🌟🌟🌟

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I see a leader-lady posing regally for her adoring crowds or troops below. Inside, she's thinking "I should have dressed warmer. Snowflakes and wind may make my hair look fabulous, but the cold air blowing through this low neckline is chilling me to the bone. Also, I ought to murder my tailor for making this neck stock. I mean, it looks spiffy and all, but how the heck am I supposed to turn my head?"
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This piece evokes a million stories! I so love the character. And the snow and harsh weather are fitting as well. Colour scheme is perfect - black gold suits here soo much. And I love her skin tone together with the background - it speaks not of aprincess, but of a warrior lady. Wow. I'm so inspired! Thank you for your work! <3
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Such an incredible comment, thank you so much! :heart: It makes me so happy when people are pondering over the stories I put into my pieces, thank you!
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Wonderful art! 😃
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This is absolutely magical and majestic :love: so in love with the atmosphere I love love winter and cold :la:, amazing choice for the dress and makeup =D also her expressions ,, you need to write a background story and stuff to flash her character out ,, maybe one day some director will stumble in here and see her and say that he should direct a movie for her character :heart:
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Thank you, sweetheart! I actually am working on her story! And it's a long one, too :D I'm gonna be posting more info on Patreon soon. Funny thing is, I DO see all the things and story bits very cinematically in my head (that's just how my brain works) so a movie/smth animated would be a perfect thing. But I'll have to work with what I can do on my own right now :heart:
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Cute, looks a little like angelina jolie
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Wow, she looks deadly! I love it!
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Really well painted - love it! :love:
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You are welcome! :heart: :hug:
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