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Inktober2018 random girl

Another inktober! This time it's a random girl with braids because I like drawing them ( ' 3 ' )

Done on Procreate for iPad Pro.
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She looks so cute!!! I love her pose and hair! :love: fav ^^
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So adorable <3
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She is really adorable
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have you done other art on the procreate app? I feel like there's not a lot of anime/manga styled art from that app, I would love if you posted more of your art that you've done with that app! I wanna get better at doing art on my ipad pro and I just don't know what apps to us! So far I've used medibang paint, I'm unsure about procreate but I do have it! 
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I use Procreate mainly for random sketches because I love the pencil feel:
Male SnowWhite by inma
I have tried coloring some pics on Procreate but I feel really uncomfortable with it, it doesn't fit my style.
Random pink-haired girl by inma Casual Ritsuka by inma TRC Sakura by inma

I don't work on iPad (I use it for doodling on my free time only), but if I had to, I'd probably give ClipStudioPaint a try. Otherwise, Medibang doesn't feel like a bad option from the little I tried!
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yeah i mostly just use my ipad for doodling and sometimes medibang for lineart and then I'll switch it all over to paint tool sai on my computer. 

Medibang doesn't have the greatest blending but if I worked at it I could probably get it to work, but for now I'm still using Sai to render and finish everything. 

I know there is a clip studio app but it's a monthly subscription and I don't really feel like paying monthly haha! 

c: i hope more apps for the ipad come out though that'll be better for our way of drawing! 
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coool really very cute Heart Heart 
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omg it's very cute +v+ <3 what brushes do you use in procreate O:? 
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I use brushes super randomly ;;; I bought/downloaded a bunch of brushes and reordered everything into vrush folders + renamed some of them, so I don't know how to explain the ones I used on this pic *dies* The one I use for inking I thiiiink is one of the brushes that comes by default with the app? But I'm not sure, I'm sorry (TwT;
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I like this light style *o*
Its really fresh! :D

It also totally motivates me thank you so much ^o^
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