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Flying ornithomimosaur sketches commission by Inmyarmsinmyarms Flying ornithomimosaur sketches commission :iconinmyarmsinmyarms:Inmyarmsinmyarms 6 2
Unwarranted Accusations
My fire is out of control
The flames fan out and roll
And I have no vision.
The sky is cold
But I sweat down in friction.
I the light of a candle
A candle spinning out of control
Until the lid quenches me
And yet I still live.
And yet I still live, in pain.
:iconinmyarmsinmyarms:Inmyarmsinmyarms 2 7
Volaticothere commission by Tim Morris by Inmyarmsinmyarms Volaticothere commission by Tim Morris :iconinmyarmsinmyarms:Inmyarmsinmyarms 4 0
Eulogy to a Snail
Once upon a time a snail came with the Autumn rains.
From where it came, no one knows, and for how long it stayed is known only to the eyes of light in the ceiling. Still, it must have come from somewhere pleasant, where it grasped and felt wet, marshy soil and not a dry, cold altar, where the wind blowed and the air wasn't dead and hot, where soothing darkness rather than harsh light surrounded it.
And it left this place, for some reason or another. It happened upon a strange, bright, harsh world, and it curled within. For a moment it was back home: darkness surrounded it, wind enveloped it, water flowed on the landscape of its senses.
And then a boot crushed it.
Its body returned to its home, but now without a life to feel comfort and satisfaction in this reunion. Some of the waters stayed, green and thick, enveloped in a lightless white. Its shell, now fragments, were picked, caressed by unfathomably alien wrinkles veiling another type of whiteness.
Light, paper, bone. It cannot be
:iconinmyarmsinmyarms:Inmyarmsinmyarms 1 0
Commission: Meridiolestidans by Inmyarmsinmyarms Commission: Meridiolestidans :iconinmyarmsinmyarms:Inmyarmsinmyarms 7 2 Commission: Edgy Proapteryx by Inmyarmsinmyarms Commission: Edgy Proapteryx :iconinmyarmsinmyarms:Inmyarmsinmyarms 6 0
Ishtar Ascendant
I am she of powerful wings,
Gusts of wind scouring the earth,
The earth which I rule,
Which I rule as I do the heavens and hell.
I am the conqueror,
She who bears the prongs of the antelope,
The talons of the eagle,
The twin leopards at my flanks.
I who rule all three realms remake them to my will.
:iconinmyarmsinmyarms:Inmyarmsinmyarms 1 0
Commission:Ichthyoconodon jaworowskorum by Inmyarmsinmyarms Commission:Ichthyoconodon jaworowskorum :iconinmyarmsinmyarms:Inmyarmsinmyarms 26 1 Commission: Volaticotherium antiquum by Inmyarmsinmyarms Commission: Volaticotherium antiquum :iconinmyarmsinmyarms:Inmyarmsinmyarms 14 0
Dream Time
Damin stirs the fire.
On most of Barraw, this would have been easier than breathing. But in the hanging swamps, the air was sultry, viscous and hot as if the marsh water was one with the air. This suited the Batarka and their holistic ravings, but for Damin it was hell. He was far from his beloved outback and the gaze of the sun; whatever sunlight he drew forth in these accursed foggy lands was life-giving if somewhat caustic, but hardly a fire-starter. Not even his beloved familiar, Kooka, should reflect harsh light for him to use.
He had spent the better part of the day collecting rocks along the cliffs, the strange natural cups holding pools of stagnant water. Most were useless, but a few tainted soil coloured ones could start a fire. Problem being that they were deeper in the matrix, running the risking of a blurst of vile water blasting him off. Using the coral coloured vines embracing the cliffs, he made a few platforms of sticks and other plant waste on knots and where vines inc
:iconinmyarmsinmyarms:Inmyarmsinmyarms 0 0
The most mysterious lineage of marine mammals, thylacophocids are a cryptic but incredibly diverse clade ranging from small, otter-like forms to whale sized marine predators. They are the most successful and disparate group of non-therian mammals, their ancient origins in part implicating for both their bizarre body plans and ecologies as well as cryptic habits, having been pushed to specialised niches by more recent placental swimmers.
Thylacophocids diverged from all other mammals in the early Jurassic, being slightly closer to therians than to monotremes. Genetic divergence rates within the group suggesting a Maastrichtian or Paleocene origin, which is supported by the appearance of Waitoreke-like forms in the early Paleocene of New Zealand and Antarctica. The group probably evolved in these regions, where 'archaic' mammals would continue to survive well after they became extinct in northern landmasses; in fact the Miocene Saint Bathans mammal fossils may very well represent small t
:iconinmyarmsinmyarms:Inmyarmsinmyarms 1 1
So in the light of the ridiculous "Titan Dolphin" here's my idea for flying cetaceans replacing The Future Is Wild's flying critters:
1- Five million years ago, a lineage of cetaceans acquires the habit of flapping its forelimbs while porpoising. Over time, the flipper replaces the tail as the main propulsor, leading to penguin-like cetaceans (gannetwhales).
2- Over time penguin-like cetaceans develop progressively larger flippers, allowing for true powered flight. Cetaceans are already mildly exadapted for flight: their bones are spongy, they rely on anaerobic power for large quantities of time and they have large brains to coordinate flight. Plus echolocation.
3- By 95 million years aerocetes have become a dominant clade of flying vertebrates, taking super-aerial niches that require almost no contact with the ground. The forest of Antarctica are filled with swift-like flutterdolphins, with a particular nectivorous species, the spitfire dolphin, harboring dangerous chemicals in its bl
:iconinmyarmsinmyarms:Inmyarmsinmyarms 2 0
Commission: Jugulator amplissimus by Inmyarmsinmyarms Commission: Jugulator amplissimus :iconinmyarmsinmyarms:Inmyarmsinmyarms 22 11
Modern Theogony
Ancient Galaxies, you are the openers of the way. Your songs are the tapestry of my thoughts, my words, my actions. Your weave Light and Dark into a strange prophecy, of waxing and waning, of Heat and Stillness. Your hairs are the strings of Plasma and your veins our flesh. Ancient strings and gyres, move the tapestry before my eyes, so I may sing more clearly. Move me to extremes, and guide me through these spells.
First, there was Light. It was an ocean of white fire, and within it was born Day, the far-reacher and far-darter, the first emanation. Energy burst forth from Day, spawning Plasma and Heat. These offspring of Day smithed the various metals and gases.
Then, the Light cooled, and in its absence Darkness was born. At its heart was Night, old and young at once, Stillness, Entropy and Decay. These meddled with the formed materials, but encited the wrath of the Light and its brood, who waged a bitter war.
Plasma and Heat smithed countless Stars and Galaxies, spreading Day's reac
:iconinmyarmsinmyarms:Inmyarmsinmyarms 0 0
Sun Mother
May the Sun be rejoiced!
Light waxes warmer, ochre becomes gold, gold becomes silver
As the swift swans enliven day!
She is the womb,
The golden placenta that gestates and births life
Upon the earth; her light milk and yolk to nourish and color.
Her form, an egg,
Always breaking its shell,
From which phoenixes rise.
Children are raised under her warmth,
Flowers blossom and foals grow,
Stags sprout the forest's crown.
Light ages the body with each dawn,
So you are closer to her in age,
And soon closer to her in another life.
But most important is her smile:
Her smile brought you into her world.
Her smile brought joy into your life.
And her smile will take you from it.
:iconinmyarmsinmyarms:Inmyarmsinmyarms 1 0
Pilar chilling by the inner garden. by Inmyarmsinmyarms Pilar chilling by the inner garden. :iconinmyarmsinmyarms:Inmyarmsinmyarms 8 1


Macroeuphractus outesi by Zimices Macroeuphractus outesi :iconzimices:Zimices 71 48 Dinovember Day 20: Psittacosaurus lujiatunensis by LucaDeflorian Dinovember Day 20: Psittacosaurus lujiatunensis :iconlucadeflorian:LucaDeflorian 8 0 Repenomamus by kingrexy Repenomamus :iconkingrexy:kingrexy 60 23 Repenomamus by Book-Rat Repenomamus :iconbook-rat:Book-Rat 70 8 Klobiodon by kingrexy Klobiodon :iconkingrexy:kingrexy 54 9 Tritylodon longaevus by WillemSvdMerwe Tritylodon longaevus :iconwillemsvdmerwe:WillemSvdMerwe 70 8 Flight of Equenauts by Zezhou Flight of Equenauts :iconzezhou:Zezhou 195 3 Sky Tether by Zezhou Sky Tether :iconzezhou:Zezhou 143 5 Warrior by blueglueclue Warrior :iconblueglueclue:blueglueclue 142 15 Oligokyphus triserialis by WillemSvdMerwe Oligokyphus triserialis :iconwillemsvdmerwe:WillemSvdMerwe 90 16 Two lineages face to face by Praetor25 Two lineages face to face :iconpraetor25:Praetor25 5 0 Generic Jurassic Mammal by Praetor25 Generic Jurassic Mammal :iconpraetor25:Praetor25 5 0 Lost World Reborn - Serpent-tiger by Pristichampsus Lost World Reborn - Serpent-tiger :iconpristichampsus:Pristichampsus 30 3 Skull Island Returns - Tigroserpens by Pristichampsus Skull Island Returns - Tigroserpens :iconpristichampsus:Pristichampsus 19 0 POKEWEEN Trubbolantern by scythemantis POKEWEEN Trubbolantern :iconscythemantis:scythemantis 119 21 A Spooky Mystery! by scythemantis A Spooky Mystery! :iconscythemantis:scythemantis 40 10



Fallen Máni: Second Ætt halfway done, though I’m hitting a mild writer’s block. Hopefully I’ll pick up steam before January ends.
So basically Vandal Savage is selling his own descendents. Cold.

Several petty troll reviews have been cleaned up from Amazon. Friendly reminder that I always listen to constructive criticism, keywords being “constructive” and “criticism”:…

Some slight changes since its initial launch:


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