Revenge of the Queen: chapter list.

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7th-December-2016: series restart on Tapastic.

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Volume 1 (ENGLISH):…
Volume 1 (SPANISH):…

For free on Tapastic:…

Revenge of the Queen on Tapastic by inma



If you want to buy the old chapters I made available in DA to support me, you can do so (thank you!), but it is ok if you read them online for free.

Last chapter uploaded to DA (English + Spanish)


Revenge of the Queen 07 [ENGLISH - SPANISH] by inma

Older chapters (English)

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Revenge of the Queen 06 [ENGLISH] by inma Revenge of the Queen 05 [ENGLISH] by inma Revenge of the Queen 04 [ENGLISH] by inma Revenge of the Queen 03 [ENGLISH] by inma Revenge of the Queen 02 [ENGLISH] by inma Revenge of the Queen 01 [ENGLISH] by inma

Older chapters (Español)

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Revenge of the Queen 06 [SPANISH] by inma Revenge of the Queen 05 [SPANISH] by inma Revenge of the Queen 04 [SPANISH] by inma Revenge of the Queen 03 [SPANISH] by inma Revenge of the Queen 02 [SPANISH] by inma Revenge of the Queen 01 [SPANISH] by inma

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te pregunto, cuanto sale el envío mas o menos - a Argentina- nwn!
inma's avatar
No lo sé, es Lulu quien envía los tomos (TwT) Los mandan desde USA, creo, así que espero que salga más barato que el envío a España, porque cuando pedí mis muestras era demasiado caro ;;;
piyo-ko's avatar
oohh bueno entonces a penas tenga el dinero averiguaré *----------* 
asi esta al ladito de Out *U*
LadyRikka's avatar
*Is poor and doesn't have points* I wanna read this so much Chisaki Crying Icon 
Dakiarts's avatar
Por fin conseguí ahorrar lo suficiente como para comprarme los 6 capítulos en ingles. Yuju!!!
Inma, no sabes las ganas que tengo de leerme este manga después de lo mucho que disfruté con 3x1 y sobre todo con O.U.T. Tengo grandes expectativas en esta saga. ¡Seguro que no me decepciona! Sigue trabajando duro, Inma :)
inma's avatar
¡Espero que te hayan gustado los capítulos! Ojalá algún día pueda continuarlo (TwT)
Dakiarts's avatar

¡Voy por el tres y me esta encantando! Yo también espero que los puedas continuar C: ¡Animo!

karencabrales's avatar
Can I ask why is it not available in my country when I click that link to the play store?  :?
I live in the Philippines.... and I want to download it. =3=
inma's avatar
Ow, I don't know... Maybe try looking for it from within Google Play instead of following the link? I don't know if there's any country restriction for Android, Google Play's dashboard to sell books is the most chaotic place ever.
karencabrales's avatar
I already did...... I'm probably going to change the place/country settings XD...
kittypridex18's avatar
OMG! Just bought all six chapters for my Kindle. Such a cool story. Can't wait for the rest. And the guys are kinda cute too. BL is more my thing, but this story is really interesting. Please keep up the good work. 
MysticShonu's avatar
When will volume 2 be available on google play? I want to buy it!
inma's avatar
The manga is on hiatus at the moment because it takes me really long to draw but it doesn't sell enough, so I have to work on other projects to make a life (TwT) I'm sorry.
Schwannie's avatar
Will Volume 1 for iPad be free? I'm not sure of I can trust writing my mother's password -- unsure if I might buy something :P
inma's avatar
Volume 1 is not free, but you can download a free sample for iPad from the iBookstore (just half a chapter, I think).
Schwannie's avatar
Can I ask though: since the volume 1 you've set up and uploaded in dA is free, how come the mobile versions aren't? :o
inma's avatar
Only the first chapter is for free on DA, not the first volume (1st volume contains 5 chapters). I would have given the whole 1st chapter as a free preview on the iBookstore, but the preview is created automatically by the software I used to make the iBook, so I couldn't choose the number of pages and it covers only to half the first chapter or so. If you want to download the whole first chapter, you can get it from DA and then upload it to your iPad if you have any app to read CBZ format (there are many, since it's a popular comic format).
Schwannie's avatar
Oh, my apologies (laughs). I meant first chapter. And well, the thing is, I don't actually have a computer :o Is there a way that I can download it online?
inma's avatar
If you're from your iPad, maybe you can download it directly from it? Wherever you're accessing DA from, you should be able to download the chapter.
Schwannie's avatar
Well, the format your manga is in isn't supported by the iPad :(
inma's avatar
If you download an app to read comics (like Comic Zeal or some free one), you can read it. I uploaded the CBZ file of my manga to my boyfriend's iPad for him to read it, so it can be done.
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Do you plan on making chapters 7 & 8 (when it's ready) available on kindle? (Hasn't seen it there, don't have enough point, wanna buy it) :)
inma's avatar
Yup! As soon as I draw chapter 8, both will be available for Kindle. I wish I could submit chapters separatedly, but Amazon doesn't allow me to lowe the price, so I either submit them in packs of 2 or charge too much for a single chapter, which is not an option ( . - . )
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